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Been going to burwood gym for over 7 years. Use to be good now they have changed it way to small and the equipment is old no new equipment. I also needed a new swope to get in and they charged me 20 dollars. The swipe card i had was over 4 years old and didnt work. Only need the card cause there is no staff there half of the time. There aircon keeps breaking down and the toilet stinks

Absolutely disgusting staff at head office

I have requested my fit n fast membership to be canceled and I have been declined the opportunity to speak to [name removed] on the phone as she advised she only speaks to people via email. Everytime I try to call head office I am told that she is not to speak with me on the phone as she is only able to talk on emails but I have not got a response about my membership being cancelled or any form of confirmation. It seems they will not speak to me as they know who I am and because I escalated an issue from my club to head office involving my account being put on hold due to multiple knee surgeries. More on this below. Basically, if you have an issue, they will kick you to the curb and you will not be able to contact them especially if it is regarding them giving you a refund for being away from the gym despite providing medical certificates. The reason I am trying to cancel is because of how disgustingly I was treated when trying to put my account on hold due to injury and then when I tried following it up, no one would speak with me to resolve the issue.

[name removed] is absolutely rude and disgusting when she speaks to you, if she ever does. She refuses to speak to people on the phone and when I was finally allowed to speak to her once, she hung up on me as she realised I was trying to cancel. She only operates via email, but does not respond to emails and now I have no idea when my account will ever be cancelled.

I tried to call the next day as i still hadn’t heard anything about my membership being cancelled and the lady asked ‘is this Christian?’ And hung up on me straight away. It sounds like as soon as you are trying to cancel they make things extremely difficult and stop answering phone calls and emails.

I had a knee operation and tried placing my membership on hold which took a long time for head office to finally approve, I then had to get another knee operation (both in the space of 4 months) as I had complications from the first one and had to fight to put my account back on hold and get a refund for monies debited when I could clearly not attend a gym when I haven’t been able to walk for 4 months despite providing valid medical certificates.

I have worked at fitness first and usually if someone wants to place their account on hold, it’s a simple process of showing some certificate and it gets placed on hold for as long as you like, this gym has so many hidden fees and rules you are not informed about when you sign up.

This gym is known to do things like this based on reviews and my advise would be to not deal with Head office or this gym in general. If you have problems, I suggest you make a complaint to fair trading as I have and leave it in their hands.

This review is so that others can understand what this gym is like and how head office will treat you if you try and cancel or place your account on hold with a valid certificate.


Typical cautionary tale.

Signed up for a 12 month term, with the lady short signed me up saying that after that period the membership would cease.
Now I mainly went at night due to work hours, so after the set period expired I assumed as I was told the membership would expire and no longer pay (the whole reason I paid more for this set time period)

Fast forward to finding out that after the set contract expired the payments kept going as it just simply renewed to a fortnightly membership.

Typical, do not go to this gym or any that auto.atically withdraws funds from your accounts

Very disappointing...

signed up for a 6 month contract and used direct debit. they take out money from my bank account after my contract has ended. they also charge you and extra $1+ every time their not able to take money out of your bank account. i recommend not going to this gym at all. they charge you $149 if you cancel within 6 months which is absolutely insanely expensive. fit n fast wetherill park lack a lot of machines and equipment. everything is very unhygienic which is very misleading of this gym as they do not live by their so called "Hygienic policy". this gym is absurd, a rip off and a scam. i email them to ask if i'm still within my 6 month contract and i ask for the amount of months left until my contract ends and they will not tell me!!! worst gym i've ever been to with very poor customer service. do yourselves a favour and do not come to this gym.

This gym is awful

I use to like fit n fast when it first opened. But they have changed the equipments to an older machine & they took away most of their equipment so they can fit in a playground for fitness, which i see no point in having, hardly anyone uses it!!

The gym use to be spacious, it’s now so small and squishy!!

The most part that made me disappointed was, i paid for a joining free and a contract for 12 months. I then hurt myself after 2 weeks, I had a disc extrusion which cause me to stop walking altogether, i could not walk or stand and i was home in massive pain. The doctor advised me to not exercise again, and recommended me to have surgery.
I had a disc impingement, i had sciatica on both legs and i thought in one stage that i would end up in a wheel chair.
So i had to be off work for months and months.

