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Misleading About Contracts

Signed up for a 3 month contract (a product they offered) and communicated at sign up that 3 months was all I wanted. Company continued to debit me past the 3 months, then when I phoned to inquire why they advised I needed to give 1 months notice if I wanted to cancel. So they debited another two fortnights payments after the membership had already gone a fortnight over what I signed up for. Selling a 3 month membership that is actually secretly an unlimited membership is misleading and surely against Australian Consumer Law. They couldn't have cared less, just wanted the money and refused to honor the 3 month contract commitment I had made.

Awesome facilities & service

I have been going to FF Maroubra for the last 9 years and am very happy with the facilities & service. Staff are very helpful and the PT's are also fantastic. The gym has improved its facilities with an equipment refresh in the last 12 months. Regular members are friendly and helpful. What let's the gym down is some of the members who don't follow the gym rules by putting equipment away when they are finished and not cleaning up after themselves.

Poor service(Glen Waverley - Syndal branch)

Staff are very rude, and not acting in a professional manner. During a conversation with a staff member about a deal that I purchased today, she asked me to leave the building immediately. She twisted the story and said that I criticised her colleague and therefore I should leave the building. I didn't even raise my voice, i was trying to convey my point across, but she was very impatient and manipulative.. i lost the deal, but nevertheless the experience that I had was unbelievable.......

Would not let you quit and continuously charge you monthly fee and threaten to charge more if not pa

Try to end membership months ahead, but the staff never processed it. Took it up with the management end up with 1 more month to pay and threaten to add additional charges weekly if balance is not paid. This is totally over the top and certainly against australian consumer law.

Ripped off at Fitness First Park st (Sydney)

I had visited Park St Fitness First in Sydney, and informed them that I casually visit several FF gyms around Sydney from time to time. I only requested to attend a cardio class that had a duration of 45mins. They charged me $28 for a 45min class. When I debated with them regarding the extorted inflated price, they made excuses that they do not provide any concessions to students or casual visitors, and that all their gyms are priced the same. Unfortunately that is untrue and a complete LIE. I had visited the Fitness First gym at Parramatta last week and a 45 min class was only $20. I will be lodging a complaint. They extort to force you to pay the ultimate price to stay at the gym for the day and use all their facilities even if you are only wanting to attend 1 class. That is straight manipulation of their product and services to the clientele.

February 3rd 2019 Update: Account management defrauding new customers

The account management rips off customers. I had temporarily signed up and had a cooling off period for 2 weeks, but during this time they started direct debiting me. This is defrauding the customer after making them the promise that nothing will happen until after the 2 weeks. The consultant had even placed in notes that the cooling off period was to end on a specific date - which was actually 1 week AFTER I was debited. I suspect they continue to debit customers despite the cooling off clause in the hopes of the customer not noticing. I find ripping customers off as such as a big NO GO.

February 24th 2019 Update: Account management defrauding new customers

I had signed up for a trial period and had a cooling off period for 2 weeks, but during this time they started direct debiting me. This is defrauding the customer after making them the promise that nothing will happen until after the 2 weeks. The consultant had even placed in notes that the cooling off period was to end on a specific date - which in the end was actually 1 week after the direct debiting had commenced. When I rung FF to enquire about the direct debiting, the initial consultant advised me that no debiting had occurred yet I was referring off my bank statement. The consultant then advised that a refund had been put in. This did not seem correct. I rung again to speak to the original consultant who had signed me up. The consultant had confirmed that I was indeed charged during the cooling off period - and confirmed that 'this error occurs quite frequently'. They also confirmed that the supposed refund the other consultant had mentioned was in fact another new charge (not refund) that was indeeding to be charged to my account. Upon hearing this information, I was quite shocked to learn that the FF accounts team were in the habit of charging customers during their cooling off period, and that if I hadn't raised alarm bells, they would have continued to charge me. It is stated in the conditions that during the cooling off period, customers are not required to meet membership payment, and will not be charged, so how then have FF breached this condition with customers? Unfortunately this experience has left me feeling a bit dubious of FF's integrity concerning account payments.

