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Cannot get a response from customer service? Called the store of purchase who directed me to their online presence. Sent first message- no response. Second message sent gave them a few weeks - again still no response? Starting to get a little upset. Help?!
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I am having the same issue I am getting really frustrated with this company and how they treat you as a customer

What is the warranty on your products. We purchased a lounge suite in 2016, Afd-Royal. We just love it and it is so comfortable. Only recently we discovered the leather is splitting and the leather has worn thread bare in some places. Would someone advise me please what we can do. Thanks Kaye McGrath.
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You will likely be in for a lot of nonsense. The leather has cracked because it is poor quality, not durable, cheaply made. We had the same problem with plush. They are under the same umbrella company I believe. Focus on will send out a technician to your house who will blame the damage on your lack of maintenance, 'body oils' 'medications' suncream etc, anything to refuse your claim. You will have to use you statutory warranty through Australian consumer law and the ACCC/ fair trading to get anywhere. Don't accept a repair as it will fail again. Do some research on the above and prepare yourself for a well articulated fight. Don't let the company fob you off. The case is closed when you are happy, not them. Check out other such comments on here, the plush site, nick scali product review etc. It will take you a whileHi, The paperwork states the following regarding your warranty question. Timber: 1 year structural Lounge: 5 years structural on frames, 3 years on seating and mechanisms (120kg weight load) and 1 year on stitching and covering.There is no time limit on your legally protected consumer guarantees. Don't believe anything else.

I bought sleep right pocket spring queen mattress from preston store on 21/10/18 and got delivered on 24/10/18 it was told under 10 year warranty but every night after 2-3 hrs sleep on it i got back pain, feels like i am stuck lije some where, its like mattress went down from that place, can i claim refund or change it as its not as it was told to be for sleeping sound. Thanks Harpreet
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Did anyone buy the Pacino lounge? how is it?
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Does any one have their leather sofa How is the qulality?
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I did not like my bed suite after it was set up in my room can I exchange it with another?
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Has anyone had their eden leather sofa or other type leather sofa? How is their sofa leather quality?
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Hi my partner brought a orlando bed back in 2012 and we are looking for the same one but in a king, it looks like the structure of the beds now are different can we pre order one that maches our original bed the original bed head was 89cm front to back now in stall they are 65cm can you help?
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I wouldn’t honestly bother with this company or there terrible inferior furniture. Service is terrible too .... just a little word of advice, I was sorry and so are many others!!!

Has anyone managed to get their sales staff to give a discount or throw in a freebie to make the sale?
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No they are tight and products inferior. Don’t bother with this lotYes I was offered a discount but I did ask. I am happy with my purchase.On a sofa they seem to give a routine $100 off. I would offer them 80% of the value. When they offer you 10% then make a counter offer of 15% or get them to throw in cushions.

I am looking at buying a black leather bed queen bed side tables and tall boy, is there some one out there that has brought this setting ,and can tell me if you're happy with it?
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Hi Pauline, Sorry I have no Idea about that. I am just a customer like you. You'd better visit a shop or their website. Cheers!

Has anyone purchased a leather focus on furniture couch that smells bad? It's making the lounge room smell and concerned for family's health.
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Mine smells on and off, not leather though. Really strange, not sure why/how come.

I'm looking to purchase two beds for my apartment. Just wondering how long do they usually take to make the delivery? My apartment is located in cbd melbourne.
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It varies as there some items will be in stock and others you will have to wait for. Best bet is to pick a few beds you like the look of then call a store to get the time frames for delivery, or you could always visit your closet store and do the same thing. They may even be able to tell you which ones are in stock and ready to go straight away.

