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FlavorChef 6-in-1 Cooker

FlavorChef 6-in-1 Cooker

3.3 from 32 reviews

FlavoChef is the Best thing since sliced bread!

I use my FlavoChef every day, I love it! Have had it for 5 years. Excellent for bacon & eggs, all types of food, pizza & pancakes! So easy to clean..(must be hot to clean)!

I would like to purchase another one where can I buy one please?Hi Jude, I'm so happy to hear you are enjoying your Flavorchef but unfortunately we no longer sell this product. If you would like to email customercare@danoz.com.au with your contact number we are more than happy to contact you if this product comes back on the market. Thank You, Danoz

We miss ours

This is a great product. It was so versatile and we used it all the time. Ours broke because I dropped it

can't live without it

I love my FlavourChef. It sits on my bench all the time and i cook just about everything in it. Cooks food very quickly eg eggs, pancakes, bacon, fish, steaks, vegetables, scones..... Heats up most foods really well without drying out. Love that the top heats up too. Easy to clean with a bamboo wash cloth, wipes up all the oil easily. My favourite atm is two wrap breads with cheese and leftovers in the middle and drizzled with olive oil. My family loves them. Good as a sweet with fruit and cream cheese and pecan nuts.
I could go on.... but i won't.

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Oh wow Kate, sounds fantastic. We must try this on our machine here in the office!! Thanks for sharing, Danoz.

Use it every day

We have had our flavour chef about 4 years now. I use it every day. I take it on holidays and it is great. People ask me about it. Often how much is it ? Where did you get it ? It is only now that I need to start using a small amount of oil as cheese is starting to stick to it, pork has always stuck to it. But cleaning has never been a problem, I have just soaked the pan in water and it cleans really well. All good things come to an end and my flavour chef is coming to the end of its life, but it has worked hard. Listening to some of the complaints I just wonder if the new ones are as good as mine.

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Hi Terry, thanks for sharing. It is a great machine and we are happy to hear you have enjoyed it over the years. Take care, Danoz.

Flavour chef

Have had the flavour chef for just over a year and it was great but a couple of nights ago mine also caught fire burning the lid and my house filled with burning plastic smoke

Flavour chef cooker

Had this product for a couple of years loved it, but last night the lid caught fire near the element burning all the plastic. Before this it was working perfectly,

Two products used consistently

I have purchased two products FlavorChef 6-in-1. Also a FlavorChefmaster pressure cooker couldn't do without either, even take them both caravanning. They are both very easy and quick to clean, so no big frypans or pots to wash in small sink

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Hi Chez, lovely to hear from you! Thank you for sharing your experiences. Take care, Danoz.

Love it, I use it all the time

I bought this while I was on maternity leave off of an infomercial I was apprehensive at first as I haven't spent that much on an item. Well it's changed my life, I cook everything in it from bacon to pancakes to potatoes. I hardly ever use my oven. I've had it over 2 years and it's just starting to loose it's non stick so I use a spray oil now, but I love it, I came across this site as I was thinking of buying a new one and saw the reviews and wanted everyone to know how great an experience I've had with it.

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Hi Marie, Thanks for sharing your experience. We love to hear from our customers! In relation to the sticking, Over time, certain foods might leave residue which will cause the surface to stick. We recommend to try the following troubleshoot first to attempt to restore the non-stick properties: Mix 2 tablespoons of Bi-Carb Soda & 2 cups of water. Boil the solution on the surface for 5-10 minutes over a medium heat, then wash as normal. You may need to run this process twice. This procedure will reset your machine. Please then reseal your pans to re-activate the non-stick surface by following the steps below: 1. Warm the pan over medium heat for one minute and remove. 2. Spread a light coating of vegetable oil or canola oil over the entire inside surface. 3. Heat back up on medium heat for 5 mins. 5. Let it cool completely. 6. Wipe away any excess residue with a lightly oiled paper towel (do not wash the surface). This can assist with discoloration too and we also have a video on how to seal - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nRgyjOEvA7I The use of oils other than vegetable or canola oil will form more residue. It is highly recommended if you use the machine frequently that you season it with the above procedure at least every 3-4 weeks to keep the non-stick surface at its standard. I hope this helps. Take care, Danoz.

