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John p

John pasked

What could cause power to suddenly go of to 2bottom rows of fuses when turn ignition on

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Jesse W.

Jesse W.asked

wheres the high beam fuse in a 1997 el ford fairmont

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Peter M.

Peter M.asked

Can I put an AU wiring loom in it fuse box

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Bonginkosi M.

Bonginkosi M.asked

Which petrol is correctly FORXR6 Ford falcon model of 1996?

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Dillon N.

Dillon N.asked

My el died when I was driving it now wo t start , may be it has no spark? I replaced the coil

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I have a EL XR 8 sedan, the ignition won’t turn off,radio and a/c all operate even with the key out,I’ve checked and tested all relays which are ok, would it be a computer issue, not sure where else to look, I was thinking about changing out the ignition barrel,these things don’t fail very often though, has anyone had this issue before, cheers

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I have a Ford Falcon 1996 wagon. I have a fuel problem and have changed one filter , where is the fuel pump located? as i can now get it to start by putting a little fuel in the intake, and can get it to idle for a few seconds (between 30sec-60sec), but then it dies. Thinking its the fuel pump now as it seem okay by way of ignition, battery, fuses etc

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Matt C.

Matt C.asked

My car wouldn't start it took awhile to start I stopped to put fuel in then car wouldn't start again still won't start will try to turn over but won't start is it my fuel pump or something else

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Rachael S.

Rachael S.asked

why does my radiator keep over heating, last owner did remove thermostate = its not using water, have flushed it out. still keeps getting real hot, gage sits just off hot, at times smells like radiator is dry although feed bottle is full of water, thinking it may be water pump. do you have any idea's please

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My car just stopped no warning now there’s no spark and a solid red light comes on under temp gauge, any help?

1 answer

Also the airbag light flashes five times then gap then two times and when motor turning over abs light illuminating



Where is the Location for the relay for the fuel pump and maybe a fuse as there is no power to the pump? cheers

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Joanne F

Joanne Fasked

ignition fuse melted in engine bay of ford falcon el ?

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Anyone know approximately how many litres or km left in the car when the fuel light come on?

4 answers

approx 80ks

Col W
Col W

Agree approx 80kms


Thanks :)

Fred A

Fred Aasked

Anybody know on a electronic falcon what causes the gears to drop in and out and sometimes won't change this is the second gearbox doing the same thing would appreciate help?

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does el xr 8 have a belt driven fan or thermos and how do you tell if it is working?

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Peter W

Peter Wasked

Will normal EF falcon indicators fit in a EF xr6 one of mine a damaged I need a quick fix to save the money to get a new xr one?

1 answer
Bob Smith
Bob Smith

Pretty sure they are exactly the same thing, theres just a cover on the xr models from what i remember. ring up a wreckers in your area they would have an idea but just take off that cover and check it. From searching they are exactly the same.



What oil should I use in my 1996 EL Fairmont , has done 135000 KM and is in excellent condition?

1 answer
Bob Smith
Bob Smith

just use a standard oil 10w40 sounds good. they run with just about any oil.



I have a 1998 el falcon futura 4.0 and trying to install new head unit but cant find a wire correct diagram anywere. Any help would be appreciated cheers.

1 answer

Not needed. Just buy an aftermarket lead that plugs your new stereo into the Ford plug. If not, the coloured wires are the same if doing it manually.



I have a 1996 Fairmont just want to if the computer is enemy thing to with transmission going forward and backwards?

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My EL loses power to the dash periodically? Any help would be appreciated.

1 answer

EL ? After the 60’s & 70’s I needed the 80’s & 90’s to get over it, so I’m unlikely to remember anything about this vintage.

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