4Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo

Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo

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4Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo

74 reviews

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74 reviews
cloe666AU9 posts


I purchased mine secondhand and it has been absolutely wonderful. My son loves his jumperoo and it gives me much needed break from entertaining him. He happily sits in there and plays for ages. I haven't had any issues with it other then the flower toy falling over but that is a minor detail of the jumperoo. It is super easy to clean as the cloth seat cover removes and can just be chucked in the washing machine. It also has 3 different height adjustments which is really useful since little ones grow so fast.

mumma1616ADELAIDE2 posts

Excellent. couldn't be without it

My son loves his jumperoo. I have it in the kitchen. When I'm cooking I pop him in it & he jumps away & can see me the whole time so doesn't have a melt down. It has two music settings. One plays songs, the other is baby activated (when they jump) sounds. It has toys all around it which bubs can spin seat & play with each toy while jumping.
reliable fisher price quality
can be expensive. we got it on special at target
blcPERTH, WA5 posts

Good leg exercise for little one

Bought this for my little boy when he was near to 5 months old. He likes to sit inside and play with the surrounding toys. I leave him inside and do my things. After 6 months he figure out how to jump and he is very happy & enjoy to jump inside. Now he is near to 18 months, he still want us to put him inside and jump:-) Really worth to buy.
Good buy
ducks7 posts

My baby loves it!!

My baby loves jumping so I went for this style activity centre - she absolutely loves it! Great for keeping her entertained while I get the housework done etc. Only small issue is it can be difficult to get baby in and out a times expecially if she is kicking her legs about!
Entertaining, Easy to put up and down, Music and Noise for baby, Lots of colors and toys
Can be expensive to buy new, Can be tricky to get baby in and out
lala57AU2 posts

The Rainforest jumperoo is a great toy!

The Rainforest jumperoo is a fantastic toy! Its full of bright colurs and sounds that stimulate your little one and will keep them entertained and it the one spot for as long as you need. Its safe and secure and easy to put together. It lovley that it also has a range of matching itmes such as the high chair, playmat, activity cetnre, swing and bassinet as well! Bought for a great pirce from Target during one of their baby sales.
Safe and secure. Bright colours and fun sounds! The range that matches it. .
SpringledVictoria, 35806 posts

Absolutly Love it

Bought this for my son when he was 5 months old, we'd tried a Jolly Jumper but he was very small and not heavy enough to get the spring to bounce. With this the springs are much lighter so even with his small weight he could bounce around like crazy. He loved looking at and touching all the bright coloured animals, and soon learned to bounce to the music. As he was short we always had to put books or pillows underneath but we didn't have that problem with our daughter.
Keeps little ones entertained and out of harms way while mum does the housework. No fiddly straps, just sit them in and lift them out.
Takes up a fair bit of space and not easy to store. Can be a bit fiddly adjusting the height.
MzCillQLD, 43709 posts

Great, fun toy!!

This is a great bouncy toy! lots of stimulation for bubs with bright colours, sounds and things to play with. Has adjustable heights. Only thing i found was that my son was a little short at first, but i just put a flat box underneath.
Great interactive, bouncy, fun toy!
demorasAU27 posts

Baby adores it!

One of the best investments we've made in baby toys! Our bub loves loves loves it and is so happy playing with the toys and jumping up and down in it! it's easy to assemble and disassemble to wash. I'm so happy we have one coz it's so hard to get a break from entertaining our energetic bub! he hasn't gotten sick of the toys yet after a good couple of months. I love that it's a safe place to put him down so I can get some other stuff done!
everything! baby loves the toys on it, loves the music and sounds, it's great exercise for the baby and great for mum and dad to get a rest from an active baby!
takes up a bit of floor space Show reply
PhoKatAU8 posts


Our baby absolutely adored this jumperoo. She would quite happily bounce around in it for anything up to an hour. All the toys and gadgets kept her interest for months. This was seriously one of the best toys that she had.
entertaining for bub. Lots of different activities to try out. Grows with your baby so you get a lot of milage from it.
Absolutely nothing.
lrsAU6 posts
amzfinch2103AU2 posts


