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Financials Trading Online

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Heed the warnings ****** THIS IS A WELL PRESENTED SCAM****

As the rest of the reviews
This is an Overseas based "investment house" ??
Which IS NOT registered or licensed in Australia, So when you
Quickly realise it's a scam, They have your money and you have no recourse
What so ever.
They speak nice english (Don't be fooled)
And to "verify" your identity to return your "investment"
You need to Email them the following...
Drivers License, Credit card (Both sides) and basically everything you need to
Carry out identity theft.
That's if your REALLY stupid.

This is a scam.do not trade with them

I lost all my money and they have refused to refund it back.they manipulated my account and withdrew my balance.they have since blocked my number and my emails go unanswered

Don't go for it!

I registered on line then decided to read the fine print. Way down the spiel it says they can help themselves to a large percentage of your profits if you don't use it for 30, 60, 90 days.

Have had several phone calls too. 1st call was from a UK number, subsequent calls were from a Sydney (Australia) number. The caller claimed to be the same person. His accent was definitely not English or Australian.

Glad I didn't proceed further.

My funds stolen

FTO have stolen the funds from my account. I did not trade and had asked them to return my money. Many false promises and docs purporting to do so. So-called 'investment adviser' named [name removed] (name did not match accent). I invested as a result of a fake news site on Facebook about the TV show 'Shark Tank' investing in their algorithm. Article and testimonials crap like everything to do with these people. I was not able to check out FTO in advance as their presence only appeared after passing through other entities. These people are absolute cons and thieves. Run fast.

Scam run away

Once you create an account there is no method of deleting the account. Luckily I came to my senses prior to deposit money but now endless call for me to deposit money as this is the only way to delete the account apparently. Suppose I’ll just have to endlessly waste there phone calls


Don’t try to put any money with them.. the con Philippine woman took my money and can’t get them back!!!! Trying to call and send emails but no response!!!


I, like so many readers been scammed by this company. I am a (silly, naive or call me what you like) pensioner who was trying to make some money to supplement my pension. I came across this company, talked to a woman called Donnavon Collins Account Manager, from supposedly London and she told me that a Senior Account Manager will get back to me shortly and they will walk me through the process, very easy, no worries. John Brown (??) Senior Account Manager rang me back shortly asked me to allow him to take control of my screen, so he can show me
what to do. He asked me to open my bank account online!!!!! which I wasn't going to do, why would he want to see my account?? Then he asked me how much money have I got in my bank account, so I gave him an imaginary figure, to which he said, "is that's all, is that's all you saved all your life?" I have to admit I was a bit taken back. Anyway, we started the trading and straight away I was starting to lose money. When I said that to him, he said, not to worry, the market will right itself, just give it time, and if I have a look at it, my Balance hasn't changed, no money has been taken out until I close the bottom right hand corner "X" for that particular share. So, I haven't touched it, decided to wait. Next morning, he rang me again, and as I was still losing I told him that I want out, which he didn't allow me. He said, if I want to talk to him, just write to him and he will ring me back straight away. Next morning, look at my balance sheet, all my money has been taken out and my account closed!!! Sent John Brown a message, in fact I have sent him 3 messages over the next couple of days, no reply. Sent a message to Donnavon Collins, the first woman I have spoken to, of course again no reply. In the mean time someone rang me up to ask me to send them the copy of my passport, both side of my driver's license, utility bill with my address on it, bank details, and the last 4 digits of my credit card, otherwise I won't be able to withdraw money from my account. At that stage I still had all my money in the Balance. So, I think I can safely say, that I can kiss my money good bye, as I have been SCAMMED!!!!! and this unscrupulous people stole my money!!! I am a pensioner, maybe I should have known better, but I really can't afford to lose all these money, but here we go. I am not sure how I am going to tell my husband!! So please be careful FTO CAPITAL IS A SCAM!!!!

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Why when i asked for my refund, they're keeps on insisting i provided them my personal bank account with my home address and driver license .when they already have got my MasterCard account.
No answers

Yes, I have just had a similiar experience of asking me to look into my Bank account details and aksing for all o fmy personal information - has anyone reported this Company to Australian authorities??
No answers

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