Value for Money

Rubbish all round

Just want your $$$$ & the people at customer service are hopeless. machines are not great. Rude staff & not helpful

Condescending, lazy and incompetent staff from Shelly Street centre and Market Street centre, Sydney

I am a member of Sydney Bond Street gym (Platinum but not a 24/7 gym) and tried to activate 24/7 access at Shelly Street and Market Street. Upon arriving at Shelly Street 24/7 after work 5:30 pm on 21 December the lady at counter clearly just wanted to get out (she finishes at 6pm) and blatantly refused to help, in a very condescending way challenged why I didn't come earlier during the day or use a 24/7 gym as home gym. Then I was asked to go to another gym on market street for 24/7 access. At market street gym the staff again refused to help, asked why I didn't join market street gym as home gym and told me to come back next Monday 24 December 2:30 pm.

When I came back to market street gym 2:30 pm the staff again refused to help and ask me to come back at 3pm. Then at 3pm, after $25 "upgrade" fee and issuing a new card they claimed I should be able to access any 24/7 gym after hours.

Coming next day and surprise the card doesn't work! Here I am getting turned away 3 times over 4 days, treated poorly, $25 additional fee out of pocket and still can't access the gym! Terrible service and incompetent staff!

@FitnessFirst @Rockdale

Swimming pool has a lot of dirty, smelly.. bathrooms are never hygienic and the sauna stinks and full of hair on the floor.

Disgusting gym!

Top Ryde Platinum Fitness First, terrible management

They call it Platinum! Out of order machines for long time, nobody care. But my concern is specifically for its swimming classes. Last year we had lots of cancelled sessions in winter, because of heater issue, and same happened this year, %40 cancelled sessions in term 3 is great! Then in newsletter they mentioned we had another successful term!! Painful part is for covering cancelled sessions they're offering makeup session or refund. The makeup sessions were very limited and unsuitable for busy parents, so I moved to refund. In middle of this process they had new club manager. After that he changed the refund process, I sent lots of emails, talked to people, after long time finally he refunded for one session, but still they have to return my money for another session for both of my children. Finally he mentioned based on our refund policy, we don't have refund any more!!! So rude, irresponsible.
Also the swimming shower rooms are out of order for couples of weeks...
I'vd talked to some of students' parent, they will not enroll here anymore, as the same as me.

Rockdale NSW - Hope someone from head office management reads this

The level of cleanliness is terrible. Swimming pool has a lot of dirt (black and some white pieces of something) at the bottom and mixed in the water. The roof above the swimming pool is rusted, feels like it may fall down one day. Cockroaches in the sauna which appears as never cleaned. Many lockers in male change room are broken. Shower gel dispensers are broken and empty second weekend in a row. (Update: 7 April 2019)

Value for Money
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Shady “Financial First”

On the day of signing I was just told there was a two week cool off and no clear mention of fees or needing to pay off the rest of a contract if I want to terminate after that period. At Virgin Active they have a much clearer sit down and explaination. In fact at FF I wasn’t even aware that they put a 12 month contract in front of me to sign... it’s SO shady as they have this little digital device that zooms in only into the LITTLE BOX of the contract’s signing area, so you don’t really even get to READ the contract.

This is terrible and biased UI/UX design.

You just get handed a small leaflet that’s supposedly is meant to explain the details. Only when I want to quit have I tried to find the real information. The process to cancel membership is archaic and meant to be hard to understand and navigate on purpose. TERRIBLE service and dishonest in this day and age. Taking my money elsewhere.

Read before you sign and don’t trust what they say in front of you. Just don’t sign and support local people owned gyms - not a huge corporation that finds that screwing people over is worth it for a substantial “return on investment”.

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*update* after a call with a lady who suggested to me to sell my membership on gumtree... which is weird to say the least, I decided to read up on the T&Cs a bit more, especially about the condition of relocation to i think further than 20km than the nearest FF - you may cancel. Since my work lately has been mostly inconsistent and remote working online, in various locations, I was able to negotiate to a kind young man to my 'unique' circumstance, and allow me to cancel with $150.50 fee. This meant I just needed to show proof of relocation, so I just went and updated my drivers license to my new address and sent it along. Hope this helps.

