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Ford Territory SX (2004-2005)

Ford Territory SX (2004-2005)

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Awful car

Ok so i bought a second hand ford territory he eventually got the name terry the terrible territory!!
Anyway second hand from a dealer 3 days after buying one of the gaskets broke itself which sent my car into limp mode while driving no brakes no steering completely locked thank the handbrake worked!
So this was the start luckily dad is a mechanic he told me not to buy one but i liked the idea of the whole soccer mum thing which is funny because it didnt make it long enough for my kids to play soccer. Ok so constant bushes, ball joints tyres wearing out from the inside probably every 6 -8 months new tyres.
Ohh and the finish of it for me was driving out of my driveway when the whole lower control arm snapped so glad i wasnt on the highway with my kids in the car! Please dont buy one look around heaps with back panel missing it literally crumbles and always a brake light out owed $3,000 got $1,500 it was so bad i lost money because it was a piece of crap!

Date PurchasedFeb 2014

Transmission Failures

2nd Hand 2004 Territiry bought with 100,000km on the clock. The performance & handling with the car is great for a larger car. I always cruised around with it, i am not a lead foot. I occasionaly towed my horse float. I had to replace the transmission in the car twice! This costed me a fortune approx $7k in expense. Along with this, the bushes in the suspension all had to be replaced, the sensors for parking failed, the cd player failed, electric windows failed. You name it, i replaced it. Worst car i have ever owned. Unfortunatly i liked the car, but its reliability was awful!

Date PurchasedMar 2012

Rust Bucket

I was horrified to be told my territory was full of rust. An auto repairer doing a minor door panel repair removed the door sill plastic mouldings and discovered chronic rust in this are. They checked the other side and this was the same. Ford clearly do not match other car makers in rust prevention.


Don't buy one

I purchased a terriory 2004 second hand at Titan ford Brookvale and have had nothing but problems.
Front end steering vibrated , veichle under warranty had to take it back 5 times and ring fair trading before it was fixed.
Power windows passenger and rear don't work and car has only 70000 on clock !
Hood lining falling of and rear shocks already replaced.
Worst car and service I have ever experienced!!



I purchased a SX TS AWD second hand one owner with full Ford service history. It is the worst vehicle I have ever owned. It was 3 years old. Since purchase and in the last 60,000km I have replaced ball joints front and rear bushes had brake recalls, a vibration since purchase, new front drive shafts 2 sets of tyres numerous front end alignments .This vehicle is just a pig. I won't even mention all the bits which fell off or wore out like the ABS and Traction control unit $850 for the part $1200 labour. I will be glad when Ford leaves AUS. And take their rubbish cars with them. The second worst car was a EA S sedan ,you think I'd learn.

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What happened with the vibration? What was the cause?

Average McDonalds variety production vehicle

I bought a 2005 Ford Territory TX SX about 3 years ago and at the time it was an ex-company fleet vehicle which did quite a lot of travelling around the state and over. In its dual tone shades of Lightning Strike and grey mouldings, it came with some extras like Cruise Control, Dash Mats, Tow Bar, Fog Lights and a few storage draws; all in all, it was very practical, but it is by far not the best. I found the driving to be very comfortable especially on uneven roads and speed humps. With very dark tinting (legal) around the vehicle, it did provide the much needed privacy and some cooling options.

It was also a 5 seater, I liked the idea that you could fold the seats completely flat; and you could carry just about anything reasonable. Fuel consumption is ok depending on how you drive it, as it is heavy but I chose the RWD as opposed to the AWD.

There are just too many of these things on the road and it is becoming quite cluttered, insurance, maintenance and parts are very good. Quality and Robustness is a different story together and depends on whether you picked up a lemon or a reasonable investment.

Nearing its end of its life before a major overhaul of its transmission and steering column as well as shocks; I looked into various SUV options as well as the prospects of repairing this car just to last us another short while.

The 2011 release of the Diesel variant which is good to the point if you intend to travel long distances and especially mostly on the free-ways or high-ways; then diesel makes sense. But in stop start traffic and adding to the green-house gases with its cloudy emissions just to give you a boosted sense of performance with frugal fuel consumption; you might as well just buy yourself a Prius or an electric car variant.

The styling of both the old and the new is not shared by most people and as such you would need to drive it yourself to add an opinion.

The question on whether I would buy another Territory in the future, is a big question mark. Since I ended up buying something that is both provocative, expensive and considered in a different class all together. I do not believe Ford will ever reach high quality and reliability standards any time soon.

For the petrol based model of the Territory regardless of whether it is the old version or the present one; using Premium Unleaded is high recommended. Using anything lower than this, will result in lower overall range as well as costing you more in the long run spending more wasteful moments at petrol stations to fill it up. The recommended fuel rating for this car is Unleaded at 91 Octane, use 95+ only.
Practical, Insurance coverage, Maintenance, Parts & Servicing
Fuel specific, Missing a great deal of features even on the base model,



If this car was more economical, we'd be the happiest campers in the world. We have the 2005 SX model Ghia AWD and it's been great for us. We have two baby seats in the back and there's still room for an average sized person to sit between the two seats without being too squashed.
I like sitting up high, being a shorter person, it's good to have a tall view over the traffic around me. There are heaps of storage compartments.
It's an absolute fuel guzzler. We are lucky to get 550kms on the open road and even less around town, and last year when petrol was $1.75 a litre, it was costing us around $130 to fill it up. Also, the spring in the ignition switch went, and we had to replace the entire steering column as it's a sealed unit, which cost close to $2,000.


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