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FG XR6 2013. When I put into reverse ICC goes blank. Any suggestions?

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Stevan D.

Stevan D.asked

hi my 2013 xr6 falcon command center is not working . it froze so i tried to take the battery off to see if i left it with now power for 5 minutes it would help to reset it , Now the screen is blank. The radion still works but no camera can you help

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Farhan XR6

Farhan XR6asked

Hi Guys, I've got ford FG MK2 XR6 Ecolpi 2013 (152 kilometres on dash) . Recently the transmission light turns on and start beeping with warning signs like DSC Fault and traction. also when I accelerate it kicks like fuel is not going through. I went to mechanic for a computer test and he said it shows 6 error codes which includes the Sensor and Timing chain linked to crankshaft. I got no idea what's wrong and I don't want to end up on big bucks. If anyone could help me out with this issue would be appreciated, thx

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andrew b.

andrew b.asked

I have an FGII, 2011 XR6, and when I turn the key to on position, I get all the lights but nothing else. I could do this up to 4 times before it starts. There is no sound at all and I know that the starter motor was replaced in July.

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Josh A.
Josh A.

You will need to clean up the solenoid wire on the starter motor. Common problem

Steven P.

Steven P.asked

I have a 2011 fg xr6 Mark mk2 I just want to know if I can change my icc unit to a touch screen unit out of a 2013 Fg xr6 mk2 if any one knows cheers

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Josh A.
Josh A.

Yes you can. It's not the cheapest. I converted a mk1 to the mk2 touchscreen with a kit from mrfpv on eBay. Contact him and he will organise all that you need.

Michelle W.

Michelle W.asked

My radio works but display scree is blank what does this mean please

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Josh A.
Josh A.

Does your fg have the touch screen radio?



I have 2010 fg xr6 that has charge error light turn on and off randomly every few minutes of driving. I have had the alternator and battery tested and working I don't know what else it could be.

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Robert C.
Robert C.

See if you can borrow an OBD2 scanner, and check for any faults. However I would be very suspicisious of a faulty alternator, as they can sometimes be very difficult to detect- one minute it may be working, the next the connection may fray (even for a second) and will induce a voltage drop. This can leave you stranded on the side of the road if your not careful, and even jumpstarting the car may not help. However, if the alternator is definetly not at fault (which I honestly believe it is), it could only otherwise be an electrical fault-cue the scanner tool. If it's as simple as clearing a code, then congrats, otherwise, I'd be picking up a decent alternator to save the hassle.
Also- If you don't know anyone who yoou can hire a scanner off, you can buy cheap one's for $100 at SCA, or online, that get the job done. *Dont ask a mechanic to 'borrow' his scanner.. Nothing pisses them off more. They are losing money from a potential customer.

Josh A.
Josh A.

Fg falcons are very very sensitive to a battery on its way out. I would buy another one. I have seen tested ok batterys give lots of issues with fgs. Usually the same error as yours and even sometimes others like abs and throttle control

Daniel L.

Daniel L.asked

FG xr6 turbo ute keeps shutting down after starting then system imoborlized pops up On dash replaced battery and terminals

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Mick E.

Mick E.asked

Key says it’s not recognisable and won’t lock unlock or start the car son put an amp and sub in today any idea where to start looking for the problem ?

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Daniel A.

Daniel A.asked

check engine light comes on for a month or so get it tested and it reads the purge valve faulty but then goes out for another month or so i dont think it is the valve as there is no matching symptons car runs perfect 2010 fg g6

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Jenelle L.

Jenelle L.asked

I have a G6E 2008 Ford Falcon. We have been advised that our fog lights need to be adjusted down but can't find any information as to where it can be adjusted, Can anyone help?

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ian danger

ian dangerasked

where is switch for boot light on fg.

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boot light stays on when boot is closed

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Brianna C.

Brianna C.asked

How to remove the fuel tank

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Hi guys just bought 2010 fg xr6. When I turn the key all dash lights etc are on. But wont start. Cant hear fuel pump just nothing. Turn key off then on and it starts after a couple of tries. Hoping I can find problem before it turns into real issue.

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Jason M.

Jason M.asked

CD player not reading cds...no sound. Reading CDs please wait appears on screen. Doesn't play cds

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Paul M

Paul Masked

my control centre has dropped out, prior to this L was having intermittent faults. Can this be repaired

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Gday I've got a 2012 g6et and while driving the bonnet ajar sign comes on and the bonnet is closed also sets the alarm off is there a sensor to adjust or something I can do to fix it thanks jordan.

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Bradley F.

Bradley F.asked

I have 2010 FG G6 was driving along when the Transmission fault warning appeared curious as to see what the problem was if anyone could help me please?

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I was wondering if anyone knows where I can purchase a cold air intake system for a Ford Falcon G6 Ecoboost FG.
If anyone knows please send the link.

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