The second week of my gym work out my dr wrote a letter to the gym stating about my serious injury, and to cancel my gym membership with no penalty fees or exit fees.

The gym declined and charged me a fee, even though they clearly understood the situation i was in!!! They knew i wasn’t able to work out again!!!!! But they had the audacity to charge a person with a disability.

So yes i use to be an ongoing client previously, i would cancel then go back and forth.. probably 2-3 times previously but after what had happened, they obviously didnt care about their clients in that regard. All they care about is overcharging their clients!!!!!!

I had trouble with cancellations before that period as well. Why do i keep going back!? Never again, i have learnt my lesson now.

Please do yourself a favour and don’t join this gym.


Small boutique gym in South Yarra. It's ok but not many group classes until you want to pay more .

They won’t let me use my membership

I was not allowed to use my membership cause it under my mums name. I’m still paying for it I’m allowed in everytime.

Purchased a 3 week trial and they only honoured 2 and a half weeks Fit N Fast Liverpool St Sydney

I purchased a 3 week pass for Fit N Fast on Groupon. I attended the Liverpool street gym and after 2 and a half weeks I was told that I could not enter the gym with out signing up to a membership. I tried to explain that there was still a few days left before the 3 weeks and I had paid for a 3 week trial. The staff member refused to honour the final few days that I had paid for and insisted that I become a member.

I would not recommend this gym, because if they are difficult to deal with and lie so they can rip me off about a 3 week pass. What are they going to rip me off and lie about when it comes to memberships.

Gyms seem to have a bad wrap when it comes to memberships and getting as much money as they can. The equipment and programs are not good enough at Fit N Fast Liverpool st to put up with unscrupulous behaviour of the staff. There are plenty of gyms in Sydney don't go to this one.

Fit n Fast Cheltenham (VIC) Southland Westfield - Scammers!! Beware!

I have joined Fit n Fast (Cheltenham) on 30th July 2018. On 26th July, I went to the gym to inquire about the membership and the receptionist (a tall guy) said that that 2 weeks free offer going on for their basic membership plan, ie; the $9.95/PER week and this offer will be available only till the end of July. I said I will think about it and will let him know soon. On Friday, the 27th of July, I returned to the gym to sign up and to avail this discount. But then that person told me that he was wrong and the offer is only available for the higher packages and not the basic package. I felt there is something fishy about it so did not join the gym. Once reached home, I searched online and found that I can get 2 weeks free gym pass (fit n fast Cheltenham) for just $12 from Groupon. So I have purchased it. I had to activate this gym pass on or before 6 August 2018.

On Monday morning (30 July), I have got a call from the same person (the tall guy). Since I did not pick the call, he left me a voice message indicating that he spoke with his manager and his manager agreed that he can give me 2 weeks free if I join the BASIC membership on the same day (30 July). So I went to the gym and met him. I informed him that I have purchased 2 weeks gym pass from Groupon and if he is ready to give me 2 weeks additional (as indicated in the voicemail) I will sign-up right away. He went to consult with his manager. He told me that he can give me 4 weeks off (2 weeks as per his offer+2 weeks because I have purchased Groupon). I have agreed to that plan and signed up. I also asked him money per automatic debit and the date of first automatic debit and he said that it will be 19.95 for 2 weeks in advance and the first debit will be in the first week of September 2018 (because first 4 weeks are free). When I asked him to confirm me the accurate date, he said he is not sure but I will be getting an email before the due which will include the the date of upcoming debit date.

On the 3rd of August 2018, these people have taken money from my account! I was not even aware of it. During those days, I had a chance to read the reviews of this gym online and found that this gym is known for scamming. Having realized this, I have moved all the funds to another bank account so that they will not be able to take the money before September 2018. On the 17th of August, they have tried taking the money from my account again (using a third party named Eazypay) but the payment was dishonored because I have moved the funds to another account. As you all know, this might have affected my credit score. I have also got an email from Eazypay indicating that the payment was dishonored and they will try to debit the amount again on 20th August.

