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Patricia G.

Patricia G.asked

on my 98 ford falcon xr6 au1 there are the two terminals black and red. the red has a white wire also that goes on terminal whats this white wire for and is it on right terminal the red positive

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Robert S.

Robert S.asked

What is the box on the right hand side under the front spoiler is it for pollousion.

1 answer

if it is a white sort of plastic box it could be for the window washing water.

stephen .w

stephen .wasked

which fuse do i replace . for front right hand indicater.

1 answer

it should say on the fuse box that has a fuse for just about every other light and other electrical components.



Is there a inertia switch in my 2001 ford falcon au 11 lpg. And where is it located

1 answer

that is on the head light switch on the left there is a black round thing that you push up or down and should click when in place.

Norman. J

Norman. Jasked

In my ford falcon au series 2 three days ago the trip meter stopped and now the speedometer and rev MeV meter has stopped plus the fuel light and water light stay's on what would that be?

1 answer

loose wire, might be dodgey so try getting a second hand one to see if it fixes the problem

Richard C.

Richard C.asked

What type of alternator do I need for a 1999 Ford Falcon au series 1 petrol station wagon.
Ia it 3 pin ?

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Jeremy B.

Jeremy B.asked

Police got my keys and car never missed a beat until then now I got it back and I can't even get the reds on 2002 au ford falcon forte... battery is fine spark plugs connected and work.all fuses are there what do I do?

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Hi my 1998 el falcon smart lock is burned on some components, found no spark on the ignition coil can the smart lock cuase the car not to get park and also the climate control is totaly off but the fan s is running. What can I do?

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I need to replace my rear shock absorbers but not sure how to do it. What is the best way?

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How can I lean the air con filter behind the glove dox on a ford AU xr6 2000 model?

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I have a ford au series 3 i have a problem with the headlight switch it's back to front when I turn it to on it turns it off and when I turn it to off it turns it on and I've also lost the dash lights aswell.. does anyone know what could be causing this problem?

1 answer

the headlights switch must be connected the wrong way so try swapping the wires around. dash lights could be a fuse. so check your fuses

Mel G

Mel Gasked

I have a au falcon never really had any problems with it the other day when pulled up to set of traffic lights we smelt an odd smell similar to a lit match just been blown out then the car started running really rough and seemed to struggle to get power we put new spark plugs in and also new fuel filter still not running properly. What else could it be?

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Get your battery load checked, had a similar problem bad sulphur smell aircon stopped working labouring to start.........

Zac F

Zac Fasked

Hey guys I just installed an aftermarket head unit into my 1999 falcon futura and the dash/instrumentation lights don't work. Will it be more then a fuse?

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I have a 2000 au fairlane was driving along the abs light came on then the car just died there’s Nothing no lights can anybody help please?

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Chris Collins
Chris Collins

Stuffed battery or maybe buggered alternator. Could also be a loose wire.



How do you reset wiper rest position after replacing wiper motor?.

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I bought a 2001 Ford Falcon AU Ute, It was in a crash thus the backlights was damage. I'm being trying to find a plug that the bayonet light goes into, but trying to find one is impossible, has anyone had this same problem or is any suggestions to get some backlights for this thing?

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Car losing power..running on petrol. Cuts out then won’t start again for about 20min. Then starts again. Any ideas?

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I have a 2002 ford au tradesman ute that stop randomly while driving can anyone help?

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Hi, I have a A11 long reach ute . The front shocks are stuffed . Is it possible to fit xr6 struts ,with the springs one unit spring plus shock together . As local car wrecker has then on xr6 ute not taken off . I was planning to take off the complete unit in one hit and not bother with a spring compressor . Also do the spring and shock fit the my ute from a Fairmont . Thank you appreciate any ideas?

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Can you take r au 2 motor put it in au 1 with out changing anything?

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