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Ford Falcon EL

Ford Falcon EL

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She clocked over 1 million kms and never missed a bet

To the beach to Vic and back to WA paper runs taxi she was the best flagon ever. to school to work camping to fishing , crabbing . 3 kid 2 dogs 3 boogie boards 8 flippers 2 eskys, 2 water contains blankets, umbrella , cups , plates, hats sunscreen, dog water , dog ball ,dogs towels, wine ,salad,thongs 4 pairs. dog bowels, tennis balls and a car full of sand and laughter. I miss it so much.

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Engine Size5.4
Date PurchasedJun 1998

great car, excellent value for ur money.

bought a el ford and it ran perfectly did 1800ks a fortnight to and from work kids sports etc. and never had a problem. no loud noise coming from anywhere on the car. interior was great for its age dash had everything u need, and roomy. very reliable and fuel efficient fill the tank for $60-$70 and got about 700ks from 1 tank of fuel. would recommend to small familys. great family car. :)

Engine Size4.9
Date PurchasedApr 2014

Love, love, love this car.

I absolutely adore this car. It's a 1998 gLi EL. Bought him used at 198,000Ks. Have run him up to 207,000Ks over the last three years. He has been regularly serviced and I've never had a problem with him (though these days I'm wondering if he was even serviced properly, given my recent mistrust of the mechanics I used). Anyway. After a service in Jan 2016, it seemed like maybe the mechanics were negligent as I ended up with no coolant and a cracked radiator, which lead to a leaking water pump. All those issues are fixed ($680 later) and the car still drives like a dream. The cooling system (radiator, water pump, etc) is even more efficient than before with an aluminium radiator replacing the stock copper one. Interior is dated these days but is easy to use and functional and I'm sure looked fine in its release period/year.

Has a tow bar unfortunately and was warned that there's a bit of rust underneath, likely caused by the car being used near the ocean (that was where the previous owner had him), but I'll get that fixed when I need to. The power for such an old car is absolutely amazing. I'm a sensible driver but it's nice to know that when I need to gun it, that gorgeous engine will get me where I need to be in such a short space of time. Leaves most of the cars around me in the dust (I only zoom up to the speed limit - like I said, sensible driver :P ) I've only ever put Unleaded in the car and I've never had an issue with it. Handling is smooth, turning radius is good, he's a surprisingly LONG car so he doesn't fit completely into all parking spaces but that doesn't bother me at all (It just makes me slightly nervous about other careless drivers who might hit him). Seats are comfortable and adjustable, and the suspension is beautifully smooth. I was recently in a 50th Anniversary Holden Astra loaner car whilst my Falcon was getting fixed (the water pump - previously explained problem) and that car was really no comparison in every area.

The suspension was tight and unforgiving, the seats weren't as plush, and it felt very restrictive (though could be because it's a hatchback and naturally those cars are smaller than full-sized sedans). Not knocking the Astra - I just much, much prefer my Falcon. If I could find another 1998 with under 100Ks and no rust, I'd be buying it quick smart. Currently saving up for an XR6, or just another, newer Falcon in general. The newer, the less kilometres (usually), and the less chance for rust. Reliability is practically 100% if you can find trustworthy mechanics who give honest feedback and do proper services, and cost of upkeep is actually not that bad (again depending on the mechanic). Fuel consumption is surprisingly low, and for the most part depends on how you drive it. As stated before, I'm a sensible driver so I can easily run $50 worth of petrol over two weeks driving at least 7K every day. Very, super impressed with my 1998 EL. I hope to keep him for a very long time. :)

Engine Size4.0L

EL Ford 1996

This big old Ford doesnt like E10 fuel it coughs and carrys on within minutes. So tough and reliable I wouldnt swap my car for a new little fancy even if the new one were free. The vehicle was 5 years old when I purchased it and Ive had it now for 15 years, has regular services, the most expensive job was a head gasket 10 years ago but other than that the old girl is doing fine. I feel safer in this car.

