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110 reviews
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I have owned this washer for just on 3 years it has been faultless. I was just reading some of the reviews on it and am surprised at some of the negativity. I wash large loads daily and sometimes multiple loads, to date no issues, in fact friends have used my machine and gone and purchased their own straight away. to my knowledge they haven't had issues either. Great machine would buy again along with any other Fisher & Paykel products.

Buyer beware


I purchased this machine 8/2/13 on the 14/7/14 I had a technician come an replace the electronic device after having numerous problems now it is Not working again an warranty has expired... This machine is a lemon to say the least.. Im very angry! I only wash every fourth day as i am a family of 3 only. Technician is coming again at a cost of $135.00 to just look at it! This is a joke... Do not buy!



  • 3 reviews

Rubbish machine - Great design but made of junk

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Stacey Illy

Stacey IllySydney

  • 2 reviews
  • 1 like

Terrible washing machine


Purchased my F&P in 2012 from Good Guys who guaranteed me that it was a top quality machine, what a waste of money! The agitator wings snapped within 4 months so it got replaced under warranty, yet again within 12 months the crappy plastic agitator broke, clothes are being streaked with lint and soap scum, I hate the bloody thing.

Update 2016 - the electronic panel has now gone!

died at 9 years


i got a good run out of it. Only one breakdown, that wasnt too expensive to fix. Its now coming back with error code 130 and 136. Decided to go back to a front loader as they wash better. The washing powder goes straight into the machine with all the dirt on your clothes. No wonder it comes out with grey streaks
Got clothes very dry
had to soak clothes in laundry tub before putting into washing machine

Janine T

Janine TNorth Shore

Great Machine


We had to replace our old, reliable but dying, top loading F & P machine and seriously didn't want to.We spent a fair bit of time reading reviews on washing machines before purchasing - a disheartening process. After considering front loaders with their long cycles and the non agitator top loading options (the ones we saw were poorly reviewed), we opted for this Fabric Smart machine. We are only 2 weeks into it, but It has run perfectly, is easy to use and we wash a load almost daily. In our view, the more features any machine has, the more potential problems there are. We only need the basic cycles and this machine suits us well. In addition, there has been no lint or smudges left on clothes. We are very happy with our decision.



  • 13 reviews

A good top-loader



  • 11 reviews

Does not do what it is designed to do


honkasSouth East Queensland, QLD

  • 26 reviews

so far so good.. touch wood!


Have had this machine for a few years now, got it second hand from a friend who was moving, so at least 4 years old..

Has performed well, despite initially having troubles getting the hot water to work, eventually got it to work and thankfully haven't looked back..

Always put washing powder in first, let the water fill a little before throwing the clothes in..

Nice way to have auto sensing water level.. Makes my life easy.. Just walk away..

Wash at least 2 times a week with a 3/4 to a full load.. Worried that it may be overloaded but still completed the job fine..

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erinpmfSydney, NSW

  • 7 reviews

Machine not 10 years old yet and the bowl has completely collapsed, broken off, whatever keeps it le


I bought the machine for $990 in June 2005. Have had no problems until Easter Monday. The bowl completely collapsed and is leaning right over to the side of the machine. I sent Fisher & Paykel an email around 7am last Tuesday, 7 April, 2015. Still have not received a reply nor an acknowledgement of my email. I just found out that this model has been discontinued. Is it because the bowl was known to collapse.


JudyglenGold Coast QLD

3year old top loader not working


At least 4times our machine has stopped.When it gets to a spin cycle we get a
message on LCD power cut,turn power off&on says restart in 10 seconds than stops after 5seconds.Our power point is fine. I had my previous F&P top loader
for ten years no problems this one is a dud.Has anyone had a similar problem?



  • 10 reviews

It's a dud - I want a refund



lint and grime


Hate this machine it doesn't matter how many times l clean it lint and grime build up around agitator dissatisfied.



  • 4 reviews



Bought this machine just 2.5years ago. Usually use the machine once a week, twice a week at the most. There is only 2 of us, no children and we work in the office. Our clothes were hardly heavily soiled. This F&P washing machine is over rated, so called 'smart'. Hardly the case, died on us suddenly! Priced at more than $900 I would have expected more years out of this machine. Disappointed to find similar reviews posted here about this machine. Wished I had looked before buying. Never again F&P. Not keeping my hopes up on your customer service either. Your machine and your brand is CRAP!



  • 2 reviews

worst machine


Bought this topload fisher & paykel smart drive washing machine (WA80T65FW1) 3 years ago. Was recommended suppose be a toughest machine. But just passed 3 years and now dead...

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Dayna M

Dayna MPort Macquarie

Love It!


I have had my machine for almost a month now and am loving all the functions, particularly the delay start (with numerous options for how long you want to delay) and the time remaining on the digital display. I also like being able to set certain functions such as cold water, water saver, time saver etc and that it remembers them for future washes. After reading other reviews, I am a little worried about the lint issues but have no complaints so far. Might look into the lint filter that faypa mentioned if needed.



After ten years of enjoying this model we purchased a new one but only lasted three years . The new fisher and paykel we bought was not made in the same country as the last model . Very unhappy this one walked across the floor take 3/4 hours to wash too costly to fix .lint on the clothes after wash .
Not happy

Jim Northcroft

Jim NorthcroftStrathpine

  • 4 reviews

Excellent machine, once again F&P deliver great quality.


We've had ours for about six months now, replacing our former piece of junk 'NEC' which was on it's way out (what a terrible excuse for a washing machine). I'm not an expert on washer's, but this machine does exactly what you need it to do when it comes laundry (which isn't a big ask)

It has automatic pre-settings for water levels and fabric types, the clothes don't tangle, it spins the heck out of them until they're almost completely dry, and it doesn't damage delicate's. I can't honestly say one bad thing about it, marvelous machine!


RustyBlue911Sydney, NSW

Has served me well for about 10 years.


I have always found my washing machine to do a great job and very reliable. I have had a few problems lately with it having a fault code 136 showing up towards the end of the cycle though this isn't on every wash and most machines and engines need a service once in a while. When I use the recommended washing powder and dissolve it first at the start of the wash, I have no problems. I have had a problem with getting hot water to go into it lately but I'm not sure if that is the machine or the tap.

Vinny B

Vinny BTolaga Bay

Finally died!


Well this product has finally died, its gonna cost a further 300-500, in parts & labour not worth it. I definitely would not endorse this product, as I said before F & P do not make washing machines like they used too, what a shame & its not even that old! :(

Lots of thingd too many actually

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Questions & Answers

Lesley Staines

Lesley Stainesasked

FabricSmart IW812

Hello I have had my Fisher & Paykel iw812 machine 17 years has been absolutely brillant. Just recently water has been dripping from the water inlet valve inside the machine.
Do I need to organise a service person to attend and can this be fixed.

No answers
Jerzy K.

Jerzy K.asked

FabricSmart IW812

Error code 105. Says its a comms error. How to reset codes?

No answers


FabricSmart IW812

Had this washine machine for 8 years, getting message saying "POWER CUT" - restarting in 10 seconds. Any ideas on how to resolve this ?

No answers

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