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Flymo H40

Flymo H40

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Same problem, cheap plastic components

I also had the plastic height adjust or knob just break while mowing the lawn. Rediculously priced replacement parts, a third of the cost of the mower for one plastic adjuster knob! It would be a great project for one of the kids doing product design engineering to redesign with more durable parts!

Date PurchasedMar 2015

Generally good, but some cheap plastic components limit its durability

Initially very impressed - cuts well and lightweight but solidly-built frame at a good price. However, one of the plastic spring adjuster knobs broke off after a couple of months, rendering it useless without a $50+ replacement part. It's a shame they didn't just make this a metal part as the mower would otherwise be top-grade. The knob will continue to be a design flaw; I've bought additional replacement knobs for when I inevitably have to switch them again.

Date PurchasedDec 2017

Easy to use, environmentally friendly

I switched from a petrol mower to Flymo about a month ago and very happy about it.
It is so easy to use. It is not heavy at all. It cuts the lawn reasonably well -- good enough for my small level yard. It is better to rake the area to remove small tree branches or any other hard objects that can get stuck between the blades, prior to starting mowing. Lawn mowing feels more peaceful when you don't need to hear the engine noise.

Date PurchasedSep 2017

It's ok as a backup

It's ok as a backup lawn mower if your petrol lawn mower broke down. But it doesn't seem to be sturdy enough and grass get caught around the pivot rotating bit and the whole mower gets jammed unless you clear the tangled grass.
would have thought that this machine would be easier to maintain but it actually requires more frequent maintenance then any other mower.

Date PurchasedNov 2016

very satisfied and quiet!

very quiet for early morning used. good for exercise and environmental friendly as it did not need electricity or petrol. simply use your own sweat to run over the grass. easy to adjust depends on how high you want to cut your lawn. bought it in Bunnings after we moved into the new house with wide backyard.

Date PurchasedFeb 2017

It's outlasted two of my petrol mowers, still cuts nicely.

I bought this mower back in 2006 (now 2017) and I thought it would be a decent little mower for a small yard that me as a poor young bloke could use until I could afford a petrol mower.

It has four height settings, and depending on you type of grass you'll work out what suits but the lower you go a bit more muscle is needed to push it along obviously. You can get the catcher, but I found it was better to let the grass fall back to where it came to add extra fertiliser to your lawn. Easy to push, no petrol, probably just needs some WD40 once in a while but that's about it.

I've kept it all these years and still use it, even though I have a petrol mower. I still use it for the entire lawn occasionally, but it does a great job in mowing in the backyard cricket pitch for the kids too.

Key is though to keep on top of your lawn, leave it get too long and it it will feel like an intense cardio session trying to mow. But after a couple of times your lawn actually appears to enjoy being mowed this way, and looks better for it as well.

Only minor fault is that due to the wheels and proximity of the blades is that it won't edge as close as some other mowers, but that's nothing to worry about if you also use a trimmer to do that.

Date PurchasedJun 2006

Falls apart

Flymo H40 cuts well and it is easy to adjust preferred grass length. However... all this is negated by handles coming loose and wheels/blades falling off when being lifted or carried. This happens 7 times out of 10 no matter how carefully lifted. Handles are properly installed and feel secure... spend 20 minutes mowing... lift mower to place in shed and 'bang' wheels/blades hit the deck and I'm left holding only handles!

Date PurchasedOct 2016

Knob breakage

It's a very smooth and quiet mower but after just one mow, one of the two plastic knobs broke. Bunnings replaced it. Hope it's a one off faulty knob. Best feature is its relative light weight and the speed of the blades is pretty good. Price is relatively inexpensive too.

Parts break

I had one of these. The first one a part broke 2 weeks after using it. Bunnings replaced it and the same thing happened. It's a shame !
I also bought the grass catcher with it and the clip broke too.
What a shame they can't take a bit more care with the design and use stronger materials than plastic !

