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I feel normal again after 3 days of taking Iberogast..I am amazed!

Realised I had developed IBS ..I was finding that it was really getting worse over a period of weeks..I was feeling really desperate about the situation as I had all the symptoms..the worst was Diarrhea..almost uncontrollable...I read the reviews and thought it was well worth trying ...within 12-24 hours I was feeling really normal again ..I have been taking it now for 3 days and cannot believe how well i feel ..

Purchased in February 2019 at Chemist Warehouse Physical Store.

Effective Within One day

This has been the best product for my IBS

I was so glad to have tried Iberogast when i get stomach cramps due to IBS this has been the only thing to have helped me. I have addressed what seems to upset me in my diet. But sometimes for no reason i get cramps and bloating I get almost immediate relief from 20 drops of Iberogast in water. I will never be without in my cupboard.

Purchased in October 2018 at Chemist Warehouse for $25.00.

Effective Within One day

Not doing its job

I bought this product for my hubby. He has taken Somac for his reflux and bad cough associated with reflux for a few years. I thought Ibogast would help him but it hasn’t done anything.

This product rocks my world

I love iberogast so much, it has changed everything.. Even my skin is smoother since using iberogast to help my gut.. Sounds crazy but it's true.

Fantastic product

I have had irritable bowel syndrome for many years and this is the best product for it. Helps with stomach cramping within 15 minutes. Tastes disgusting but that's ok happy to put up with it.

Very disappointed

I took Iberosgast for years and it worked very well. Unfortunately, since Bayer bought the Company, I believe
some herbs were changed or added, I got very sick with this product. Never more with this product. Bayer is
only after profit, and not quality.

Digestion lifesaver!

Like everyone my digestive system plays up with belching and general discomfort sometimes. My naturopath suggested Iberogast several years ago I always get instant relief Unlike Proton Pump Inhibitors there are few side-effects..Always have it in the pantry

Life saver

As soon as i started to use Iberogast it gave me instant relief from IBS i really do recommend this for anyone who is suffering from it. I drink mine in tea or plain water.

I write this review in warning that this product is extremely dangerous

This product is massively phytoestrogenic and blood thinning.
I tried iberogast a week ago because I am attempting to treat a lifelong very serious infection of sibo, small intestinal bacterial overgrowth. I was born immune-compromised and acquired sibo in the first hours of my life and have been sick with it all my life.

For the past 12 months I have done multiple courses of rifaximine, as well as herbal approaches and have not succeeded in making a dent in it.
Recently, I discovered that motility of the gut may be retarded in sibo and that iberogast is a motility agent.
I am very interested in natural cures and familiar with the efficacy of herbs which I take on a daily basis for a variety of reasons. Being experienced I'm also aware that they have multivalent properties and can be counter indicated and cause side effects exactly like Pharmaceuticals.
I took iberogast for a single day and felt weak and noticed that my hair fell out. Being curious I discontinued use immediately and began investigating on the internet what I could find out about its blood thinning and phytoestrogenic properties.
It is very important that people who are on blood thinners or who are experiencing issues with thin blood such as hemophilia and related conditions or people who have sibo and cannot make vitamin K which helps coagulate the blood, know that iberogast is a very potent blood thinner. People who are in perimenopause or have been diagnosed with cancer of the breast or who have a history of cancer in their families should be aware that the properties in Iberogast are massively estrogenic, the strongest I have ever encountered in a multiherbal compound. Many many people in our society do not suspect estrogen dominance and it can cause the hair to fall out, gynecomastia, and breast and other cancers in both men and women. We are swimming in a sea of a very powerful chemical xenoestrogens, as it is in our toiletries, drinking water and food, so we don't necessarily need plant-based estrogens. i
In addition, people with sibo in particular, cannot manufacture progesterone and are at even greater risk than the average person. Progesterone balances estrogen.

Iberogast is a great formulation and can work well and safely for you but you must check to make sure by reading the information below that you are not in the group that should not be taking this compound. Please read this in its entirety and stay safe.
The people who should not be taking this are people who are estrogen dominant. Unfortunately, most people who are estrogen dominant do not realize it until they have come down with severe cancers in the breast, the testicles, the colon and other areas that are estrogen-sensitive. Those who may be estrogen dominant are women who are perimenopausal or in menopause. Men who are going through andropause may also be at risk due to estrogen dominance. This is why this product will cause people's hair to fall out.

In estrogen dominance, the site receptors at the hair follicle that are dependent upon hormones to make them grow will be flooded with hormones that tell them to shut off and so your hair will thin and fall out almost immediately.

