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Perfect for my family!

My family and I have been members of Fitness Passport for nearly 4 years now and love the flexibility of the program. My children get to use the pool and my wife and I use a few different gyms, so it's really worthwhile for us! I can see some negative reviews about the customer service, but I've never found this to be an issue - I've always gotten an answer within the 2 days they mention. We read the T&Cs so we knew what we were signing up to, and it's been great.

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Hi Richo, Thank you so much for your awesome review! We love hearing about families making the most of their memberships and accessing loads of facilities! Keep it up! Cheers, Polina

How do you private message

Hi there. Not sure how to private message in this service as I have tried to cancel within the 14 day cooling off period and no response from two ticket enquiries and an email. How do you private chat as I need this sorted before it gets out of hand

Hi James, Thanks for chatting with me via private message. As discussed, we had been closed over the Christmas period and have now reopened. This definitely does not impact your cooling off period so I’m really glad we could resolve this. Thanks, Polina.Thanks for sorting out this matter promptly when you reopened. The scary situation with this program is the fact that 14 days cooling off period should begin after we receive cards and start utilising and testing the system, you will find there to be a more comprehensive understanding if you allowed this to occur. Having the cooling off period ending before the people are able to utilise the service means that people feel trapped to pay for something that they might not like or need. If the system you run was altered to this then I'm sure you will get many more great reviews and more people utilising the passport. Take care and good luck

Difficult to contact and very poor response time

We signed up for a fitness passport and have logged a job twice to have it cancelled within the 14 day cooling off period. To date we have had no response and they have started deducting money from our bank account. Unsure how to contact these people as there is no number in the system? Any ideas? Wouldn't recommend signing up for this as it is very difficult to cancel or contact anyone.

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Hi there, I’ve sent you a couple of private messages regarding your review. We have been closed over the holiday period and have now reopened. This definitely won’t impact your cooling off period. If you’d like me to look into this further, or you still haven’t received a response, please feel free to reach out via private message. Thank you, Polina.

Fitness industry game changer - for the better - excellent !!!

Individual Gym's have had monopoly contracts on memberships for many years.
Fitness passport ( FP) allows its members to pick and choice among different gyms.
If FP members are not happy with a particular gym - we can now go somewhere else.
gym users with FP are now no longer locked into a contract at a particular Gym.
Now its not just gym's giving smiles / service,,, to sign-up members under contracts,
Gyms now need to provide ongoing service at the gyms.
to keep FP members coming back to a particular gym and swiping the FP card
thank you Fitness Passport. Impressive.

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Hi there, Thank you so much for your incredible review! We love hearing our members making use of the variety their membership gives them! Happy exercising! Cheers, Polina

Think twice before joining

The original review i wrote for fitness passport reflected an incredibly difficult time i had trying to cancel my membership.

Some of the staff at fitness passport are very hard-lined and follow the policy strictly with no understanding or empathy for their members.

[name removed], on the other hand, was compassionate and understanding and was quick to resolve my issue. I truly appreciate her assistance!

If you are thinking about fitness passport, think carefully and commit to it for the long run.

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Hi there, Thank you for your updated review. I’m really glad that we were able to resolve the issues with your membership, and hope you did enjoy your time on the program. I hope we will see you back with us in the future. Cheers, Polina

Good idea Poor service

Have been a member for 5 years, membership covers a range of gyms and swimming pools. I have membership for myself and my partner, we find it cost effective and usually easy to use. There's a lack of service / support if you have difficulties, if you have difficulties or any questions the extensive list of FAQ on website dont cover theres no contact number you can call and online enquiries can be slow to respond. They say they aim for 48hr turn around.

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Hi Grace, As mentioned in my private messages, I’m so glad to hear you and your partner are enjoying your Fitness Passport memberships! We love hearing about members getting the most out of the program. I’m sorry again to hear that you haven’t received enough support from our team, this is definitely not the experience we aim to provide. As I said if there’s anything outstanding that you need resolved, please let me know. Kind regards, Polina


As soon as my son turned 18 a few months ago, (still fully dependant and at school) Fitness Passport wanted to start charging additional fees. We were already paying for an extra single membership for our (also dependant, at uni) 21 year old daughter.

Subsequently converted to a single membership (after paying a penalty fee) and will be cancelling as soon as the contract runs out.

If I went to the gym enough to actually get my money's worth, I'd be Mr Universe.

Be warned, FP will not waive any fees unless you meet their stringent requirements.