A great toy that allows bubs to be active and safe at the same time. It's a relief to know bub is safe and secure in the Jumperoo when I need to get the mail, bring the washing in or start dinner etc.
A fantastic toy that's fun for bubs. My son loves his Jumperoo. He is currently 8months though started using it at around 5months and still enjoys playing/exercising in it everyday. At first he would spend a 1/2 hour at a time bouncing around though now around 15-20mins max. The lights and sounds are entertaining for bubs also. It's easy to set up and can be moved to different places though it needs a flat base.
Nothing really apart from the initial cost, needing some floor space and batteries are not included.
Consumer123Adel33 posts


Very happy with this product, great exercise for babies. Excellent stimulation for their developments. Highly recommended (provided you have enough space at home)!
My baby loves to jump & play in it, great exercise for her everyday. She loves the music, sounds & colourful toys on it. She can spend at least 15-20 mins in the jumperoo, so I can use this time to do my own things or housework or cooking, and I know that she will be safe in it.
The butterfly does not stand up (not like what you see in the picture). I've checked with Target where I bought it from, and the butterflies in other jumperoos also don't stand up. It's quite expensive, so you need wait till it's on special.
hattiefox37 posts
slenelCanberra 2600, ACT18 posts


I think that if you can afford this unit and your baby loves being upright (like ours did) than you can't go wrong with a Jumperoo. We really love it.
excellent support for your baby in the seat. The range of different toys keeps my sons interest for longer periods. The seat swivels around so we just move it to be in front of different toys each day. Height adjustable is handy for a bubby like mine who is growing like a weed.
It is pretty expensive but will provide entertainment for a long time, so is probably worth it. The only con I that it does take up a bit of room and although you can fold it up, it isn't really designed to be folded up and put away after each use.
nawwar_hPerth, WA15 posts


Its a great toy especially for my baby when he didnt know how to jump. My baby would jump and laugh at the same time when in it! The seat turns a round and the toys are very colourful and interesting to my baby. Im confident that its secure when putting him in there especially when im doing house work or need to go to the bathroom.
Its a jumperoo!
After bub is out and about they unlikely would want to play in it anymore, however they come back once a while to play with the toys when already standing.
anjool42 posts


I love this jumper and so does my son

Its colourful and has good music

my son jumps and jumps.. and jumps!

he could stay in this for ages and it helps me get things done!

Id definitely recommend this to others
Bright Colourful Sturdy

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lozza_kate3 posts


i love putting my son in this! he has a ball jumping around in this and is facinated how the toys work!
The colours, lights, toy variety. my 5 month old loves going in this and it gives me a chance to get the important things done while knowing my little one is safe.
needs to be dismantled to fit through doorways.
missylady09Perth, WA29 posts


What is up with the weight limit.. my the time my baby could start using this (4.5months) she was almost 8kgs.. Now she is is 9months and 11kgs and really shouldnt be using it anymore.. For the cost of around $200, its a waste of money.. its not sturdy enough, so baby uses it but i watch her like a hawlk incase the thing snaps.. If you compare this to other heavier plastic like ones you can purchase at target/toys r us? for around $90 this over rated jumperoo is not worth the money at all
weight limit of 10kgs
angel87 posts


I would recommend this to all families with babies. Very interactive and great for learning. Entertainment for everyone!! Worth every cent.
Love love love it, and so does baby. Got it for xmas at 4 months old and acn't get enough of it. It helps her strengthen her legs as well. Good for skills and good for when yu are getting dinner ready.
BellaMe2 posts


Great toy for the space conscious and babies love to jump around in it. Well worth the effort as it free's parents up
My daughter loves the freedom to stand and jump around in it. It's great because we don't have the room for a jolly jumper
Parrot and Frog are to high for babies to grab and enjoy. Is difficult to move around the house and doesn't fit easily through doorways
louboo3 posts


My son loves his jumperoo! It is bright and colourful and he is fascinated by the flashing lights. We turn it every couple of weeks as he hasn't worked out how to turn and use the other toys at the back. We have been using this since he was four months and I think what he really loves about it is that he is upright and can see what is going on. Even though he is crawling now he still loves to have a bounce. Would recommend this product!
Bright and colourful. The music can be played at a lower volume and there is three adjustable heights. It comes apart easily if you wanted to take it on holiday with you.
It does take up quite a bit of space.
amanda_01South East Queensland, QLD119 posts


Once I put a couple of phone books under her feet so she could push against them, there was no stopping my four month old daughter!! She very quickly learnt that jumping made the lights and music go, and she loves playing with all the spinning and rattling toys. She laughs and smiles every time she goes into it!
Heaps of toys; great music; nice and stable; bright colours
takes up a lot of space; seat is positioned quite high, even though my daughter is very tall for her age, her feet are no where near the floor; bit hard to move around.
JsCa30Greater Melbourne (Outer), VIC35 posts


