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Poor Service

Went into Mt Gravatt shop looking for a single stack gym equipment. the sales guy did not even bother to come an offer any assistance (the shop was empty - no other customer around). liked the Body Solid Fusion 600 - a $3700 product. went back home did some research on the 600 and decided to go ahead with it. Google'd for local distributors in Brisbane - short listed Fitness Market and Elite Fitness. called FM and was advised that they would get back to me once they have spoken to their supplier (told to expect a call early the following week). Not having heard back from them the following week, called them again and got the same reply. Its been almost three weeks till date not heard back at all. Not having heard from them the following week, called Elite Fitness who got back right away advising no Fusion 600 in stock but invited me to have a look at few other products.

End result - bought an Inspire M3 albeit a slightly expensive ($4300) to Fusion 600 nevertheless kudos to the Sales rep who although not being able to supply the Fusion 600 still offered to understand the requirement, introduced other products and managed to close the deal with us. At the end of the day one product may or may not necessarily be alike in every sense but the fact the Sales rep took that extra step to call us in, show us other products and close the deal is what it matters. As buyers, we all crave for good service and in a relatively tough retail sector its not as much as the end product but the service provided that is equally important. I would not have gone to Elite had Fitness Market even bothered to get back and shown me what else they have on the floor. Not doing so - lost them a client and circa $4500 that I ended up spending on the equipment and extras.

I am giving them ONE Star only because the 'product review' will not let me get ahead without giving any rating.

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Dear Amit (yes, we do have a record of your name and details as our staff did speak to you in the store), We are sorry to hear that you had a poor experience at the Fitness Market Mt Gravatt store. We really do strive to give all our customers a positive experience. It is unfortunate that you encountered a rare negative experience in one of our stores. I have spoken to the _several_ staff that served you on the phone initially and then in store. As you know, I have also spoken to you today with a follow-up personal phone call to apologise for the sequence of events that played out that prevented a positive customer experience. In summary, the Mt Gravatt store manager was away sick for several days following your visit and the casual Sales staff that served you (over the phone and in store on the weekend) did not call you back after several days of regular communication with you (Saturday, Sunday and Monday). We are always keen to make a sale, and am surprised that this happened to you. We will learn from this experience and ensure all our customers enjoy a positive shopping experience at Fitness Market. Regards, Fitness Market management

friendly helpful staff

the staff in the 3 stores ive been too are all very knowledgable and very nice. i learnt a lot about training and supplements from these guys. thanks
cheap sales. staff. range.

fantastic range!

I have been able to make several purchases quickly and easily not only online but in their store. Their helpful and knowledgeable staff gave me great advice a few months ago when i first entered their store when i knew little about protein products. They picked the right protein product for me and i expected to pay top dollar as i was purchasing at a retail store. However to my surprise, their retail prices were competitive with other online ones advertised by bigger supplement chains. thanks heaps fitness market!
great price, knowledge and staff

Prompt Service and Quality Equipment

After choosing a multi-gym from Fitness Market - I'm quite happy to see it still functioning smoothly and trouble free. The treadmill and cross trainer I bought also have had no problems.

Perfect Service. Perfect Prices

Fitness Market's service, communication and production range is one that rivals some of the giant Supplement companies. Their range of products have made it easy for me to make a number of selections and their reliable and quick delivery system has it made it more than convenient to get the supplements that I want straight to my door. A highly reccomended store with great prices, awesome customer service and fantastic product range.
A reliable trustworthy store with prices that wont blow out your budget

A Lot To Offer

For someone who knew what they wanted to achieve, but didn't know the best products to buy, Fitness Market was a great option. helpful staff who didn't go the hard sell and a great range of products.
Great Range, Product Knowledge of Staff

Really is a Fitness market

The best store for all my fitness needs from getting my new exercise bike, to all my supplement needs where ever i am, quick delivery of my sups if i'm up north and helpful advise if back home.
Cheap, quick delivery, a wide range of brands and quality. Helpful advise

Bad experience

First time I have used this company..and never again! No communication and outdated product! Order placed for protein powder on 3/10 and not received until 14/10. I had to chase twice to find out where my order was at. When I( finally received the product...the product was due to expire on 31/10/11 (less than 2 weeks expiry left on the new product)!! Short expiry was part of the deal!!

Outdated poduct & excessively long expiry date

We have resolved this issue privately with KMG01. At Fitness Market, we take every customer experience personally. Fitness Market Management.Happy that I have received a response from Fitness Market, and have accepted a full refund for my order. KMG01

Poor communication

Ordered a treadmill with the Newmarket branch. The clerk was able to match the price of a competitor and put the treadmill on order. Was told that I would be phoned and emailed a consignment number before dispatch of treadmill. No one called and no email was sent with the consignment number. Had to chase up parcel with courier due to missed delivery.
Was able to match the price of competitor
Poor communication

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Hi Scooter, Sorry to hear that you had a poor experience. We really try hard to ensure you are happy with our service. Our system automatically emails your dispatch notice and consignment number. Couriers arrange their own delivery schedule. What was your order#? What is your email address as the one on file may not have reached you? Fitness Market Management


They price matched when more expensive than competitors and I got a free shaker & diet advice. I recommend this retailer.
Helpful honest and knowledgeable staff. Freight costs were mildly more expensive than others but included insurance on my goods that other stores (using aust post) did not.
nothing yet


have found fitness market great to deal with so far. really happy with the free mags and samples that get thrown in with my orders.
always get free gear sent with my order. usually quick delivery too.
nothing yet


Good phone support and knowledgeable staff. I am happy with their service. I would recommend them if you are looking for fitness equipment.
Friendly phone staff that knew about the treadmill I was interested and got me a great price. I would recommend this store to anyone looking at buying a treadmill.
The person I spoke to on the phone gave me a lot of detail about the treadmill. I was overwhelmed - good info though.


Ordered a 75g tub of Taurine amino acid. Tub was $20.95, shipping was $16.95, which is rather steep. Order went in 19th January 2009, product was delivered within a few days. Product's use-by date is April 2009.

I contacted Musashi, the product manufacturer, who stated that their product normally has a shelf life of 24-30 months from point of sale, not less than three months. When I emailed Fitness Market, they told me that if I were to start using the product at the recommended dosage immediately, it would be all used up by the use-by date. I pointed out that they have no idea when I want to start using the product, and they've ignored me.

To be honest, I wouldn't spend any money ordering supplements from them again - based on my experience I would expect them to stock and ship end-of-life products and I'm just not interested in buying like that.
Nothing so far.
Expensive shipping.

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