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I recently bought the vanilla bean yogurt and was blown away love love it the flavours are beautiful and so fresh and been organic is even better. I have tried many vanilla ones but five am is the best by far. I bought the large tub cause woollies has it on special. I could sit there and eat the whole tub but I won't, can't wait to try the coffee bean the Omy thing I would suggest is to maybe cut some of the sugar not all but some. Thanks for making this worth eating.

too sweet

if you are going to make a good yogurt,why spoil and add sugar, organic what a joke, do you want people who have your products you make suffer

Love it, love it, love it

I love the consistency of this product. It comes in so many different shapes and forms and is so healthy as well. It has half the amount of sugar of regular yoghurt and comes in so many different flavours. I suggest u try it out, u won't regret it ;)

I'm devistated

I love this yoghurt but will no longer buy it as I found out its Halal certified, my children and I are totally devastated and I'm so disappointed

Five:Am Yoghurt is simply the best, most perfect yoghurt for me!

I'm a yoghurt crusader who constantly look for the best yoghurt...I just had an Owhmygod moment while trying the 5am vanilla yoghurt and had to go back to Coles to get another tub, the biggest one! Texture & taste is just perfect with this yoghurt and it's organic... Glad to say that my finding-best-yoghurt journey has now ended :) Love, love, love this yoghurt!

question the consistency of the Honey Cinnamon

I have noticed that the consistency of the honey cinnamon seems to have a residue through it not like the other blends of fruits. I have been advised by another manufacturer of organic bio dynamic yoghurt's that the possible cause is the yoghurt has not had a enough time in its maturing process or the other inexpediences [ honey cinnamon have been added too early] or is there another reason. The other flavours a great!!!.

The best yoghurt for babies

I have been feeding my 14 month old yoghurt since about 8 months and have tried many supermarket brands. I had no idea it would be so hard to find a full fat, no sugar, no flavouring yoghurt! The five:am unsweetened version and the baby version are absolutely amazing! They're a great consistency (not too thick or too runny), taste great (not too tart) and most importantly has only a few ingredients, no chemicals and additives.
I can't believe how another brand's "baby yoghurt" has sugar, flavour, thickener and other unnecessary ingredients, why would anyone want to feed their baby that??
I love how this also comes in pouches, it's so easy to carry around and is so so much better than the other baby food in pouches. Even if the ingredients are just fruit, they contain about 15g of sugar, whereas this is only 4g. A much better choice!
This is my absolute favourite yoghurt for my baby!

Best yoghurt

Not really a yoghurt fan, eating it for health reasons. So this is not a bad brand in terms of taste and consistence for someone who hates yoghurt! The consistence is thicker, creamier. And the flavour are quite intense, love the coffee bean flavour. But the others aren't too bad either.

Definitely the best yoghurt

As a general rule I don't like yoghurt however since trying the Five Am products I am happy to say that I am now a fan. My absolute favourite is the honey and cinnamon one however I also enjoy the coffee and coconut flavours. Great texture and I love the creamy taste, unlike that tangy flavour that other yoghurts have.
Creamy and non-tangy

Winner of my 'Natural Yoghurt Review'

I have natural yoghurt with my lunch every day. Over the past three months, I conducted a taste & texture trial of just about every brand on the market, mainstream and obscure: Jalna, Vaalia, Farmers Union, Bornhoffen, Macro, Paris Creek, Barambah, Margaret River, Schulz Organic, Mungalli Creek... The list goes on. My colleagues were intrigued by my level of commitment and eager to hear my reviews. Or at least they pretended to be.
Five AM gets my vote, based on its thick, creamy texture and flavour. It's perfect if you don't like your yoghurt too firm, too runny or too tart. It is organic, has no additives (like inulin which is used in the Vaalia brand) and comes from happy cows. What more could you want?
perfect creamy texture, not too tart, organic
not cheap, so I try to stock up when it is on special

Best yoghurt ever!

I don't usually write reviews but Five:am Yoghurt is so far the best yoghurt I've ever tried. It's creamy and milky. I've only tried the Vanilla one, and I crave for it. Though I only buy it when it's on sale. It comes in a good tub size. I've never bought other brands after I tried this one!
Not too sweet, delicious, you feel good and healthy after you had it
Price is the only concern, but with such great quality I'm not complaining much.

yummy stuff

the texture and taste is lovely its like eating a creamy dessert. the whole family loves it. we eat it with pancakes, as frosting on cake, over cornflakes, just by itself. our favorite flavour is vanilla. i try to get it on special at woolworths bcos its a bit on the pricey side but you are paying for quality.
texture and taste
rather pricey but its organic

A+ Yoghurt Right Here

Good flavours that don't detract from the "yoghurtness" of the piece. The coffee or mocha flavour is a standout, it's some pro yoghurt.

A personal point but the texture of five:am yoghurt is spot on. Not watery, not thick like fruche, a great balance. The tub sizes are perfect for a single serve although lead to a slightly higher spend over other yoghurts (if you can afford it, it's worth it).
Interesting and worthwhile flavour, nice package in both serving size and handfeel
While it's better than other yoghurt it's priced like they know it.

Love it!

This is the best yogurt I have found in Australia. I wish they made this in lower fat version as well!
So creamy and good I often have for dessert with berries instead of ice cream. Also good in the morning! Love that you can see the vanilla also. My husband will even eat it & he is not big on yogurt.
taste, texture
wish it was lower in fat

So delicious

This 5 am vanilla bean organic yoghurt is the best youghurt i have ever had, it is so creamy and flavoursome, ands its great for the whole family and its good for you as well, it is a bit expensive but well worth it to know that your kids are eating a healthy food.
tasty and good for you
expensive, only available at woolworths

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Questions & Answers

how much added sugar is in the yogurt it states 20.9 in the coffee bean way to much, i tried to deduct the natural sugar from the added sugar but could not find the numbers. Thanks
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Hi Lenna I only ever eat the vanilla bean flavour which has about 18.7 grams per serve this is still high but all in moderation it's the lowest I can see in that variety of yogurt.

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