I call the gym to inform the misdeeds they have committed and to stop the automatic debit and to get the full refund including the joining fee ($85). They said it was a mistake by the guy who signed me up and I need to wait till the end of the day (20 Aug) to get more clarifications. I told them that in the meantime Eazypay will try to debit the money again and since I am not keeping funds in that account, it will be dishonoured and it will affect my credit score even more. They said they can't do anything about it!!! The person who picked the call kept on saying that she can't do anything then I I asked her to forward the call to someone who has the capacity to make decisions. She said that none is available at that moment and people will be available only by 1 PM. I said an automatic debit will be attempted again by that time and she was kept telling me that she can't do anything about it!!!

Then I called up the Sydney office. The person who picked the call took the details from me and asked me why I did not keep enough money in my account!!! seriously???!!! This means she wanted me to keep the money in my account so that they can take it whenever they want. I said the person who signed me up gave me the wrong info and he is responsible for all these. Also asked her why did they try to take money from my account in August? She was not answering that question and was keep telling me that she will get back to me by noon. Because I asked this question, again and again, she hung up the call.

Verdict...... Consider joining other gyms. Overall, the reviews show that Fit n Fast in general tricks people (you may read other reviews in product review). Particularly, if you are in Cheltenham, do not even think of joining this gym because they will trick you n make you sign up on the first day itself. They will tell you 2 or 4 weeks free but you will be in trouble later. Think about a situation that they are tricking 300 people a month - they easily get $25500 (85 per person membership). Do not join this gym, especially if you are living in the Cheltenham area. I am not sure whether I am going to get the full refund including the membership fee but let's see. To file a complaint with VCAT we have to pay then $60 so I am still thinking. If you are in the Cheltenham area, Anytime Fitness would be a good choice.

Amazing Customer Service

Fit n Fast Penrith are providing excellent Customer Service, constantly being polite and understanding.

They are also very willing and happy to help you in any circumstance.

Good gym, staff and great value

Wow. I was just browsing opening times and I spotted the very harsh rating of fit n fast. As a pretty happy customer I feel it’s only fair to leave a review. Unfortunately we generally don’t leave reviews until we’ve feel slighted.

Anyway. I’ve been with them for nearly two years and mostly frequent the Sydney and five dock venues. I’ve been pretty happy with the gyms, equipment is plentiful, seems uptodate and I rarely wait to use anything. Admittedly I try to avoid morning and lunch rush, preferring evenings. Westfield Sydney would be my favourite venue, I just prefer the boutique feel of it. I mostly use free weights, as should anyone anyway.

The staff I’ve always found receptive and friendly in the venue and online. I’ve challenged them on a few things in the past and felt satisfied with the outcomes. Finally I think the pricing is pretty reasonable and was pretty transparent I think if you read the terms etc.

Of course I haven’t included the QMax nor Yogabar in this review since I’m not sure if they should be reviewed independently on the site? Otherwise, I’d simply say the offers to combine all three are simply incredible value! There’s is simply nothing else on the market that compares to yogabar so when you mix all three it’s just a mind boggling deal.

The main improvements I’d really, really like to see are 1. More venues, especially one in Balmain NSW! 2. More 24h gyms or at least longer hours.

Anyway, I hope other happy members remember to leave a review sometime. I know they exist cause I see them every week!

Never agree to allow them to take automatic withdrawals from your account!!!

Never agree to allow them to take automatic withdrawals from your account!!! They will continue withdrawing your money, illegally, without your authorization AFTER the contract expires.
I emailed them few times to request in writing to cancel the membership, I saw them in person regarding cancellation of my membership, nothing! They simply ignore me by not answering my emails and basically brushing me off and continue withdrawing my money!
The only way to make this people be responsible for their illegal activities, is to complain to ACCC and the Industry Regulator to request to cancel their licence !

You're a membership, not a member to them

Just more of the same from another classic gym franchise. Their your best mate until you sign the dotted line then will take you to the cleaner for every cent. Even after asking what options I had as I moved to an area without a Fit-n-Fast I was told of the large breakout fee. I mentioned I would prefer to end my membership as soon as the penalty period was over, low and behold still taking money out of my account even after the contract ended. So not only had I asked them to cancel me once my term was over, they just plum forgot to expire it. Emailed the manager again, asked to cancel, instead she sends me a bunch of deals and information about how to sign up again or keep my business. I asked to please cancel my membership, still they had to take another final stab by making me pay for the entire billing period as they had already taken out the weeks fee instead of effective immediately even though I never asked to be signed up after my membership ended. I had explained my situation many times, they just don't care. Your not a member, you're a membership to them.