Hi Phil, As discussed in our private messages, we send an email a month before a dependant turns 18 to advise of the additional fee and allow you to downgrade your membership without penalty if you wish. Our single memberships are still less expensive than most gym memberships and allow access to a variety of gyms and pools rather than one option. Hopefully we’ll see you again in the future! PolinaPolina, Also as discussed in our private messages, we were advised about the additional fee. What I am complaining about is the fact that there is an additional fee in the first place. FP needs to make some policy changes to fix this, in my opinion. The individual fees are not less than some gym memberships btw, especially taking some special deals available into account. As for there being more variety with FP, I agree that is true and definitely a good feature of FP. Perhaps members could be given the option to demonstrate if their children are still fully dependent. The family membership should cover all dependent family members, whilst they are dependents, in my opinion. At least whilst the dependents are still at school or uni.

Got charged before I can use the service

I initially signed up with a different gym, then I switched over with fitness passport.
on 20th Nov, I got a message said my membership was approved but I need to wait 2 weeks for my membership card. Then 2 days later I got charged for the next 2 weeks, it did not make sense to me as I cannot use the service without membership card for that two weeks. At the same time, my gym I signed up initially charged me for that 2 weeks as well.
I sent inquiry about it, all responses I got were it is your problem with my initial gym.
They even got my last name wrong many times.

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Hi there, As discussed in our private messages, the first fortnightly payment is the membership card and administration fee for sign up. Your membership has started now that you’ve received your cards so I hope you are enjoying the facilities! Unfortunately any contract you have with any other gym is separate to Fitness Passport and you will have to proceed with cancellation of that membership directly with the facility. I hope this helps. Thanks, Polina

Great until you try to cancel the membership

Used it for 3 years all great. Until I tried to cancel the membership. They continued to deduct payments while at the same time barring me from accèss to the gym. Responses to emails were prompt but did not answer the questions I asked like how to actually stop payments being deducted.

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Hi Lynne, Thanks for chatting with me via private messages about this. As discussed, I'm sorry for the miscommunication you experienced. We look forward to welcoming you back to Fitness Passport on your new program once you have been verified! Cheers, Polina.

Very upset

My partner and I were former caretrac clients. As they have folded we were converted onto my fitness passport. We now come to find out that our membership is double the cost of our caretrac membership.
We are now being charged $42 a week.
Today we read it is $300 to cancel our membership.
This has made me very upset and at this point I definitely would not recommend this company onto any of my clients, friends or family.

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Hi Alicia, I've sent you a couple of private messages over the last couple of days as I'd love to look into this and help resolve this for you. Please let me know if there's anything I can do to assist you. Kind Regards, Polina

Too expensive when oldest turns 18!

My direct debit also increased to $74.50 a fortnight as my son turned 18!!! Way too expensive now. How do I cancel? Need a better communication system.

Hi there As discussed in our private messages, we send an email one month prior to any dependant turning 18 to advise of the increase of pricing and give you an option to remove them from your membership. I haven’t heard back from you regarding how you’d like to proceed with your account so please do let me know so we can resolve this. I look forward to hearing back from you, Polinamy point was just that it’s very expensive now he’s 18! We will think about what we want to do. Thanks

False Membership Information

Who can I get in contact with to resolve an issue with membership prices? We were not informed prior to signing up that members of my family who are under 25 would require an additional charge. We are now being charged $73.80 forthrightly!!! I’m disappointed that membership fees weren’t explicitly outlined prior to signing up. I’m a teacher and had heard great things about family accounts but 73.80 a fortnight is just too expensive. What happened to the $23 a fortnight for a family. Now I might have to cancel and pay even more money.

Looking forward to hearing a response,

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Hi Lauren, As discussed in our private messages and your communications with our customer service team, it seems as if you had configured your family membership incorrectly on sign up. I'm glad we could resolve the issues with your account quickly! Thanks, Polina

Luv it

So many gyms in the penrith area accept it. Zoo fitness even lets us use the creche. best value. sometime you to also purchase a 24 hour pass for certain gyms and I have bought 2 one cost me $15 one cost me $30 but even their members have to buy it and i can now use those gyms 24/7

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Hi there, Thank you so much for your awesome review! I’m so glad you’re making the most of your membership – keep enjoying your Fitness Passport! Cheers, Polina

Travel between SYD and QLD

Hi I have found a few things with FP. First is that in NSW Anytime Fitness (majority) do not offer this service. You have to pay a fee for swipe cards for most places. One of them cost me $89 just for a entry swipe card. Other than that I can't fault FP. I often travel from SYD to QLD and want to go to the gym there. Is this possible with my membership.

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Hi Dean, Thanks for your review! We have a large range of facilities available on each employer’s program. Unfortunately some of the gyms on the program do charge additional fees, which is out of the control of Fitness Passport. We do have this charge noted on our website, so members are aware. We also suggest getting in touch with any of the facilities you wish to attend prior to your first visit just to check if they do charge any additional fees. Please note that FP do not receive any commissions or the like for those charges. Each employer’s program is slightly different so it does depend on who you are employed by as to what facilities are available to you. Generally the programs are state based. If you could please get in touch with us at info@fitnesspassport.com.au with your membership number and/or full name, we can link you to your facilities list! I’m glad to hear you’re enjoying your Fitness Passport membership! Thanks, Polina

Rip off

Biggest rip off. Have been taking substantial money from my account I’ve over last 3 weeks. No phone number to call

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Hi there, I've sent you a couple of private messages regarding your review. Please let me know if you need any assistance as I'd love to help you out. Thank you, Polina.

