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Fisher-Price Newborn Rock n Play Sleeper R6070

Fisher-Price Newborn Rock n Play Sleeper R6070

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Sanity savers!! Awesome little sleepers

I absolutely loved this product from Fisher Price. I did not know how I was going to cope with twin babies, but this saved my sanity being so portable. I could have it with me anywhere around the house and the incline kept my baby with reflux very settled. The twins loved sleeping in it and were so settled being anle to be near me and see me whilst being snuggled in these little beds. They are so lightweight and portable too that I took them when visiting as they fold down flat and the teins would settle so easily in their familiar little beds. Cannot recommend higjly enough and now with the new newborn insert, there is no issues with flat head. Love, love, love these little sleepers.

Best Invention EVER

I have the my little snugapuppy sleeper. I purchased it online from America as they are VERY hard to find in Australia. This is the ONLY thing my newborn will sleep in, she has a lot of wind issues and the recline is what keeps her sleeping. If we even try to put her in a crib or basinette she screams within 10 mins. I am dreading the day she is too big for the Rock n Play.
The only thing that would make this a perfect item would be that it could rock on its own instead of having to do it by hand. The vibrate function my baby doesn't like so it would be better to have it rock insead.

So simple yet so effective!

I bought this before my son was born and thankfully i did as he caught a cold when he was three weeks old. Sleeping elevated helped him breathe with a stuffy nose. He slept on it during the day and through the night while he had a cold. Light and easy to move around the house, i would even take my son outside and hang the washing. Also took it with us to visit family and friends. Easy to store away out of sight.
Lightweight, keeps baby elevated

Good Temprorary Solution

We were unsure about getting a cot for our baby as it just seemed so large for a tiny baby!
We settled on this interesting sleeper and we are very happy with it for the time being. At night baby is very easy to reach.Cradle is very soft,well made-such a great idea.
I will recommend this sleeper to all new parents - it is fantastic!

Sooo useful!!

I came across this product by chance and absolutely love it. It's such a nice height and easy to rock with your feet whilst watching tv. Our baby who is 1 month old loves falling asleep in it rather thAn his own cot, I guess cause he feels snuggled. Lightweight but sturdy. We used in the room last night when he just wouldn't settle. Highly recommended.
Cute colour, great height, comfortable for baby, good rocking motion
Would love an attachment to dangle toys from etc...

Excellent product

I purchased the rocker before my daughter was born, she is now 6 months old and we still use it! It's fantastic, removable insert for easy washing, easily folds for storage when not in use. Great for all rooms of the house as a safe, comfy place for baby when you are showering or cooking dinner! Highly recommend.

Best purchase ever!

I am a mother of twins, i purchased this rocker so one could chill out while i was busy with the other, the very next day i purchased a second i loved it so much!! Perfect as they get older to have a bottle, story time, i fed the twins solids in them in the early stages as well (if you put your foot on one end of the steel the infant is quite upright) i recommend this product to everyone well worth the money esp since at 16 mths we are still using them ;-)
Easy to wash

Best item we had for our Baby

Loved this hammock. The only thing we had that when you put baby down to sleep they are still 'cuddled' enough that they don't wake up and start crying all over again. This is our favourite 'must have' item. We had baby sleeping through the night at 8 weeks, thanks to this item, as I'd rock her back to sleep in my arms, transfer her to the hammock and she stayed asleep! What a godsend!!! We still use it (we have a smallish 9 month old) for her mid morning naps (though she has to be supervised now so she doesn't climb out!).

The bomb

Loved this Rock n Play. We used it until our son absolutely outgrew it I didn't want to give it up. It is so easy to take from room to room. You can fold it up to take with you. (We took ours camping when bubs was 2 months old) No batteries! Have to love that! Its rocks gently when baby moves. Baby sleeps move upright for better breathing. I can't say enough great things about this. Only wish I'd had one with my older two kids.
Portable, offers great sleep position, no batteries required

Perfect combination of comfort and practicality

I bought this after reading the reviews on this site. It truly is a great product. The build is robust! It does not have the bells and whistles of othe products which frankly you dont need. It is great for play time or sleeping. It folds up and can be taken in the car. We have even take it away as checked luggage.
Ended up buying on Amazon US and having it shipped here for ~$99, still cheaper than local prices.
Robust, transportable, great for both play and sleep

This was perfect!

I have been using this sleeper for awhile now my son is currently 12 weeks old ..I love it! I love how it is just the right height when i am sitting on the couch.. this is a MUST this is the perfect incline for a baby to rest, it doesn't take up much space!
It didn't take up to much space & the height was perfect!

Perfect for home and out and about.

My girlfriend purchased this hammock for our newborn when we realised he wasnt sleeping well in his cot. We had tried everything to get him to sleep but nothing worked. So when we strapped him into this and he was asleep within minutes we were so thankful. He was later diagnosed with reflux so i asume the light upwards angle his body was layed up helped ease that discomfort. It folds flat enough to come travelling with us to bbq's and is a lifesaver. Its even good to bundle up in the bathroom when you need to shower and just cant hold him. Plus its so lightweight you can move it around the house wherever you go.
the size, slight upwards layback, can travel with

Simple but so useful! Best buy for a happy mum and dad

I bought this item at a Fisher Price sale and I was not too sure how it would help, but it was cheap enough and I thought that I would give it a try.
The Newborn Rock ’n Play Hammock is such a useful alternative to play mats or bassinets around the house. I like that it elevates your newborn from the floor (we have dogs, so this keeps bub out of their way) and our little one found sleeping in this hammock to be her preferred sleeping place during the day.
It is lightweight and stable, easy to fold / unfold and does not take much room to store.

