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71 reviews
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Whats happening with your meat Foodland


I will no longer purchase meat of Foodland Salisbury North. Thats sad because I liked supporting SA. Meat packed in these trays with very tough plastic wrapping is always full of water when cooked. Obviously your pumping something into it.

I see I am not the first one to complain either. Other than the fact you cant brown your meat properly it is also ripping ppl off. I cooked a some rump recently. The weight was 800 grams and the amount of water that came off it was 265 mls. I collected it.

I am paying for that weight and I am not happy. You have lost a loyal customer Foodland. Buck up



  • 3 reviews

Off Seafood - Freville Store


It's happened twice now where we've bought off Seafood from the Freville Store - Oysters and Prawns. Disappointingly staff could not care less either. Made a comment about it on the Foodland Facebook page and it was deleted.

Neck chops under lamb 4 quarter chops


i stopped shopping at the local butcher because our Foodland was far superior - however meat quality is slipping - so disappointed to find 2 disgusting gristle filled neck chops hidden under the 4 quarter that I paid for! Don't be like Coles
And Woolies please!!


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paulc1051South Australia, 5039

  • 16 reviews

Foodland Fulham Gardens South Australia



Thanks for SA but .......


I loved the opportunity to shop locally until now! Management at the Cleve store has changed and it it super bad!! Shelves are empty - bread is being sold whilst stale - but the most unforgivable error is for the basic staple of potatoes to be out of stock for 5 days! Please do a quality control check of the Cleve store - the staff are awesome as u will see - but to be expected to pay full price for stock that is obviously out of date is wrong!! Everyone in town is talking about travelling 300kms round trip to get decent supplies! PS The meat section is usually bloody great!!
Meat section
Specials run out the morning they are posted



Not my ideal supermarket


I recently purchased steak from the salisbury north drake foodland store and when I opened it, it was full of water and I also saw a mud cake on the shelf with no lid, I informed one of the staff but they didn't do much about it, they seemed too busy to care! Ridiculous!
it's close to home
customer service


nunchycrutMawson Lakes

  • 5 reviews

No response to complaint


I have always shopped at Foodland as I truly beleive in supporting local South Aussie business. recently however I had decided to change due to being sold some meat that when I got home I found out was inedible. It was actually green.

I had photos and receipts. I tried contacting the specific store number of times and was never called back, I also emailed them but the email address listed on the official foodland website bounced. I then emailed the foodland head office with all the information and they too have ignored my complaint.

No customer service


herminanorth haven

  • 7 reviews

Go foodland go...


I love shopping at Foodland. A different feel to "Big Two" and diverse products. The best shops are the recently revamped Drake stores with their fresh bakeries and upgraded fruit and veggie section. My most favourite would be the fantastic Henley Beach supermarket? What a joy to shop there. The Norwood shop is great also and not to forget the recently renovated North Haven shop. Well done!
Drakes Foodlands are Clean, great product range, friendly staff and well priced
Some Romeo Foodlands can do with a revamp.



  • 12 reviews

Excellent customer service


This shop may be a little outdated but I love it as the staff are always helpful pack your things well and will always open another checkout if busy. You never have to spend long waiting. Parking is good too. The meat is excellent quality and cheap. The only reason why I give it 4 stars is the variety isn't as vast as some other places.
Great service
They don't have enough pet variety otherwise would only shop here


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Tanya Deane

Tanya DeaneAdelaide

  • 3 reviews

Meat department


I do my shopping at foodland Munno Para shopping centre Main north road smithfield sa for the last six seven months the quality of the beef chop packs have been over priced and packed with mostly bone and not much meat on most of the chops and a few very big ones full of fat. I also have a big complaint about the quality of the steak it is always full of water and very tough. I cook all my meat on a goerge foreman griller plate and the drip tray is always quarter to a half full of water. The rest of the meat in the store is good and I have no other complaints about the food. The staff are always nice and polite and the weekly specials and the prices of the new products are excellent . I hope my complaint can be rectified.

Wallaroo and Gawler Foodlands - deli sections


My sister and l live in wallaroo and gawler. we both prefer to shop foodland and enjoy the good honest approach to prices and variety, especially when australian made produce is highlighted. however, even foodland slips up with smallgoods - a plentiful display of sliced meats, chicken pieces, fish and others sometimes means the product is stale or 'off'
staff are helpful and busy but checkouts run efficiently
the deli sections seem under pressure to put copious amounts of smallgoods out for appearance but at the end of the day, we have had products that are stale or even 'off'

Earl Hofert

Earl HofertAdelaide

  • 41 reviews

Recent convert. Very fond of them.