More information

How do I find out more information about this? The website doesn't explain anything. Cancellation fees, and how and where you can use it.

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Hi Anna, Thanks for getting in touch with us! The packages on our program differ between employers. If you contact us at info@fitnesspassport.com.au with your employer name and location, we can send you a list of facilities that would be available to you as well as any additional information you may need. Once you sign up, you'll receive a membership card which will allow you access to the gyms and pools on your package. Hope to see you on board soon! Thanks, Polina

Love it

Great concept with a great variety of fitness options for your family. Having a choice is so great. Well done fitness passport my family love it.

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Hi there! Thank you so much for your excellent review! I'm so glad to hear you and your family are loving the variety of facilities on Fitness Passport. Happy exercising! Polina

Amazing Customer Service!

Having terminated employment (and ceasing to live in the country) there was a mix up from my employer in regards to cancelling my fitness passport that resulted in extra charges for 2 months. One email to fitness passport and I had a customer service representative Diana contact me to resolve it. Far and away one of the best customer service experiences I've had from any company. I had a refund processed almost immediately (inclusive of my overdrawn fees from the bank) and nothing but warm replies from the fitness passport team. Truly above and beyond. Considering this was more my employers error than fitness passport I almost can't believe it. The actual service itself was great while I was using it but this customer service shown to me is spot on. Thanks for your help!

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Hi Blake, Thank you so much for your excellent review! I'm so glad we were able to help you out with this. I've passed your feedback on to Diana and the team! Cheers, Polina

Great service...

Initially used the service, was pretty good. Moved locations and now reside on a state border. Get this, gyms on one side of the border that actually use fitness passport tell me I can use their gym but fitness passport says I can’t as my employer is on the other side of the border. If I signed up with a multi-location gym, I could use all of their locations. Agree with others comments that customer service is minimal when contacted about this and just a generic response given.
Whilst customer service definitely could be improved with common sense prevailing, certainly once explaining the case through this forum, the issue was easily resolved for the benefit of many.

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Hi Col, Thank you for your review. I'm really glad that we could work out the facilities issue and have you back as a member with us! Thanks, Polina

Contact detail

Coulld I please be provided with a phone number at fitness passport to speak to someone regarding membership please? I am having difficulty with the lack of correspondence.

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Hi Carly, I've sent you a couple of private messages regarding your review. Please let me know if you still need some assistance as I'd love to help you out! Thank you, Polina.

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Questions & Answers

How many weeks does it take for your fitness passport to arrive after you have applied?
2 answers
It probably varies from person to person but mine took about a fortnight at most. It was surprisingly quick. Make sure you apply correctly online and have a passport style photo of yourself ready to upload.Hi Lillian, Thanks for reaching out. Once you have submitted your application, it will go to your workplace facilitator for them to verify that you are eligible. This generally takes a few days. After that, your membership card will be ordered and either delivered to your home address or delivered to your workplace facilitator (depending on your employer) within 2 weeks. If you need any further information, you can send us through an email to info@fitnesspassport.com.au and we can check the status of your application. Cheers, Polina

I recently signed up for a family membership for myself, my husband and two children (14 & 13years) and now my husband and son do not want to be on the membership. Will I still be charged the full $45 if it is just myself and my daughter? Should I keep my son (13years old) as well as he should be added at no additional cost? Thanks
2 answers
I think so but you need to check with Fitness Passport. When you sign up I believe you initially sign up for a one year period so I believe you can only change your membership after your first year is completed.Hi there, Thanks for getting in touch. The family membership cost covers the primary member, partner, and any dependants under 18 (regardless of how many eligible family members). So it will be the same price for you to keep everyone on the membership. I hope this helps. Enjoy your FP! Polina

How do I find out if our company qualifies for Fitness Passports? I work for a NFP Aged Care company. Please advise and thanks.
2 answers
You will need to go on the Fitness Passport website and email them that question. They should get back to you quite quickly to let you know. Unfortunately, email is the only way to contact them at this moment.Hi there, Thanks for getting in touch. If you email us at info@fitnesspassport.com.au with your workplace name and location we can let you know if your employer is on the program and let you know pricing information and which facilities you would have access to. If your employer doesn't currently have a program, you can ask your HR department to fill in this form on our website, which goes directly to our team - https://www.fitnesspassport.com.au/BusinessEnquiries/ Cheers Polina