Seriously, if you want to be healthy and fit go for 30 minutes of exercise (walking) 3-5 a week and reduce your sugar intake to around 30g max. Check out Dr. Lustig's talk on Sugar and fat. Only use a gym if you have a pressing need (rehab, bodybuilding), don't let it become your "new years resolution" as you might as well just burn $500-1000 and be done with the guilt.

Update: It's good to see a few shill posts on here from the gym staff/owners.



Very disappointing joined my son up who was back in Aus for 2 months. Fair enough they charged us double per week because we couldn’t commit for 6 months but then they charged a joining fee for $80!!! Standard annual joining fee for gyms these days $99 or more often free!! What a rip off!!! Blood boiling right now!!!

They ask you to join under false pretences, Machines are old and break regularly

Joined the Southland branch with a friend. Was told that we could cancel anytime as we were paying a $75 joining fee. (Similar to internet companies. You pay a fee in order to have the luxury to cancel). Anyway, after being told we could cancel, we signed up, paid the fee and proceeded to use the gym. After 2/3 weeks, the running machines kept coming up with "error" whilst using them, so we used another machine, then another, then another and ALL of them either had an "error" or "bad motor" message come up on the screen. To give you an idea on their machines, if you were yo buy them, they would probably cost you $150. They are dated and old. Very poor. So we decided to cancel our membership and join anytime fitness in Dingley (great gym by the way, and machines are brand new, never break etc). So we contacted Manuella via email (head office) asking to cancel. Her exact words were "anything that has been said verbally to you doesn't matter, you accepted our terms and conditions". Asked her to escalate it to someone else and Natalie Flynn has come on the scene. She has advised me to contact trading standards with a complaint which Ive already done. This is all because they want me to either see out the remaining term of the supposed "agreement" (which would be another $150) or they want me to pay $150 to cancel. THIS GYM IS SO STRAPPED FOR CASH THEY ARE FIGHTING FOR $150). I have advised that I am going to pursue my joining fee back, any payments made plus loss of earnings for the week i have had to go back and forth with them on this issue. I have explained that I was unable to use the facilities at the gym and also explained what me and a friend were BOTH told on the day, that we could cancel anytime. I have asked for a signed agreement, which they are unable to provide (as I didn't sign anything). So now, I go full force and make sure that they do not receive their measly $150 and it will cost them a lot more. You cant lie to someone, provide rubbish equipment, then charge them for it!!!

Good gym, terrible manager

I love this gym and all of the staff members are so friendly, except your manager! Not sure why she fails to say hello or smile, not exactly friendly or good customer service! She makes you feel extremely unwelcome. The gym would be 5 stars without her!

Do Not Join This Gym!!!

WOW.. The worst and most unprofessionally run gym in Australia goes to Fit n Fast Gyms

I don't usually do stuff like this but the service has been that pathetic I don't want any of my friends joining them EVER!!!

I saw a sale for $9.95 per week. It just involves the gym. No classes but thats okay. You get what you pay for :)

I rang them in Southland this morning. About 8 rings in and they hang up on me. Maybe they are busy or maybe it was a mistake so I gave it a few minutes and called back

A few rings and they answer. I hear them pick up the phone and the person says to their work mate " This person keeps on bloody ringing, nightmare Just hang up" then they hang up on me (so unprofessional it's not even funny)

Bare in mind I have only tried calling once and the first time they hung up on me.

I rang a 3rd time to get a lady who answered the phone who didn't sound professional at all. I told her what happened and it wasn't professional and instead of apologising she said someone keeps ringing them and it was annoying plus she said there was a problem with their phones or something...

I told her I am keen to use the gym for $9.95 but don't want to pay the $75 Joining free as it states it comes with 2 personal training sessions. I don't need the personal training sessions (I would be trained by someone who has no clue no doubt ) and also the joining fee is a crap way of the gym getting more money from you. Brilliant MARKETING tactic.