DelilahMetropolitan Adelaide, SA

  • 8 reviews

Spoilt for choice


We are so lucky where we live - we have a Drake, IGA and Romeo's all within 5+ minutes drive of our home (Happy Valley, O'Halloran Hill, Old Reynella, Hallett Cove). Most of the stores have been re-vamped and are super-easy to get around. The variety is excellent, especially for speciality gluten-free goods; continental cheeses etc. Some prices are more expensive than Coles and Woolies but I would rather shop with a South Australian company than those conglomerates who are taking over the food, alcohol and pub markets and provide year old deep storage produce!
Friendly, close to home, good service, good variety.

Miss Opinionator

Miss OpinionatorAdelaide

  • 13 reviews

Go you mighty south aussies!


I love my mighty south aussies! I save money, they supply a great range of products and support a lot of local family owned SA businesses just like them! Some stores do need upgrades otherwise overall well equipped stores with all necessary amenities. Staff could use better and more training in certain stores even is its up to individual to use comnon sense i think lack of training and supervision is a great contributor to overall complacency
Save money, great range, local, supports local

Service Plus


Foodland is in my opinion, the best supermarket around. Not only can you easily find all the groceries you need, if you need help there is always someone around to lend you a helping hand and a smile. With cheap prices like Coles and Woolworths but the comforting feel of a small, family market, you really can't go wrong.
Excellent service, positive atmosphere, inexpensive, friendly staff
Differs from store to store


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Unkempt Stores, Ugly 'Home Brand' Colours, Deli Foods Sold When Out Of Date


I no longer shop at Foodland after purchasing a potato salad from their deli that was anything but freshly made.

When the lid was removed from the product on our arrival home, we gagged from the foul stench. I have no idea how their staff managed to keep straight faces while they sold it to all and sundry.

No, we didn't bother lodging a complaint. The best form of customer revenge is word of mouth, and taking your custom elsewhere.

On other counts, range of products are appallingly limited, advertised prices (in the junk mail variety) are inaccurate and not displayed in store.

Staff (mostly teens) tend to look as miserable as a wet weekend.



Incorrect pricing

Olga Aquije

Olga AquijeAU

  • 3 reviews
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bad service and no much variety


I used to go to Foodland near my house nearly every two days and there was an special offer which you could get a free stuff toy every time you spend 30 dollars o more. When I went there the last time the cashier did not want to give me the toy because I mentioned at the end.Since then I decided to drive a bit far but not to go there ever again.

bad service



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  • 148 reviews

local stores


They promote themselves as a store that has local produce and that is a store that supports buy Australian but i have noticed that they are starting to sell a lot of foreign foods and they are putting them on special and promoting them in there weekly catalogues that you get in the post box. The stores seem very crowded and disorganised and there is always stuff on the floor and the staff are nit that helpful but in the plus side they do have great specials that save me a lot of money sometimes. They are locally owned which makes it better then giving your money to faceless suits.

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I live in Largs Bay and am an aged pensioner, currently homebound at demand of Federal Govt. Can you deliver to my home? Have Pension Card, & visa Card but am apprehensive about using Visa because, last week I tried to buy a washing machine and my card was compromised . Waiting on Bank for new card.
Elaine Baskett (My go to shop is Foodland North Haven)

3 answers

Sorry, I'm also a pensioner and live near the hills, Bit fare away. I would ring Foodland about deliveries. I wish you the best and stay well and safe.


Good luck Judy. Haven't heard from Foodland with a positive reply but hope that on Monday they will reply.
Keep well. We must be aware of 'the arms length rule" To add to the confusion, we all have different length arms !!

Fired Up
Fired Up

But why post in a review site rather than ask them directly?



Why does the Foodland at Yankalilla frequently run out of advertised specials? The specials shelves can be empty at any time during the cycle, including the first couple of days. This happens regularly, at any time of the year and when I ask about availability, the reply is often that the supplier is responsible for stocking the shelves or the store has been busy! In my opinion both of these issues are easily addressed by effective management. JH

1 answer
Fired Up
Fired Up

So why expect the public to know in a review site.



Does foodland milk support dairy farmers? If it doesnt i wont buy it!

1 answer
Fired Up
Fired Up

The milk they sell comes for dairy farmers so yes

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