nothing is invincible

i sent one back as the top half lost all the white specks and started to stick, they sent me another one it was good until i opened up the top and when i went to move it it snapped the back off i tried to glue it but the heat just melted it and it didn't work i now just sit it flat as it won't stay closed uprite it worries me as it fell over and got worse so i leave it sitting flat .I do like it so i put up with it If they weren't so expensive i would buy another one that would be safer to store

Hi Fred, sorry to hear about your experience. We have recently introduced some new cookware onto our product list that might interest you. You can check them out at www.danozdirect.com.au. Thank you Danoz.have been down to your store and they said this particular item has been deleted .That answers my question as the top of this one also lost it specks they must not be that good if they have been deleted.I now have to spray the top of my second one to stop the food from sticking am very disappointed in this cooking item, but because i payed so much and am on a pension will still use it so i can get some moneys worth out of it I hope you can improve your products as i am a regular customer

one of the best appliances I have ever bought

I use the Flavorchef all the time. I get wonderful results with chops and steak. Sometimes I use a little oil, and sometimes I cook dry. Yes, it is certainly one of the best appliances I have ever bought. It also makes wonderful muffins with the use of the silicone muffin trays.

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Hi Pammy, we appreciate you taking the time to add your comment. We are thrilled to hear you are enjoying your Flavorchef and would love to see some of these lovely muffins you mentioned. Fell free to post a picture on our Facebook Page. Take care Danoz.

Perfect for holiday cooking

Took mine to the unit we stayed at. Brilliant, no pots and pans to clean after meals, cooked everything from bacon and eggs, toasted sangas to pizzas and pasta bake in it. Everyone had more than enough food (8 of us) Love it and have told my kids to get one for themselves. .. Now I see another Flavour Chef advertised, this makes sauces and such, why are they calling it the Flavour Chef when it isn't

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Hello, thank you for the lovely feedback. Yes we are retailing a new Flavorchef, this one is called Flavorchef Kitchen Express. It is part of the Flavorchef range but this is a blending/ chopping machine. If you wish to get more information on this product log onto our website at Danozdirect.com.au. Kind Regards, Danoz.

Flavor Chef

I bought this and had problems with the timer as it stopped working time to time. The food started sticking on to the pan as the pans started getting stickier after about 4 months. I did not use any detergents and always used wet clothes to clean it. I don't think it is value for money.


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Hello, we are sorry to hear your feedback. We are more than happy to help you with this issue, can you kindly forward pictures to our email address customercare@danoz.com.au. Please include a name, contact number and reference this conversation. Kind Regards, Danoz.


This item is just "OK". Is advertised as cooking food from frozen but when I wrote asking about cooking a frozen chicken breast was advised to defrost it!! I bought it so as I could cook stuff straight from the freezer so it's been a bit of a washout for me. Company didn't even reply to my second letter of complaint.

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Hi Rene, This machine can cook from frozen, however with chicken its best to defrost before hand. I have chased up your letter of complaint but we have not received anything. If you wish to discuss this issue further please email us at customercare@danoz.com.au or you can contact us by phone on 1300 135 085. Kind Regards, Lorraine.

Sounds second rate

Thanks for the feedback. Almost bought one today when i rang to get price. Glad i didnt now. Numbers wearing off, impossible to clean and food sticking to pan on FIRST use!!! Seriously? ?? And at $270 i would expect a little better. And i noticed danoz had no reply to the problems people posted.

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Hi Suzi, we are confident in this product so much so that we offer a 30 Money Back Guarantee. This means once the product is received you have 30 days to trial it. If for any reason you do not like the product, you can return it. We have had great feedback on this product. Kind Regards, Danoz.

Useful but not value for money

I have had my flavour chef just over 12mths whilst it's useful, time saving and a great concept the quality is poor, food is starting to stick especially on the lid part., the design is poor good and oil gets into parts of the lid hinges that are hard to clean, the time I save cooking I spend cleaning it. It is not worth the price tag.My daughter has already had hers replaced under warranty as it blew up

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Hi Marianne, we thank you for your feedback. If you would like us to look help you with your issue please contact our Customer Care Department and reference this website/conversation. Our contact number is 1300 135 085. Kind Regards, Danoz.

love it

I have had my FlavorChef for around nine months? and have used it at least four times a week. There is so many things which can be cooked in it. There is no way I could manage without it. I find it really easy to clean if you follow the instructions. I do agree with a couple of the other reviews and that is the numbers wore off the timing and temperature knobs.

This unit while new a good thing. But!!! After two months of use the shine was gone.