Gives a much smoother finish than its hovering cousin

I used a Flymo electric hover type mower on my small, buffalo-grassed lawn for nearly 5 years, Then its motor packed up.
This morning I bought a Flymo H40 and tried it.
I love it.
Gives a much smoother finish.
Gets much closer to edges than the hover mower.
Not as sensitive to small differences in levels as the hover, which tends to scalp slightly higher parts mercilessly.
Great manoevrability - I don't get entangled in electric cable, and I don't need to unwind a long flex just before I begin.
Much easier to clean. Can get a brush in quite easily in between various parts. The hover created a kind of thick grass paste which was hard to get off its underside.
Takes up much less space to store.
Ideal for my small lawn and I feel pleasantly worked out at the end of it.

Like a hot knife through butter!

I have a medium lawn space, and was looking for an environmentally friendly alternative. This is my first manual mower and it is wonderful! My lawn was over grown (lower to mid shin height) when I used this mower for the first time. It worked wonderfully on the smaller height areas (ankle and below height), but I was even more surprised that with a little patience and slowly easing the mower to and fro it actually faired well in the longer thicker areas! I wouldn't recommend making it a habit of letting the lawn get that long, as the longer grass did get stuck in between the blades and wheels from time to time. But at that ankle height range it works like a gem with hardly any effort!

What a wonderful grass cutter.

Just found these grass cutters yesterday in Paseo,Laguna , Philippines at an outlet store called HMR. They had 2 units. The one I wanted to buy the salesman said was "broke" and tried to get me to take the other. I stubbornly bought the first unit as it was quiet versus the other. Then when I got home the next day I found out how to manually adjust the blade/cutter. Works wonderful !~~!

Good for smaller lawns

I bought my Flymo second hand, so it was well used before I got it. I found that it was easy to use, although it did require a bit of energy to do a larger area. Parts of my lawn were a bit too long, making it harder to use. I think it works better on thicker grass, like Buffalo, and my lawn is a bit too patchy for it with some of the finer blades of grass not being cut easily. Also it doesn't handle bumps in the lawn very well, so you will need a smooth surface for best results.

Great Alternative to Electric and Petrol Mowers

Perfect little hand mower. Before buying a manual mower people all around me warned me what an exhausting experience it will be, but they were wrong.
I am very happy with the Flymo H40.
The self sharpening blades cut beautifully, it is very easy to get around the garden (no cables to drag behind etc).
The key is to not let the grass get too high, otherwise the high lush grass will block the blades, but the sales person at Masters informed me about that beforehand.
I did purchase a catcher, but you only need it when the grass is too high, then you need to push it manually back into the catcher so the blades don't get blocked. Bit of a hassle, but as I said, don't let the grass get to that stage.
When mowing regularly the little grass snippets are good for the lawn as they act as mulch.
The Flymo H40 is super easy to set up out of the box, you just need to bolt the handle bars together and fix it to the base unit. It feels sturdy and seems to have a good built quality.
The mower is very easy to push and handle.
Ease of use, saves gym membership, wasy to put together, needs little storage space
you can't mow all to the edge of the lawn next to a fence due to the wheels

Cannot kill it, works well

I've had mine for 3-4 years and left it sitting outdoors the whole time. Recently it started to seize up a bit and I thought it might be done for, but a good dose of oil (WD40) into the axle bearings and working the blade around a bit made it usable again. A careful round of picking out old grass fibres from the area of the bearings after that and it's come back as good as new, cutting thick 10cm or more high *wet* grass with less effort than pushing a heavy petrol mower. I'd suggest cleaning and oiling it every one to two years, but I'm going to be a bit more regular since I've let it go so long.