Engine Size6 cyl

Best Falcon Ford Australia ever made - forget the later models

Mine is a 1996 EL - one of the first. The most obvious thing is that it is a pleasure to drive, easily equalling many modern 6 cylinder cars, and of course surpassing any modern 4 cylinder post-GFC bucket of bolts.

My car has 330000 kms and over 5 years I have replaced pretty much everything on the motor but the motor itself is still strong, doesn't use water or oil.

The car is cheap to maintain with the exception of major component repairs such as alternators and water pumps. I reconditioned the transmission in 2011 and it was only $1500. Not bad considering European cars will set you back $3000 or so for the same thing.

They have a reputation for 1) blowing headgaskets regularly. I never had that and I did drive it pretty hard a lot of the time. 2) fuel pump goes on them - yes, mine did and that is most inconvenient. 3) going through brakes - not so with mine for some reason 4) poor fuel economy - right there! Barely can make 322 kms on a tank of fuel on Sydney city driving. My 1992 V8 Toyota Soarer gets more than the Falcon!
5) air con is really good!

Appearance wise, the interior is pretty blasé. Bare-bones, typical Ford Australia, no-frills and now looks very dated.

For some reason the car did not like E10 fuel. It ran best on 98 Unleaded (like most cars, to be fair).
nice to drive, cheap to fix, engine goes forever if you look after it, air con is excellent, powerful
poor fuel economy, no frills dated interior

Engine Size4.0
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So you don't like ZF transmission nor JAQ suspension which is available in the latest model. If you knew anything about the Falcon to actually make a statement "Forget later models" how about you test drive an FG one ehh? Falcon keeps improving not getting worse!

Solid, Reliable Car!

The EL Falcon we have owned for 5 years has never let us down once! We absolutely drive it into the ground towing 3 ton motorbike trailers around on long trips, as my XR6 doesn't have a towbar, the old EL gets wheeled out every time! Very Reliable Engine, the only thing I can point out that's wrong with the engine, is that the Distributor is in a stupid spot and can burn spark leads easily after a few years. Also the bottom sills can tend to get a bit rusty, as mine already has a RustHole that is yet to be filled with fibreglass putty!
Overall a great car, has never let me down at all and probably never will!
Extremely Reliable. Quite Powerful. Easy To Maintain.
Sills Rust Quite Easy. Leads Can Short Out Easily. Metallic Paint Fades Easily. White Is The Colour To Go For.

Engine Size4.0
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I have a 98 gli it goes superbly and has taken us on big interstate trips it,s bullet proof

This car is just as good you can get find for a 16 years old

I have the Falcon EL, 1996 as my second car. It has a mere 93,000 kms on the clock. I have given it to my son.

In the first 12 years of the car, I just had to change oil and oil filter as well as changing the brake pads and the tyres as well as the battery.

In the last year, I had a major engine overhaul and, since then, as through the 16 years, the engine does not burn ANY oil until you change the oil. Extremely reliable.
Extremely reliable, powerful engine, plenty of space for 4 adults. Large booth. Parts are cheap and easy to find.
Petrol consumption can be high if you run it hard. Over-steering from the back.

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Which petrol is correctly FORXR6 Ford falcon model of 1996?
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My el died when I was driving it now wo t start , may be it has no spark? I replaced the coil
No answers

Hi, I have a EL XR 8 sedan, the ignition won’t turn off,radio and a/c all operate even with the key out,I’ve checked and tested all relays which are ok, would it be a computer issue, not sure where else to look, I was thinking about changing out the ignition barrel,these things don’t fail very often though, has anyone had this issue before, cheers
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Ford Falcon EL (1996-1998)
CategoryCars, Wagons and Sedans
Starting Price $29,950
Drive TypeRear Wheel Drive (RWD)
Fuel TypePetrol
Wheels15" Alloy
Fuel Consumption7.4 L/100km
Fuel Tank Capacity 68 L
Engine6 Cylinder 2L
Max Power157kW @ 4900rpm
Max Torque357Nm @ 3000rpm
Country of ManufactureAustralia
Manufacturer Warranty3 year(s)
Release dateJan 1996
Discontinuation dateDec 1998
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