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Finish Classics

Finish Classics

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Pros and 'cons' of finsh liquid

Liquid dish wash if most definitely preferable to powder, much better for glassware and cutlery.

However, manufacturer has 'cleverly' changed the shape of the container, now giving customers less content, and costing more!

Time to change to another brand, only problem is, as far as I know, no-one else does liquid soap for dishwashers?
Does a good job.

The original and the best!

After trying every tablet Finish have made and being total disappointed by their lack of performance and damage to my glassware, I returned to plain old classic powder. It knocked my socks off! I am not sure why I persevered with the tablets for so long.

It washes well and it is by far the most cost effective option. I never have to do a second wash, something I had been doing constantly with the tablets.

If you have been using tablets and find you keep having to re wash because the dishes are dirty or the tablet hasn't dissolved, go back to the classic powder, I'm sure you will be pleasantly surprised.
Cost effective, washes well

finish powerball fizzing action all in 1

Waste of money lots of soap suds dishers still dirty would never recommend this product or buy another of your products the dishwasher tablets did not dissolve put the same lot through 4 times ended emting the dishwasher ad washing them by hand
went and brought another brand and had no problem
there product sucks and I would never recommend it only trash it as it deserves thanks for the dirty dishers we have ever that this problem with any other brand
product did not dissolve or clean the dishers

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I found out from a F&P technician that the tablets (of any brand) aren't meant to go in the powder dispenser. The dispenser only opens half way through the wash, which means the dissoluble coating doesn't break down soon enough in the wash cycle. Try putting the tablet in the cutlery holder.

Finish Powder ROCKS!

Finish powder has to be something that is out of this world. For $18.49, we get over 70 washes (1.5 months worth) of dishwashing from 1.5Kg of powder. This could be even more, if we used LESS powder (we use a little more powder than recommended in the DishDrawer).

We barely scrape our plates (i.e. chunks of food still there), use the DELICATES cycle on our DishDrawer (Low water pressure!) and STILL get perfect results! Who could ask for more? Well, we did! One of our DishDrawers has a broken Drain Filter - Finish Powder gets the grime off the dishes and spreads it round the machine, subsequent rinses and Finish Rinse-Aid break the surface tension of the water, and all the garbage is washed away! Amazing!

Whats more, Dishwashing Powders contain most, if not all of the same ingredients used in Tablets - whilst they "claim" they have more functionality, we've tried both, and found NO difference. E.g. Tablets claim to have "Coffee Stain Removal," and "Enzymes," "Salt Functions" and so forth, yet powders contain the same ingredients! Surfactants (Rinse-Aid function), Enzymes, Bleaches (Coffee Stains), Phosphates (A water softener agent, like Salt or Citric Acid, also cleans your dishwasher).

We are also going to be purchasing some Phosphates to add with our Finish Powder, to get 100% cleaning on ALL items. Perhaps this will mean the "Fast" wash cycle will prove useful for us!
SUPERB Value for Money, Includes most - if not ALL ingredients found in Tablets, Dissolves Quickly, No rejects from Dishwasher!
It should still come in the Cardboard box. Plastic container's aren't reusable (caustic ingredients) and kill Earth :(

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Finish Classics
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