It's to put your information into a computer that takes 2 minutes. Some gyms actually charge you $150 to join and guess what, it's there way to make money.

They lower the weekly price to lets just say $14.99 so it sounds like you're getting a great deal. But when you pay the $150 Joining Fee ( takes 2 minutes on a computer )

$150 divide by 6 months = $25 per month
$25 per month divide by 4 weeks = $6.25 per week

$14.99 + $6.26 = $21.24 per week

See where I am going with this? It's a sneaky and unethical tactic.

She told me all gyms in Australia charge a joining fee. I said this was incorrect. Gyms have specials on all the time and some months one of the marketing campaigns is join now, no joining fee, SAVE $150 for an example.

So by gyms doing special promotions about the no joining fee, it's 100% clear it's a marketing way for the gym to get more money. It's like companies that charge you for shipping for a product or give you free shipping. This is also a marketing tactic. If it's free shipping they usually put the price up $5 more and than say free shipping. Works out to be exactly the same.

She told me to ring head office which I did and that lady had no idea either. I said I am happy to join the gym for 6-12 months and would pay today but don't want to pay the joining fee as I don't want the personal training sessions.

She told me I had too and it comes with 2 personal training sessions! I told her I didn't want the sessions as I use to be a personal trainer so if I didn't want them, what is the joining fee?

She told me the joining fee gives me access to the gym. I said, yes but what is the joining free actually for???

She put me on hold for 2 minutes and came back on the phone and had no clue. She just kept saying I had to pay it and I kept saying what's it for as I don't want the personal training sessions?? She couldn't give me a good reason or any reason for that matter what it was for except for " you had to pay it just because "

Yes!! that's all the joining fee is. Gyms are in competition with one another so from a marketing point of view, they lower their weekly price but then charge you a fake joining fee which means you're really paying full price anyway. Sneaky and unethical!

So by the rude service at Southland plus a lady who couldn't run a business if she tried at head office, I will defiantly not be joining your pathetic gym.

$9.95 per week x 52 weeks ( 1 year ) = $517.40

I would have also signed up my girlfriend which would be another $517.40

Total of $1,034,80

You can kiss that goodbye over a $75 fake Joining fee.

Seriously, learn how to do business

Also If I loved the gym I probably would have spoken about it to friends and could have 2 mates join me to do weights 1-2 times per week for 30 minutes. Maybe another $1,034,80 for the gym you missed out on.

Thats over $2,000 and guess what, if my friends told their friends that $2,000 can grow into $20,000 because thats what word of mouth is.

If gyms want to make more money maybe you should charge your normal weekly price without lying or using any unethical tactics. Make your customers have an amazing time at the gym so people are EXCITED about coming to the gym.

The people at front desk are all happy and engaging to customers. The personal trainers are well trained, professional and outgoing making people feeling comfortable being in the gym whether they are fit or overweight.

If the gym is run professionally and correctly, word of mouth will spread and you will get 10 x more people coming into your doors.

You can then add extra special classes that customers pay more money. Maybe a pregnancy class for mothers. Maybe something for injuries, a stretching class, remedial massage therapists, Supplements for energy and muscle growth, cafes, someone who does protein shakes and protein meals so you can get your fix after the gym. Not charging a stupid price for a drink of lets just say $8. It may cost you to make the protein shake about $1.20 so charge your customers maybe $5. If it's good value 50x more people will buy it. You don't have to be smart to work out how much money you can make from 1 small thing.

You can think of over 1000 ways to make money at the gym. You don't have to be unethical and unprofessional.

I wouldn't even join this gym now if they gave it to me free for 12 months.

UPDATE: 2 hours later I got a phone call back from the gym in cheltenham southland asking me when I was coming in and all i said to them on the phone was " I have changed my mind, I've experience really bad customer service" and instead of asking me what happened or what they could have done better or what they could have done to make me join all they said was " OK BYE" and hung up the phone.

This is pathetic. I wish I could speak to the owner because this gym won't last for another 12 months.