Hi. Can anyone who has a couch from Focus On please tell me if the fabric tends to pill after a while? I used to have a lounge suite from another store but after 6 months it was covered in little balls all over. Looked terrible. I'm thinking of getting a fabric lounge from Focus On. Thanks in advance for your help
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the quality appears to be fine, but i would strongly advise NOT to use this company, their customer experience is beyond awful, you will regret dealing with this company!Don’t I purchased a $3000 wool lounge Pilling is awful and fabric is so loose and after 4 months we’re taking them to court they refuse to talk to me now terrible customer service !!!! Took photos to another store they were horrified Please avoid thisLindsay I am interested in suing as well. Please contact me if you want to do it together. We spent $2000 on a premium AUSTRALIAN made and after 2 years still pilling looks disgusting.

Ok guys how do focus on furniture leather couches hold up?
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I bought mine in Jan and its holding up pretty well so far, I did get a leather cleaning spray bottle thing for about $50, and i just use that to clean it every so often. I do know there are different qualities/ thicknesses of the leather. If you want one more resistant to damage go a thicker leather loungebought my leather lounge over 5 years ago from focus, I use a leather conditioner every few months and only use a damp cloth for any spills. leather has no marks or cracks or wear. I have 3 young grandchildren that climb over the lounge and are continually spilling food and drinks on it and it is still in great condition.

are their prices on their lounges negotiable at all?
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Yes, for some of them, could get a discount around $100. Dont fully trust what they say though.We negotiated a price for multiple items, we were happy.

I purchase a fabric couch July 2016. Got issue with fabric back and sitting area . Asked a technician to check it. He permanently fixed it and recommend me to go for exchange. I sent messages to the email he sent me to ask advice. Anita and Karrie rudely send me email to persue the matter in other. Channels . The couch is less than 4 month old and supposed to be heavy duty fabric.I m really sad and feel my right as a customer is ignored!!! Any advice is greatly appreciated?
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What store was this at? Remember the dare gallery stores were taken over. Saying that your warranty still would of been granted. Really your first point of call would of been to contact focus rather than seek advice elsewhere, remember any kind of modification I.e repair or use of materials that are similar but not exact, could have a negative impact on your warranty. I can belive a disgruntled customer service assistant but 2 with out reason? Sometimes when we read emails or texts even letters they can come across blunt/ rude it's hard to gage a conversation through a email. Next time infor, the retailer first there's a chain to follow which would work in your favour should your dealings with them be as accurate as you said.I just had a rude conversation with Kerri too at customer service were she told me to grow up and get a brain. There is so much negetuvr comments and all have a similar story of either being given incorrect info to get the sale or screwed when dealing with a complaintmy advice would be to walk away, never shop here and again and tell anyone that will listen not to shop here! i too have had an awful experience and this is the only power you have left when dealing with a company like focus that clearly does not care.

Im lookIng at buying a couch from their geelong store has anyone had bad experiences from there?
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hi they are all the same make sure you question them in regards to the quality and grade of leather they use a handy tip to know for all furniture out letsThanks for that what do you mean by know all out lets? Sorry am not very saavy on leather I know I want a soft leather couch thats it. Should I ask where its made and what from?never shop with focus, you will regret it, trust me!

Lounge suite just delivered, looks great but I have to put the supports/feet. The issue is that there's no holes apart from the support one in the middle of the 3 seater and a single hole at each corner which doesn't match up. No instructions either. It's a statesman. Surely I don't have to drill holes in it. Any suggestions?
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I am having the same issue and jumped online to find a solutions. Sadly, nobody has answered you. Will have to call the store tomorrow!You can drill or using a screwdriver, they would line up in each corner as the pictureon the net or when you saw it store would show. You would have to be pretty special not to be able to put them on, but if you ordered delivery the drivers should of done it for you.

Who's had bad delivery experience anyone?
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Never buy any forniture from focus I'm waiting for my propo delivery 6manths, firstly I was waiting for the delivery 2 months when they came they been damaged they should be changed didn't happent when we call we been told next week I'm loosing my patients. Focus on offer the worst service and ignorance never ever buy any forniture from tham

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