I've used it to cut knee high grass, and whilst it wasn't easy it was possible. When the grass gets high enough to start wrapping around the blade axle you will have to clear out the snags occasionally. If you mow regularly this doesn't happen. Also if the wind blows the wrong way and the clippings blow back onto the mower you can clog it up (only in long grass if you are mowing too slow). I've never used the catcher but it might solve this issue.
Tough, reliable, quiet, low maintenance
You might actually have to oil it occasionally

mean machine

This thing can cut wonderfully its like a motor powered cylinder mower,but there is a problem with twigs.The catcher is sold separately, it doesn't like tall lush grass,the back roller doesn't stripe the grass its just basically a rear wheel,but it is one of the best hand mowers around. simply professional.
very reliable
no catcher

Flymo H40

I had one off these and abused it mercilessly. Mitre 10 were great with replacement parts. It was easy to repair but It eventually I let it die.. I have a much better lawn these days which is easier on mowers. I have an Ozito which is OK but does not cut as wide a path.
Wide Cut. Easy to push.
Unsuitable for heavy work

Just got another Flymo H40. Secondhand but in excellent condition. It was a pleasure to cut the grass after putting up with the Ozito. I will be more gentle on this one so it will last for years.The Flymo H40 is going well. I got a secondhand grass catcher for it. The grasscatcher catches about half of the cut grass. The grass slides back towards the blades. The catcher also comes off sometimes when mowing. Overall I would say it is, overpriced, poorly designed bit better than nothing.I just purchased a Flymo H40 in excellent condition except the previous owner must have incorrectly adjusted the gap setting . Can anyone tell me what the clearance should be between fixed blade and rotating cutters I would appreciate it. Thanks -- Rose.

Great for small lawn areas

Purchased 7 years ago after seeing my neighbours machine. No fuel required and quality of finish to the lawn is superb. Must recommend getting the optional catcher. Works well on couch and buffalo turf. I don't recommend letting your lawn get too tall between mows as this will cause difficulties. If this happens you have to start back at the highest setting first. Can also be used early morning or late at night without bothering the neighbours. Also pick up any twigs or stones before you mow. Perfect for small to medium lawns.
Quiet, green, no running costs, an eye turner when mowing the nature strip.
You must mow regularly and clear stones and twigs first.

Awesome hand mower.

This is a great handmower. At first I wasn't very impressed with the cutting ability even though I tried different adjustment levels, but then I was showed how to easilly adjust it (two round knobs on either side attached to the springs) so that the bar was closer to the blades and now it cuts the lawn AMAZINGLY... just as good as an electric mower but without the petrol cost. If anyone is having trouble with cutting I hope this tip helps, because in the end it came down to me not knowing how to adjust the mower for it to perform well.
Easy to adjust all settings now that I know how to use it properlly!
Mine didn't come with a user manual - if yours doesn't either make sure someone shows you how to adjust the cutter bar aswell as the cutting height

Failed after 2.5 Years

OK until the roller failed. Warranty 2 years.
Extreme disappointment Husqvarna would not replace it ex gratia.
$149 mower plus replacement roller is now about a $200 mower.
Anyone owning one should check the ends of the roller before the two (2) year warranty expires.
Agent said they had never seen such a failure before! makes it all the worse a free replacement was not offered.
Husqvarna/Flymo brand reputation fails in this instance.
Light and cut well.
Roller failed after 2.5 years

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I just got one , what a waste of money, it couldn't cut butter. blades don't go low enough.

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I must be doing something wrong, I bought a H40 second hand but it's almost new, hardly been used !!! It's simply not cutting, it just glides over the grass, it's on the lowest setting, Iv'e never used one before so I don't know what's going on, but it's simply not cutting !!
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Hi borrowed my friends flymo h40 whist she is away blades won’t turn have sprayed cylinder that holds blades with W40 but to no avail, any help?
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May need height adjusted, cutter blades could be jammed against base plate!

How do you backlap the blades on the H40? The reel shaft is slightly larger the 1/2" so you can't use a power drill. Most other brand push mowers are 1/2" so it's possible.
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Flymo H40
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