I have been a member for quite about 6 months and unfortunately a medical reason has stopped me from being able from using the gyms facilities. I provided my medical certificate saying I am unfit and they say that I have to pay a cancellation fee! The “customer care” representative that I was dealing with would not escalate my case to anyone. Instead, she would not reply to any of my emails. They continued to charge me. I have had to go to the office of fair trading as this is not fair and urge everyone not to sign up with this gym!

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Thank you for your feedback and we are sorry to hear you had a negative experience at our Club. Please reach out to us at quickassist@fitnfast.com.au with your contact details and we will pass your information to our senior management team, so our GM can get in touch with you directly, Thanks, Team Fit n Fast

Discrimination against the intellectually disabled.

My daughter who has an intellectual disability is doing a course with a registered organisation. Fitness is a part of this course and they enrolled the students at Fit n Fast Southland Victoria. Unfortunately my daughter did not enjoy the fitness classes and wanted to stop. Fit n Fast were advised that they wanted to cancel the membership for my daughter. Fit n Fast have refused to cancel the membership unless medical documentation is provided as to the mental capabilities of my daughter. Totally unnecessary as she was enrolled through a registered organisation for clients with intellectual disabilities. Beware of signing a membership with this crowd.

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Thank you for your feedback and we are sorry to hear you had a negative experience at our Club. Please reach out to us at quickassist@fitnfast.com.au with your full name and contact details and we will pass your information to our senior management team, so our GM can get in touch with you directly, Thanks, Team Fit n Fast

MUST READ before signing up!!

Hey all, let me start by saying that I have never written a review about a bad product or service that I ve gotten in the past, I simply would just move on but this time I have to say something. By the way, I am one of the first foundation members of the gym and this would be my 8th year at the place so I have seen a lot there but what happened to me recently at this liverpool club was appalling..

So I went in on Monday afternoon to start my week of training at the gym (not a bad gym by the way) as i would normally do, but this time just to find out that head office had issued me a letter saying that they have terminated my membership because apparently I did not 'put weights back'..

Shocked and upset, i went to see the manager about it and she said it was out of her control that head office had made that decision, I asked to view footage of me not putting weights back but was refused and was told to ring head office about it, So I did the following day, and apparently the manager wasn't in so I was told again, to send an email, so I sent a message to discuss their decision about the termination of my membership and it has now been over 2 days, still no reply..

I really don't know why the some of the team at fitnfast are bullying and targeting me.. never even had an argument let alone misbehavior with anyone there.. and I have been there for almost 8 years and they have only started noticing that I don't put my weights back? If in that case, they should also barr half of the members there from the club. I honestly treat that place like home and have many people there who will support my statement.. Also, i even help trainers put back stray weights on the rack sometimes. So sad to see that this is how they treat a loyal on time paying customer who has given them continous support from the very beginning..
Very disappointed..

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Hi, we understand that you received communication from our team at Head Office regarding the termination of your membership. All communication can be forwarded to the address or email details on the letter we sent to you. Regards, Team Fit n Fast

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What is the cost to transfer your membership? Thank you :)
No answers

Did anyone else lose yoga / Pilates access when they changed the five dock club? I was told because I was an existing member that I would be able to upgrade for an extra $5. Now I'm being told this is not the case and they want me to pay an extra $12 a week. Also the customer service manager at head office is very rude and unprofessional. I wish I'd stayed with fitness first
2 answers
Yes I agree, the only reason I joined Five Dock was for the Pilates and Yoga. Now they want to increase my membership to cover the once included classes! How is it not breach of contract if the club changes its mind, but most certainly as a member we would not be allowed to pull out if we changed our mind! Also when I asked on numerous occasions, the staff were not helpful or interested.Yes me too! Very disappointing and now they won't even give me a trial yoga class for free as they do many other yoga studios.

How can I check and see the amount they charge me from my bank?
8 answers
Hi Sarah, If you jump on their website and select your local club, you can then identify what their packages/charges are. Even better, I just went inside the gym prior to signing up and asked all of the questions. I am sure they will explain all of their fees and charges for you then. My membership allows me to bring a friend to train with me for free!! All the best.Through your bank statements or if you have access to online banking. It either appears as "ezypay chatswood" or "ezypay Singapore".You can check your bank statements. It states Ezypay Chatswood or Singapore. If you cancel your contract make sure you get everything in writing and not over the phone then keep a record of everything.

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