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Fissler Vitavit

Mixed Review of the Vitavit

I bought the 6L Vitavit in September 2018 from Myer. The staff were very helpful to deal with and gave me lots of pointers about how to cook in the Fissler. Four months later, and while it has it good points, it also has some things about it that frustrate.

On the positive side, food cooked via the simmer/steamer function turns out nicer compared to saucepan cooked food as the PC is quicker and the flavour is contained with the pot. When the PC functions as it ideally should, it is easy to use and clean and the food turns out well.

The traffic light on the pressure cooker function (as other commenters have said) seems to be hit and miss. Sometimes it works but other times it takes too long to rise or doesn't rise at all, which can result in over cooked or burnt food because you don't really know how long the food has been cooking or how long it needs to cook for.

With vegetarian food (legumes), I find that I can cook legumes OR rice but they need to be done separately. Cooking rice and legumes together leads to a burnt pot and mucks up the traffic light. It doesn't pay to over load the pot either. The 4L line is at max but I think that would be overloading it.

With cooking veggies, because the traffic light is slow to rise, I find that I only need to cook them for 2-4 mins (I'm cooking for 2) so obviously it depends on how much food is in the pot, they type and cut of the veg. The point I'm making is you need to get to know how it works best for you and not really take much notice of the instructions

Today I cooked only 2 small pieces of fish and the traffic light refused to come up, so it's not always vegetarian food that causes issues.

One thing that really annoys me is there is a small black cone shaped silicone gasket that fits on the underside of the traffic light controller, and it keeps coming off. Blasted thing's going to end up down the sink one day or in someone's dinner.

Be careful with the steam release function. I don't use it, it's messy and spurts out liquids, I find it better to run the pot under the water.

I have an old Blue Point, which doesn't have all the bells and whistles but it's easier to use. The Vitavit is good but a bit tricky and touchy to use.

I bought mine when Myer had their 40% off. I'm glad I didn't pay full price

Date PurchasedSep 2018

One of the best cooking appliance you can get in the kitchen

I find this pressure cooker very easy to use and intuitive, the design is also great, and I have made many tasty dishes with it. The only one small downside is to make sure you do not release the pressure too quickly, as it can release too much liquid too quickly and you end up with a messy kitchen.

Most parts of this pressure cooker can also go into dishwasher, which is a life saver for me.

Date PurchasedAug 2017

Terrible Pressure Cooker

We bought the Fissler Vitavit Premium 6L pressure cooker online and are terribly disappointed. It will not pressurise. We added all the ingredients and the correct amount of liquid, carefully following the instructions, put on the gas stove. But steam continues to leak out of the cooker neat the handle. It will not pressurise, the traffic light will not come up, all the liquid eventually evaporates. we contacted Pressur Cooker Centre, they said send it back, they check it and say there is nothing wrong with it. We get it back and it does the same thing. Very dissapointed. We also though we'd try replacing the gasket, but every time we go to their website they are out of stock, it's been 6 months now. Not Happy!

Date PurchasedMar 2015

Best thing I own in my kitchen.

If I could only own one cooking appliance this would be it, I have well and truly got my money's worth from this pressure cooker, it is on thing I have never regretted buying. It cooks well and very very quickly. So good if you have forgotten to get meat from the freezer, you can quickly defrost then cook your meal in less than 30 mins quicker than jumping in the car to buy takeout, has saved us lots of money over the years. Love it!

Date PurchasedDec 2011


As another had mentioned I have ruined about 6 meals until I read the post of the vegetarian meal makers who have to do it twice to make the traffic light come up at all. I am taking mine back to Myer. Don't try the vegetarian thing with me Fissler. It's all meat in mine so there goes your theory out the door

Date PurchasedDec 2015

Awesome Pressure Cooker

Purchased this Fissler brand from Myers after alot of research and it has lived up to its expectations and more, I mainly purchased for making Soups & Broths which is excellent as it saves so much in the cooking time and retains all the valuable nutrients in the stock. It is so easy to use and I just love all the safety features on this pressure cooker and it is so quiet, I would never be without it and am so glad I purchased the Fissler Brand. German made so quality all the way, the food tastes unbelievable, would never go back to the crock pot, saves so much time & energy. Very happy with this purchase.

Date PurchasedDec 2016

Disappointed with its performance

I purchased this Vitavit Premium 4.5 Ltr Pressure cooker 6months ago paying premium price based on the German built quality, however we didn't expect this will let us down. We are pure vegetarians and cook vegetarian foods in pressure cooker. We had few other Indian brand pressure cookers, pressure build up and cook the food first time, every time when we put on top of the stove. We follow the instruction manual carefully, before we started using this fissler.

