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Fontaine Publishing Group

Fontaine Publishing Group

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Self Publishing Made Easy

I found the Fontaine group professional and easy to work with. They facilitated the process with a minimum of fuss which made a potentially daunting experience easy. I am an author of two books: North and Storm, and would recommend their services. (they even assisted with the cover design of my second book titles Storm.

People-friendly, professional and thorough

Fontaine seem to have effortlessly brought our latest work to our reader's door steps. Effortlessness combined with professionalism is the mark of quality. We look forward to working with you again. Thank you.

Made the whole process easy and stress free...

I found the whole process relatively stress free and easy ...the staff were pleasant to deal with and made the whole process flow where I had previously had roadblocks..I would use them again and am planning to use them for future work that I have planned...also feel that their rates are reasonable as well..

Made the whole process relatively stress free

As a first time self publisher they made the whole process of taking the final pdf to ebook ready and published very straight forward. Plus they offered advice along the way to make the whole project more successful. Even at this busy time of year they managed to turn the whole project around very quickly.
Very helpful and convenient
The time it takes for the publishers to process is longer than expected

Questions & Answers

I have a text book with coloured images and some interactive Q&A with approximately 277 pages, can you pls provide a quote for editing and publishing?
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Dear Dolly, thank you for you enquiry. Please fill in the quote form and we will get back to you with costings and options available: http://www.fontaine.com.au/book-publishing-quote/

How long did it take when you originally emailed them? I haven't seen any replies to MY queries. Not a one. Not even an automatic one!
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Hi, I filled out a form asking for an obligation-free quote, with rough details of my print-ready draft. I had a reply within 24 hours I think, with a ballpark figure. That gave me a contact person to follow up with. I adjusted the figures on the form and the replies were pretty prompt. There was a bit of to-ing and fro-ing before I was invited to speak to a real person. After that the communication was excellent. I hope this helps. cheers JudyThanks Judy, are you happy, has it progressed and are you making any headway with your path?Totally happy, please check my review.

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