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Worked perfectly

My wife, our two teenagers and I purchased four of these bottles to use during a 16 day trek in the Himalayas. Ending up suffering from gastro during trips to Nepal is almost a certainty, however neither of us got unwell for the 3 weeks (in total) we were there, we used our fill2pure bottles as our 1 water source throughout the entire holiday topping them up with water from all types of sources. We had no issues with leaking lids or indications that the filters weren't holding up, i.e. bad tasting water, upset stomachs etc. it was a relief to only have to worry about the food, not what we were drinking as you drink a lot during the treks... bottles get 5/5 from our family.

Product Quality
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Two different lids leaked,

I bought one water bottle and after about 6 months of use the lid started leaking. So I let Fill2Pure know and they replaced the lid (free) when I bought a new filter. The second lid had the same problem after about 4 months and this time in my bag on top of an important document that cost me $80 to replace. I love the concept, but they haven't quite got it right yet. I had to throw the bottle out with its only half used filter rather than risk more water spills in my bag every day.

Replace your plastic water buying habits.

I have used this product for a few years and recently purchase it as a gift for family and friends. It removes all the bad odor and most importantly 90 percent of fluoride. I primarily use it in the office because the office filter does not remove fluoride. One filter has lasted me a year and replacement is fairly cost effective. I also use it for my outdoors and great replacement for plastic water bottles. Their are so many reasons to stop paying for plastic water bottles and every person should do some research on this subject matter. For starters it is not environmentally friendly, plastic exposed to heat releases bromine and petro chemicals that are high in estrogen. Water is a human right and should be free. Why are we paying multinationals to take our water for free or pennies and make huge profits? Do some research and you would find that many labelled plastic water is nothing more than filtered tap water. This bottles saves me money, helps with the environment and most importantly my health.

Wasting my money

I have used it for over one year. It really doesn't remove odor/ smell/ all contaminants well and all the plastic packagings and water filtered bottle (poor quality plastic) are plastic and one of those was broken since used for two days. By time, on surface on the filters, red coloured mould started growing up.

Regular filter jug

I purchased my fill 2 pure filter jug a couple of years ago and always keep my filter updated. So recently I started rethinking the water I'm drinking and was looking at the pure water (distilled water) and it brought my focus to my jug water after I ended up buying a TDS meter to measure the purity of my water.............well after testing the tap water it comes up at 158ppm and after the water went through the jug it was still 158ppm soooooo in short that means its not taking anything out the water and this was with a new filter. Then I found an episode online on a program called fair go(Nz) where a couple had sent off there on samples to an internationally recognized lab of the water from there jug and it doesn't remove any fluoride what so ever!!!! the studies are outdated and incomplete that fill2pure claim they have done proving it does. They broke the filter open and it is just a basic carbon filter. My own TDS readings show it doesn't remove much of anything so i would say it is just a big hoax that these jugs remove fluoride. Especially when you look logically at other filters that remove fluoride (reverse osmosis) cost $1000+ and this jug is like $100 lol. Don't buy this and save your money for a countertop water distiller. Really feel like iv been ripped off by these guys and they are hoaxsters.

Finally we get fluoride free water.

I had been wanting to get this water filter jug for some time, but the cost of the investment made me delay the purchase for a few months. The biggest selling point for me was the ability to reduce fluoride by more than 90%, as I want my children to grow up without consuming excessive amounts of this neurological altering chemical. In addition, we live in an older house, and I fear that the plumbing might contain lead, which was used in construction around the time when our home was built some 30 years ago. The amount of chemicals and toxins it filters out according to the website is impressive, which helped me make the decision to invest in this compared to cheaper brands.
The filter bottle holds 3 litres of water, while the filtering compartment holds about half of that amount. When the jug is filled up, it can be a bit heavy to hold, but the water tastes amazing. It is easy to taste the difference between filtered and chlorinated water. Giving my children filtered water every day also gives me peace of mind, knowing that I have made an investment into their future health.
I have been told that the filter will filter up to 600 litres or more, depending on the amount of toxins it traps. In fact I will know when it is time to change the filter, as the water will take longer to pass through the filter. Other brands I have used in the past will just let the water run through unfiltered when the filter has passed its use by date, giving me reassurance that the water remains clean as long as it passes through the filter.
Holds lots of water, removes fluoride and a great host of toxins, water tastes great, gives peace of mind
Can be a bit heavy, but that is the price to pay for large capacity. Can be a bit pricey, but with a longer lasting filter, it works out more reasonable in the long run.

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