Constant use of the Flavorchef exposed a lot of problems that were not good
1 The numbers printed on the unit to show temp and top element control wore off after the first week making temperature setting hard.
2 The so called non stick only lasted about another two weeks, don't get me wrong, it was well used by the whole family and no harsh cleaning products were ever used.
3 Cleaning this product was also no an easy task. The fat and food would go in the little openings and hinge arrangement making cleaning to a safe standard near impossible.
4 Our flavorchef lasted approximately 4 months then bang oil and food had built up under the unsealed hot plate causing a short. I am a licensed electrician and upon inspection of the unit I was shocked to see the wiring under the hot plate covered in crumbs and oil not good enough in my opinion,(dangerous)

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Hi Gazza, Thank you for your feedback! We would love to have our Warranty Team assist you further with your Flavorchef cooker. Please contact us at customercare@danoz.com.au and we would be happy to look into this further for you. Kind regards, Danoz

use for everything while travelling

Hello l am a chef by trade and spend 6 months away from home holidaying and traveling around australia. L use my flavor chef for everything from pizza to frittata. There is nothing I have not tried. Roasts chicken pieces to perfection.Does require some know to adjust temperature so it does not burn before it cooks through. I have sold at least 20 of these to others that have seen me use. Only disappointment is l did not get a recipe book with my unit

Hi Rayfish, Thank you for your feedback. We are very pleased that the Flavorchef cooker is working out for you and that your experience has been a positive one. Please contact us at customercare@danoz.com.au and we will be happy to send out a recipe book to you via email. Kind regards, Danoz942 people have read my post.hope l have helped a few of them.those that complain about cleaning and not enough heat to cook must be using no name copies.never a problem.l in no way have any love or association with danoz..yes the numbers wore off.get over it.no problem with non stick but we clean ours when we finish.not hard.if you get crumbs under the plate please dont come and cook at my placehello seeing my review has helped 5571 people and not to mention how many l have sold on the road and in our caravan park mine is starting to look tired.l am looking at replacing and was hoping l would be able to get a good from you.l have been a very happy chef with mine and use nearly everyday so it has done a great job but everything has a life span and mine is to the stage l don't trust it to go away on holiday with us .look forward to hearing fro m you thanks ray


I thought this product was going to be the best thing I had purchased for my kitchen. I used to use my sandwich maker to cook chicken and fried eggs etc and thought this would offer more. Unfortunately it doesn't reach sufficient temperature to cook much in a reasonable time. Could cook everything in a pan on the stove faster. Waste of $200

Hi Kfarrar, Thank you for sharing your feedback. If there is anything else or any further queries that we would be able to assist you with regarding the Flavorchef cooker please do not hesitate to contact us customercare@danoz.com.au. Kind regards, Danoz Nothing more to say except. A huge waste of money

So versatile and still experimenting with this amazing product !

I found the product to be very ingenious and original , i no longer use anything else for my everyday cooking needs ! I even toast my bread in it ! just treat it right and it will last ! I don't agree with all these horrible reviews people have written about it that why i decided to write this . cooking is an art use your ingenuity ! To be fair i say it's an artistic experience !

Hi Sinbad, Thank you for sharing your feedback. We appreciate your feedback as we do aim to provide 100% satisfaction to all our customer's. If you ever have any further queries regarding your Flavorchef cooker, please do not hesitate to contact us at customercare@danoz.com.au for further assistance. Kind regards, DanozHi guys very flattered with 520 views ! Am not related to danoz believe me , i live in adelaide danoz lives in sydney .haha .Am diabetic contracted that disease after a car accident in 97 damaged my pancreas ! you got it no insulin control .I inject myself twice a day with insulin . My worst enemy is fat of all sort coz of cholesterol ! flavor chef and flavor stone both from same danoz i bought of ebay s/h could not afford b/n full price being a pensioner : both products are great due to minimal use of oil if any ! since started using these flavor .. things i cook with virtually no oil secondly am saving money on electricity due to efficiency and better cooking material .. later i'll provide some photos ! keep creating and experimenting ! enjoy !! Hi Sinbad, 520 views is very impressive! And were flattered that we could be part of such a positive experience. The FlavorStone/Chef seem to be the ideal cooking utensils for you to use considering your circumstances. If you ever have any further queries regarding your FlavorChef or FlavorStone, please do not hesitate to contact us at customercare@danoz.com.au for further assistance. Kind regards, Danoz

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