From day one, the pressure never build up inside the pressure cooker and the traffic control valve doesn't come up in first time, when we put in the gas stove top and this waste lot of time in cooking(Theory behind the pressure cooker is cook fast and preserve the nutrions).
We close the lid of the pressure cooker after put ingredients and recommend amount of water inside pressure cooker, then we put in the Gas cook top as recommended in instruction manual. After 10 to 15 minutes the steam come out of the handle and pressure valve non stopping even after 20 to 30mins(steam should stop within 5 to 10mins when pressure valves lock) and the pressure indicator never come up, this leads to evaporating all water inside unnecessarily. I had to turn off the gas flame When i see the steam coming out constantly without stopping and the indicator never come up. After that i had to cool it down few seconds(this is already a safety concern), then open the lid, fill water(if water completely evaporated),shake the pressure cooker, then close the lid back and put on top of the stove second time. Second time when we put on top of the stove, after 10 to 15minutes the steam come out and stop within 5 minutes and the pressure valve indicator yellow ring came out, this means the pressure build up and started working correctly. This happens almost everytime when we try to use the pressure cooker, it works only the 2nd time, which take additional time in cooking.

I sent this pressure cooker to fissler Melbourne to test it via the rep and came back saying its not faulty. The rep said they tested the pressure cooker with water 3 times in their Melbourne head office, all the 3 times it worked perfectly in first time. The Fissler Rep told me, there is nothing wrong with the pressure cooker, however since we cook only vegetarian foods, the starch come out when boiling and this starch build up in pressure value, this is the reason the pressure doesn't build up in first time and when i turn off the flame, open the lid and shake the cooker the starch drop from pressure value and works second time.

As per the Rep, the suggestion is, put the ingredients and water in pressure cooker and put on top of the stove without closing the lid(in other words first cook openly), let the water started boiling, then put the lid and close it, it should work.

I am not pleased with the short cut the rep suggested. I told the Rep this is a safety issue, what our hands got burned when we try to put and close the lid while the water is boiling. A pressure cooker should work in first go most of the time when we put on top of the stove after close the lid. A cheap pressure cooker will work in first go and unfortunately this premium brand should never be like using a short cut to make it work for cooking vegetarian foods.

I am totally disappointed and really surprised a reputable German brand made this pressure cooker without consider cooking vegetarian foods. I believe the pressure cooker i bought is faulty, unless its a design fault.

Excellent pressure cooker

I bought a Fissler Vitavit Comfort 8L to replace a Fagor Duo of the same volume. The Fissler performs considerably better than the Fagor duo that we used for years. The base is extremely conductive and as a result, much more energy efficient than our Fagor pressure cooker. I have a gas cooktop and once the Fissler is up to pressure, I can have the smallest burner at minimum flame and it maintains cooking pressure.
The Fissler is also very quiet at pressure - barely audible. I find cooking times are similar or marginally better than our old 8L cooker.
The safety mechanism and steam release is excellent. We regularly prepare herbal soups and the pot is suitable for a family of 4, although if I had the choice again, I'd opt for the 10L version to allow us to cook enough for dinner with plenty of leftovers for the growing boys. It really depends on what you are cooking, as the 8L capacity is not a true capacity. It is recommended that you should only fill it about 2/3 full to maintain optimum functionality.
Highly recommended, despite the steep purchase price.

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A few years on and this unit is still going on strong with weekly usage. No issues at all - recommended.


My mother bought an 8L Fissler in Germany in 1982 and it has been serving her since then without fail. I decided to buy myself one, also an 8L pot when I had moved out. I bought a cheaper brand just to compare it with as well. Cooking dried red kidney beans without soaking them overnight took my Fissler 7 minutes whereas the cheaper one took over 1.5 hours and the beans still weren't cooked. I decided to cook a whole lamb shank and after 18 minutes, the meat fell off the bone. To compare that with the othe pressure cooker, it took over 4 hours to cook the shank with the same results. That was a joke. Then I decided to compare my new Fissler to my mother's old one, and to no surprise, the cooking time ended to be exactly the same. I took my Fissler to my friends house who had a Tefal pressure cooker and my Fissler came out better, cooking dried beans in 7 minutes and my friend taking 40 minutes. I'm so happy to have bought my Fissler on sale. It's worth every dollar that I have spend on it.
Compared to other brands, comes out on top. Reliable, cooks in the least amount of time and comes with instruction manual as well.

Questions & Answers

What is the (empty) weight of the 8L pressure cooker, please?
1 answer
Just came across your question and used mine last night so it was still out on the bench! Without the lid it weighs approx. 2.7kg and with the lid weighs 4.3kg. It is very solidly built!!

Can I use this product on an induction hotplate?
2 answers
Yes, it is suitable for use on induction hotplate.Yes you can. :)


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