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Fisher & Paykel 90cm Touch Control Induction CI905DTB1

Fisher & Paykel 90cm Touch Control Induction CI905DTB1

2.4 from 8 reviews

Continual Problems

I woûld not buy another fisher & Paykey induction cooktop.
It has been problematic since installed. I upgraded my power board at $400 for I was I was told it was necessary to get maximum output. WRONG!! It made no difference.
Then the heat transmitters had a fault. Advised I had poor airflow. WRONG!! The technician advised my builder to remove the cabinet cross panel to increase air follow, which compromised the support to my Caesar stone Bench top.
The next techician advised the removal of the support wasn't necessary as it had been installed correctly and that it was a fan problem.
Fans replaced. But then there's more - Further issues. Cooktop completely shut down.
FP Finally advised they would replace it but advised Harvey Norman had sold me a "second" so they wouldn't replace it with current model without a $350 cost.
And that I would need to take this issue up with Harvey Norman! Harvey Norman have been responsive and I am awaiting the outcome! It's been 2 years since I had this cooktop installed and there has been nothing but problems. It's now May 2019.
My advice is not to buy a F&P Induction cooktop.

Purchased in May 2017 at Harvey Norman for $1,588.00.

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And the saga continues. Fisher and Paykel contacted me and advised that they mixed the serial numbers up and that Harvey Norman had not sold me a 'second' and that they would now action a replacement cooktop at no further expense to me! That was three weeks ago. I was advised the cooktop was in transit and that took weeks!!! Another week for the technician to do the install. OH! But there's more. The cooktop doesn't fit in the cavity, even though I sought FP to check that the dimensions are the same. Oh but it's not the dimensions of the cook top that's the issue. I am now told that the kitchen cabinetary is not cut correctly to fit the new cooktop, although it fit the faulty one!! And that if I want the new one fitted that I will have to have the cabinetary adjusted and at my own cost!! It's now coming up 6 weeks since the faulty cooktop was removed!! And this debacle/saga continues. I think what FP Fail to realise is that they sold me a faulty cooktop, it's been 2 years, and I still do not have a working cooktop! Where is the client service in that.....???? Why has this become my problem to resolve and why am I being put in the middle of a "it's not my problem" scenario between the supplier (FP), the retailer, the service techicion and the installer!!! All I seek is a functional product and in a timely manner:(

Excellent Cooktop

This cooktop was already in the house I bought in 2014 so it is now 5 years old. It is well designed, has a good combination of different sized burners and has been trouble free. This is the 3rd induction cooktop I have had over the past 20 years and induction is the best form of stove top cooking in my opinion. It does take a while to get used to and the amount of heat required does vary considerably depending on the quality of the cookware you use. If burn marks appear on the cookware then the pan has been overheated. A good quality pan only needs a setting of 5-6.

Date PurchasedJan 2012

Customer service pathetic no reply after 3 weeks

Bought all Fisher Paykel appliances for new kitchen. After just cooking for 2 times found burnt mark inside cooktop sent pictures last month in March still waiting to hear back from them in mid April. Also bought 2 ovens one came with missing parts same thing after several phone calls got some parts but still not all of them.

Date PurchasedFeb 2017

Great when it worked!

I purchased this cooktop after a good choice review, it's great to cook with and cooks very fast. But after only 2 months 2 of the 5 burners stopped working and after waiting a month for repair (2 visits for a technician) the cooktop has stopped working completely. Now I'm currently waiting for a replacement, which Fisher and Paykel are not sure when it'll arrive.

Date PurchasedNov 2016

The buzzing is driving me batty

We did so much research on this. It had a good review in Choice. We went to two friend's homes and cooked/listened to any potential buzzing noises - none (different brands than Fisher & Paykel). Then we had ours installed and it's "on/off" constant buzzing when it's on low to mid heat -- buzz buzz buzz. We called Harvey Norman to see what our options were for replacement as we were told this is normal for this brand just now over the phone - even though we ASKED specifically about this prior to purchasing. Right now we have a service call for Friday just to make sure nothing is wrong....but this is not looking good for us!!!

Date PurchasedOct 2016
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Follow up comment by Dallas: So we went around town and did our best to listen to as many induction cooktops as possible. Most people say it's the pans. Well, we bought very expensive/recommended pans along with our old pans and took those all around town. Similar noise levels. We even went to the Fisher & Paykel showroom and it was loud there too with just one pan...I can't imagine putting 3 or more at once! It's not that it was a low hum, but a high frequency pitch and is "on/off" the entire time when on medium or low settings... so the ENTIRE time you are cooking. Most other induction cooktops only buzz really loud when it's on boost mode. Fisher & Paykel is not a QUIET brand and I would not recommend. I have no idea why Choice Mag. or manufacturer's don't rate the noise level. We LOVED the cooktop design and everything else but the noise was too much of a negative to honestly call it fit for use. We returned it with no hassle (thank you Harvey Norman) and instead bought the Bosch 90cm version. IN LOVE!!!! So quiet and amazing and was only a $400 increase in cost. WORTH EVERY PENNY. Such a joy to cook.