The jumperoo is a great toy. It is so colourful, has lots of toys attached, keeps baby entertained without them even jumping! Once they do get going, and learn to jump in it it becomes even more entertaining! Is a fantastic toy. Only issues being, it was a hassle to keep clean, and it takes up ALOT of room. It isn't easy to half fold either. My daughter loved spending time in this, and loved the toys attached at the top, she would look up and stare at them for ages. Great toy if you have the room!
Bright, colourful, lots of toys!
Very bulky


My daughter LOVES the Jumperoo. I have only had it for an hour, and already, I am 100% convinced that it was money very well spent. My daughter is 12 weeks old and can sit upright in the Jumperoo, and looks to be quite comfortable. There is a feature on the toy, that will only play music when she jumps and it really has put her to work. It is very easy to assemble, and seems extremely safe. Can't wait to put her in it again tomorrow!
EVERYTHING! The colours, the activities, the excersize...
One day (in a really long time), she will grow out of it :(
nellyca6 posts


I think this has to be the best money I have spent. In the early days she was a little small so we supported her using a rolled up muslin (not recommending anyone to do this). She loved standing up and when she first used this her eyes just lit up. She would bounce for ever and it has developed her coordination skills so much. She spins her rolly rattles and knows how to make the music come on and it even has a bug for her to chew and suck on. She absolutely loves it and so do I.
How much my daughter loves it! She has developed so much with it!
The birdies are a little high for her, but she is only little!
babiejSouth East Queensland, QLD12 posts


I received this item as a gift, but I certainly wouldn't pay to buy this toy as my baby only spent 2 months in there.
compare to other jumping toys, this item is quiet easy to set up and compact to move from room to room.
price - it's quiet expensive considering the time my child can spend on it. After my son is strong enough to support himself in the jumperoo he is already very close to the weight limit.
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Me2plea5eQLD, 40175 posts
Renchan28 posts


Overall we (my daughter and I) love the jumperoo. I only wish I had bought it earlier. We got it at seven months, and when she started crawling, she didn't and still doesn't like being in the jumperoo more than a few minutes. She is eleven months now, and I can only put her in it for a few minutes before she gets frustrated. Still loves the toys though. Now she just wants to practise her walking skills and plays with the toys from outside the jumperoo.
Great activity centre and baby can jump and play with toys, listen to music. Keeps baby entertained for ages.
A little cumbersome to move about the house. Won't fit through doorway easily. Small lockable wheels would be good.
cjtn072 posts


fantastic best toy by far my nephew is now using this and is the same loves it although i have been told that the music is a bit loud for him..
Fanatastic product my son loved it so easy to clean, lots of stimulation & colours.easy to put together
a bit bulky to store if you have a small house
SarahJ1546 posts
My5BabiesAustralia28 posts


I've had the jolly jumper with my previous kids & this jumperoo is so much better & i think alot more safer & supportive of baby. There are endless activites that your little one can occupy themselves with, the rainforest is a bright & colourful collection. I would highly recommend this jumperoo to anyone & if they had a 10 star rating i would definately pick that
Best money i've ever spent. My son was in this when he was 6mths old & has been in it everyday since, he's 9mths now. He absolutley loves it, loves chewing on the bug when he's teething, loves rolling all the toys, especially loves the birds, thinks they're great. Seat is easy to remove & clean in the washing machine. Easy to assemble & disassemble.
Sarah_D25 posts


I love this thing! It entertains my daughter no end. It also provides amusement for whoever is around and hasn't seen it before lol I love the colours, the lights and the music. It's great!
ajdallimoreWoodside SA17 posts


In spite of a rather hefty price tag (Buy online and you can save $50.00). This toy was worth every penny, my bubs loves it to bits.You will love it too as it will give you some time to yourself.
My baby loves this toy even after three months of use.He bounces and laughs and it keeps him entertained for an hour at a time. It washes well for those little accidents. It is value for money.
I am not really convinced that the height adjustment goes quite low enough. My bubs is tall and his toes initially only just touched the floor. It is obviously a bulky item there is no easy way to to reduce its size for storage.
nildareview3 posts

They are supposed to be jumping on their toes. In the instructions is says to adjust the height so their toes are touching the floor.

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