I highly recommend this item.
Lightweight, Stable, comfortable sleeping position for the baby, easy to clean.

So handy!

This is my 'can't live without' item - suited as a bassinet at home and it folds so compact that we take it to BBQ's and when we go away anywhere instead of the portacot. It's a great height too so you don't have to bend right over to rock or pick up baby. I love it!
Ease of use, folds small, height!

Great find

The first time I saw this sleeper I was not really sold in buying it but it turned out to work wonders for my bub. I was able to assemble it by myself and found it easy to move in any part of the house. The sleeper can be angled so it works as a seat during the day to play in and I use it as a rocker at night. It seemed my bub found it very comfortable and got long hours of sleep, and so did I! I liked this because I found my bub to be safe in it even if I had to rock it a few times. This is a great invention!

weight limit

A must buy.

We bought it from a baby shop because we've been given a gift card and it seemed good and the only thing that we would use, and what a little Beauty !!! My son was 6 weeks old at the time and on his 1st night in it he slept through for the very 1st time and never looked back !!! This sleeper is absolutly fantastic, it's cheap, light, transportable, and really helps baby beeing comfy as it snuggles them and keep them at the right angle. The only downsize is the max weight it will carry, especially since my son always been a big boy he's been out of it quite early.
I would recommend to anyone !
excellent to help baby sleep, transporatble and cheap
max weight.. wish it could carry more than just 11kg !

this product is awsome!!!!!

for the past 3 wks i havent had much more than 3hrs sleep a night due to our baby not being able to settle with wind. she wasnt sleeping properly and neither was i!!! i tried different things like drops for the wind but i found i couldnt put my baby down,my back was aching and arms were tired from holding her as she was better upright, i was willing to do what i could so my baby could get some sleep, i tag teamed with my husband so i could get my 3hrs but i was starting to wear me down. i finally got to the shops yesterday and not looking for rock and play sleeper, i think it found me beacuse when i saw the pictures on the box and read about helping babies with reflux and wind i thought why not try. my main problem was the fact that you spend all that money and get it home and it doesnt work!! it was easy to assemble and the first time i put our daughter in it, it worked!! and i have just had the best night sleep and would recommend this product hands down and my arms are free to do stuff now!!
love the freedom of having my arms free, and that it is protable and it gives my child relief from bad colic
havent found anything wrong with it!

My baby prefers this to my arms ;)

My bubby always wanted to be carried in our arms especially during the day.. once we got the rock and play sleeper.. he d rather lie in it than be carried .. ;) light weight.. and can be folded easily ...so we took it along when we were visiting friends... the best product i purchased for my baby!! .. bought it when my baby was 6 weeks old and wish i had purchased it for him from day 1!! he absolutely loves the rock & play sleeper!!
Height of the rock & play sleeper.. it doesn't feel like your putting your baby on floor like the rest of bouncers and swings..
Weight limit!! i don't know what i am going to do once my baby grows out of it !!!

A must buy!

This product is fantastic! Don't think many Australians are familiar with it. It really needs to be advertised better. It is great for reflux babies and super compact. we bought our daughter a big baby hammock and she hated it because she laid down flat in it. so this is like a hammock with a incline and small enough to take anywhere. Great if you visit family and friends to put bubs down too- in a familiar bed! Sells at Big W for $128 and worth every penny. A shame that you can buy it in the USA for only $50. Doesn't seem exactly fair. If you have a baby or know someone who is pregnant, buy this!!!!
Compact, sturdy, comfy
Battery operated rocker would be good and a bigger one for when bubs gets too big for it.

Saved our sanity

I bought this as a "spare" to have around the house but then it turned out to be a lifesaver as our newborn baby hated sleeping in his cot and would only sleep in this. The Sleeper is the perfect angle for him to sleep in so it was extremely handy in the first few weeks before we found out he had reflux (if you have a screaming reflux baby, you'll know what I mean!). It is very lightweight and portable. Bub used to sleep in it everywhere in the house. I even had him next to my bed and when he would stir, I would just reach out my arm and start rocking him back to sleep. Unfortunately not many stores sell this. I've only ever seen it at Big W but I bought mine from an online store.
Portable, great for reflux babies
Bub is starting to outgrow it at 3 months :-(

Questions & Answers

Were can I buy a rocker and player in australia
2 answers
I had to get mine from amazon in the USA as I couldn’t buy one here It was worth every centThis product has now been recalled there has been over 30 deaths in the US from people still using them when babies are able to roll over and they have suffocated.

Where can I buy one in Melbourne?
1 answer
They are VERY Hard to find in Australia, I suggest you get one from the USA. I got mine from Amazon.com and with postage it was just under $200 - well worth every dollar!

Hi Product Users, I have been thinking of buying one of these for my daughter who is expecting, however, I note that there was a product recall in the US of a similar Fisher Price Sleeper product due to mold developing. There is also a post about babies heads not developing properly if they are placed in a Fisher Price Sleeper. Does anyone have any further information about these issues? Robyn
2 answers
I don't know, I never had issues and I used on all 3 of my children. They would alternate between the rocker, a swing and the floor so no probs with head development. It's good for reflux babies or for when babies need to be slept upright slightly.This was a problem with the older versions. All newer versions come with a newborn insert which has stopped all the problems mentioned. Just make sure you purchase one that comes with a newborn insert, like the snuggabunny and puppy type.


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