There is another danger which I must highlight and that is people who have had severe sibo for years and even decades should not take this product. If you have had sibo for more than 2 or 3 years, the biofilms that the bacterial create in your small intestine get so thick that you are unable to make critical vitamins such as Vitamin K which will coagulate your blood. If you are already on blood thinners you should definitely not take iberogast and if you have had sibo badly for a long period of time this can cause a severe bleeding disorder within a day or two and you will get very weak and faint and that is another one of the marked symptoms

. So, this is a great product it is very strong it will work well but you must be extremely cautious when you use it because the ingredients are very strong estrogens and blood thinners.

So thankful for my Chemist for recommending Ibergast

After suffering from chronic reflux for years my local chemist suggested I try Ibergast instead of the script the doctor had given me. The results were almost instant, I got relief stopped belching and slowly as the days passed my bloated tummy subsided. I am so relieved I finally found a quality natural alternative to those nasty chemical alternatives. Ibergast works plain and simple, I keep a bottle in my cupboard at home and at work just incase I need it. Funny things is I haven't had a flair up in months.

Very impressed

After suffering from wind pain constantly over the last 4 years, no amount of dietry change, charcoal tabs, salts etc would help. I eat very well with good portion control and a well balanced diet, so I didn't know what else to do. A friend recommended Iberogast and after taking 1ml per day for about 6 weeks I am amazed at how good it is (believe me I was a sceptic) for a natural product. Now I wouldn't be without it.
I take 20 drops in cold water first thing every morning well before breakfast.

Life changing

I have been using Iberogast for about 6 weeks now. It took about 3 weeks of experimenting with different doses to find what works for me. The recommended 20 drops per day was way too much, I now take 15 drops in a little warm water twice a day with meals, or whenever I feel the need. My reflux symptoms have disappeared and I no longer take omeprazole, which I have taken twice daily for the past 3 years for reflux. I am so pleased to have a natural alternative which really works.
I have also noticed a distinct improvement in my respiratory health. Every morning I wake with the clearest nasal passages I have ever had! Strange but true!

Hasn't really made much of a difference

I tried this on my son who has chronic diarrhea - didn't really make much difference at all. I have been giving it to him for about 3-4 weeks so should have noticed something by now.

Life Saver

Had been feeling off and queasy after a gastric procedure. It worked wonders and had relieved my indigestion and bloating after after trying so many things! Not a bad taste too. I keep it in my medicine cupboard now.


I finally have some relief from the pain I endured sitting at my desk after I'd eat my lunch. I had tried changing my diet but nothing seemed to work. The agony and embarrassment I felt was terrible, I was constantly rushing to the bathroom and I would end the day looking 9 months pregnant. To be sitting at my desk pain free and my stomach no longer is knots is pure joy.

Side Effect

Excellent product for my IBS my abdominal pain has goine after I took the 1st dose, I have been taking twice a dayh and for 3 days however it seems making me a bit headace and tired so I stopped after 3 days

This is excellent

I am so happy with this product. it has helped with my constipation and stomach problems. I would recommend 10/10 !!!!!!!!!!!! I will keep using this for as long as I can.

Reflux be gone

I have had terrible reflux for a year. I wake up with it in the morning and its with me to various degrees all day. I am forever burping, chest pain and feel bloated, frightened to go to sleep unless at least 4 hours Post food. I have also had 3 episodes of severe acute central abdominal pain for which I have had to go to hospital and have morphine. CT scans, gastroscope and all investigations show nothing abnormal. Acid lowering meds did nothing and certain food exclusions didn't help. I stumbled across Ibergast while reading about digestive bitters ( thought they might help). One full week of 3 daily doses and burning aching chest has gone and hardly burp at all. I mix with small amount of apple juice, the flavour is mild and quite nice. I still don't know what is causing my gastro problems but seem to have found something "natural" which settles it and the constant living in fear of what might set off another bout is subsiding. Natural herbs, not expensive and has worked for me.

A magic product

After years of abdominal pain, bloating so I constantly looked 9 months pregnant, fluctuateing between gastro and severe constipation, my doctor suggested taking this. I have 20 drops in a water bottle with a small amount of orange cordial- I drink this twice throughout the day. No more bloating, no more acid, no more pain or toilet troubles. The first week I did get a bit of gastro, but I think this was just my system cleaning out, after that first week, all good. This herbal gift is a Godsend, give your body time to get used to it and you will be so happy with the results.

Love it

I have been taking ZANTAC and doctor prescribed drugs for a long time. I was a critic at first when my wife started taking IBEROGAST as how could a natural remedy beat the Doctors.
I am now sold on this stuff, have stopped all other medications, no more bloating or re-flux. I swear by this life changing natural remedy.

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