I love the cooktop it's the best money spent it does need a higher voltage power source ( install as per instructions....l needed to upgrade my power source) and mine cooks and boils much much quicker than gas highly recommend in fact l am building again and have installed the same. It sears the meat in your wok and doesn't let the juices out make the meat chewy. I have recommended to two friends and they luv it too!
High watts for searing.... Fast boiling time...ease of cleaning
There are none!!!!!!!!!

Fisher & Paykel CI905DTB1

I bought new when I was renovating my kitchen and soon after 2 elements on the hot plate didn't work, technician from Fisher & Paykel couldn't fix it so they replaced with the new one but that one was working only few days and all stoped working. I do not recomend this product to anybody. I went through lot of stress waiting and replacing and for Christmas Eve I've stayed without cook top.

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Best cooktop ever if installed as per installation instructions there is no way it's nots the best and fastest you ve ever cook on and with. I have purchased it again for my new home highly recommend. This cooktop actually sears meat in my wok and doesn't t let the juices out to make the meat chewy.

Stay away from it

We bought this Fisher and Paykel induction cooktop as we were renovating. We used it for the first time 7th April and it was very slow. We used it again a few days later and again all the plates were very slow. The third time we used it it did not work. All under one week.

Fisher and Paykel refused to give me a new one instead preferred to fix this one. The shop I bought it from though gave me a new one and this one is not any better. Testing all hot plates to boil two cups of water the quickest one was 4 minutes 55 seconds and the longest was over 10 minutes.

I am taking this one back and getting a different brand.

It didn't work and was very slow

Installed same model couple of days ago and it is slow too. I have been using induction for years so I am familiar with the speed. Glad that you managed to return those faulty cooktops but may I ask who was responsible for the connect/disconnect expenses? I am really disappointed with the Fisher and Paykel. It is much slower than the other brands I have owned. Even with the power booster it is not as good.I didnt pay anything and had to replace it with the same brand. It is just an electric cooktop. I see no difference between this induction and electric. The hot plates stay hot for a while too after they have been turned off which I thought they werent supposed to

Questions & Answers

Just started reviewing induction cooktops. I plan on incorporating one in an island bench(updating our kitchen very soon). Also looking @ an overhead exhaust fan ( a good one) that lets fumes out above the external roof), sick of cooking smells inside. What do readers suggest?
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My cooktop is now four years old. At $2300 it was one of the cheaper ones. Unless F&P have improved pay the extra and go a better one. Still a gas cooktop fan though.Fantastic choice you will never go back the Fisher Paykel touch control is amazing cooking will be a luxury and cleaning even better...you will never look back..enjoy!

Why are there negative comments for this cooktop could it possibly be that it hasn't t been installed correctly as it does need a higher power source... I have nothing but praise for it it's much more efficient and pleasant to cook with than gas.... I'm building again and wonder whether some technology has changed since my last purchase..please enlighten me
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Perri, No the power source is fine. I just dont think it is a good quality cooktop. Some induction cookware doesn't work on it either. I first bought Baccarat cookware and had to take it back after discovering that my cooktop did not like the base of this cookware. Esteele and Scanpan are fine. I also find that I have to cook on either level 8 or 9. If I reduce it by one level the reduction of heat reduces dramatically. Also the hot plate stays hot for a while after I finish cooking. I thought induction was not supposed to be hot once turned off. To me this is just an electric cooktop. If I was to redo my kitchen again and if I went induction I would certainly do more homework on which cooktop to choose. Sorry I have not been much help. JennySo did they upgrade yr power source as mine had to have a 32 amp isolator switch fitted and if so, Im wondering if it was just a faulty unit. I bought new cookware from big w and target l ve had no problems. As to the surface being hot after cooking all inductions are the same. As for each of the element strengths the Fisher and Paykel have the strongest wattage's per element along with the boosters....l did my home work there as l said l needed the strength to sear my meat and not boil it. When it came to boiling water it boiled it quicker than the kettle did for the same amount. I have upgraded to the model after this one as it has stronger elements again and has soft touch slide controls which is an improvement to the previous controls. I look forward to cooking much more now than ever l love!!!!!!!!!!!!All induction cooktops on the market require the same voltage, 230 V as per the standard. But they can use a lot of power, so they should have a 32 A circuit breaker. If the circuit breaker has a lower rating (typically 20 A), this won't slow the cooker down. But if you try to run too many zones at once, that may trip the circuit breaker. So the wiring is not the problem. I have run an induction cooker on a 10 A power point (for testing purposes), and there was no issue with the heating. The interesting thing I've seen in this review thread is the "on-off" issue. That is something that no official review has mentioned. It shouldn't be necessary: the heating should be even.

I have accidentally scratched my black induction stove top, and was wondering, how i can fix the scratches? Is there a product I can buy, to at the very least, camouflage them?
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Fisher & Paykel 90cm Touch Control Induction CI905DTB1
CategoryInduction Cooktops
Price (RRP)$2899
Cutout Width870mm
Cutout Depth494mm
Cutout Height55mm
Control PositionFront
Release dateAug 2009

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