Unprofessional management

I've been a member of Fitness first for 16 years. Iv'e attended different locations over time and feel I am well positioned to make objective comment. I'm a member of other gyms too (as people often are)...this gives one a comparative viewpoint.
Universally, Fitness First management is not professional. By that I mean in the commonly used sense that professionals are aware of their impact on others, assist and promote their profession and remain abreast of latest developments. Professionals display Accuracy, Completeness, and Reliability.
There are signs in the gyms that tell members to do things like wear appropriate footware. Compulsorily use a towel. Don't leave equipment in a dirty state. Put weights in their racks after use. These are all just commonsense requirements, yet Fitness First management don't insist upon them. As a result, Fitness First gyms often have fresh dirty sweat on equipment. Many members don't bother about using a towel..because they're not encouraged by management staff to follow the rules, and not offered a hire towel so as to be able to continue training. Weights are all over the place and members aren't jolted into behaving, so why would they bother to put them back?
With all this lack of professionalism, members just do as they wish with little regard for each other.
Fitness First has a lot of improving to do. It's universally a SHOCKER!!!!

Awesome Gyms

Sutherland shire gyms are awesome. Very friendly staff, clean gym, great crèches.
Classes and instructors are very good and most members are very friendly too

Personal Trainers are rude and think they own the place

There wouldn't be too many gyms where personal trainers can get away with swearing at customers and having physical confrontations with customers. What would be intolerable at other gyms is accepted practice at FF St Leonards. The personal trainers act like they own the gym. They order other people around and give them grief if they dare used the 'good equipment'.
I found out that the personal trainers at Fitness First aren't employees, They have to pay lots of money to buy a franchise and pay lots of money for rent - just to be there. They actually have no authority to order other people to do anything, but Fitness First would lose money if they banned them for their bad behaviour. (and we know FF loves money more than customers).
The personal trainers are incentivised to get clients to pay for more sessions rather than to help them achieve their weight loss or muscle gain goals.
If you are new to the gym, don't sign up for personal training until you meet a few people at the gym and ask them to tell you which personal trainers get results and which one don't.

They know how to take money out of your pocket

- so expensive
- if u work in CBD you have to go with platinum membership because all branches in CBD are platinum even they are not better than the normal branches. They charge you more because you don’t have other option.
- you can freeze your membership just for one month per year so if you don’t go to the gym for more than one month you have to pay for being a member
- 28 days cancelation notice period! Are you kidding me?! You have to pay one more month since when you cancel your membership
- you can join in any branch but for canceling you need to call them!

Waste of time

Staff tells people you cant lift heavy weights as you’re intimidating the old ladies. What an absolute joke of a gym, Ive seen staff smoking outside how does the reception staff/owner even work here. Do they even work out? All they care about is marketing classes how about the strength equipment? They dont even have a proper platform/bumper plates plus lacking equipment the other fitness first have. Don’t waste your time here if you’re serious about training.

Swimming pool available only tonight, weak cycling group exercises

If you work in the evening and want to visit swimming pool during the day just forget. It’s all occupied kids classes until 7 or 6 pm. Cycling classes are very weak, trainers don’t show most of productive exercises (I visited cycling classes in other fitness center and can compare).

Was once a fan! Not anymore

It’s a shame what’s happened to my local fitness first gym FF Brighton. I have been a customer for 10 years and I have slowly seen the quality of the gym go down hill significantly! The gym now closes early, equipment has been broken for a long while. I find the manager there to be so dismissive and disrespectful. Where did all the friendly people go?! One of my sisters complaints got around the gym like hot gossip which I find so unprofessional. Finally looking to leave.

Be Sure before you sign up!!!

It's a good gym, can't fault them for their facilities but you need to be sure before you sign up. are you planning on moving, do you have a FF nearby, are your personal circumstances going to change? if there's anything that will make going to the gym impossible you need to think about this before hand. If you sign a contract agreement they will not break it unless you transfer your membership to someone else which is not an easy sale. I could not afford 2 gym memberships so had to use gumtree to sell my membership which took a while to do and also had to practically bribe the person that bought my membership. The staff at the club in question club cannot be faulted, they're all lovely people and a good bunch of trainers at Barangeroo but buyer beware. Fitness First is more accurately described as money first. If you're going to sign up, be sure any live changes will not effect your ability to get to the gym; it'll cost you!

Brighton East Fitness first do not care for their gym members

Fitness first Brighton management do not care or listen to the opinions of their members. They have abruptly dismissed the best Yoga teacher they ever had and left many of their loyal customers in limbo.
Do not join Brighton Fitness First as to them you just a number that brings them money.
As told by their manager, "business first, and customer opinions don't matter"

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