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Does any one know how to bleed an automatic manual gearbox in a 2003 ford transit van please if you can show me a diagram this gear box is different to what I have seen?
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Hi stewart you can bleed with ford vcm 2 scanner

Front wheel bearings are they poor or what?
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Have not experienced a problem with front wheel bearings (yet), but I am not surprised this would be the next unexpected cost on my ford Transit VM. - At 149.000 km, oil cooler failed. Cost $ 5.000 - At 155.000 km, alternator broken. Cost $ 1.500 So yeah, what will the next thing be, front wheel bearings????some one just ripe you off , if you are in Melbourne . There is one good ford Transit Mechanic. Let me know . if you need any detail

Is there much to replace the clutch in a VM 2010 transit?
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Hi, Sorry I can not answer this question. I am not a mechanic and do not work on the car myself. There are a few YouTube sessions that explain the process. Good luck with your projectSorry i am not a mechanic but have had an inspection on my vm transit 4 months ago, had a smell coming from my clutch and they said that there are about four types of clutches plates used in this vehicle kits were quoted at $1500can only say use genuine part for ford transit , Genuine ford clutch kit with single mask flywheel , clutch, pressure plate , Thrust bearing , spigot bearing, rear man seal will cost you almost $2000 with fitted . Always Genuine

Hi can anyone offer a possible cause for my 2004 VJ Transit suddenly refusing to start.. It turns over ok but then the orange glow plug light comes on and flashes as you are turning over the motor.. Recently replaced diesel pump and investors , have had no previous problems starting the thing 2.4 LTR turbo diesel ... Could it be the main computer failure ? Very frustrating when it is your home ...
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Possibly the EGR valve. The coiled light on the instrument panel is the giveaway. I also had to replace the diesel injector pump on mine at 382,000km, after it refused to start, but it sounds like you have already addressed that issue. Make sure you get a new or reconditioned unit though, or you will have more problems.Don't by ayrany from reef city ford gladstone. They won't ohner worrenty. Sucks.Check your sensor that connects to the glow plug rail. Have your glow plugs tested as well. This is an old post and you have probably sorted it. Would like to know what the problem was.

We are looking at buying a 2006 Ford transit Winnebago Motor home (2.3 Turbo, diesel) , but a mechanic said the motors are trouble? Any feedback from anyone with hands on experience with one?with
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Hi Although my 2010 VM cab chassis ford transit did have to have a cracked head at 151,000 km and had to be replaced at the sum of $10,000 doesn't mean that the vehicle you are looking at buying will have the same problem. Its a game of luck. What ever your decisions I still have and still keeping my vehicle as I could not find another vehicle to replace it. Good luckG'day , I have a 2004 VJ Turbo Diesel which has done nearly 500,000 k's. I have had to replace the diesel fuel pump $3500 and all 4 injectors $3200 in Townsville last year .. I was told that they motors will go forever if properly services and maintained .. Unfortunately now it appears my computer is faulty, engine will not start at all Frustrating as all I do is travel around oz, Ford will fix it but repairs can be very costly... I was told common fault is the diesel fuel pump, or the auto select gearbox mine is a 6 speed manual anda pleasure to drive.. Hope that helps you..Check that the key immobilizer hasn't died. And with transits, always have a permanent hot-wire, from the starter-solenoid to inside the cab, and when the computer says NO, touch to positive on battery (under drivers seat) will usually make it go.

How Do the 2010 Transits go up hill, long distance? IE Brisbane to Adelaide etc
2 answers
As there are different models of transits e.g van / tray / cab chassis. ( I have a cab chassis with extended tray ) It performed quite well up hills unloaded and you do know it you have a load on but still performed well just have to keep the revs up. No problems over long distances, but you are in a some what chair sitting position different to a car where you can sit in a more recline position.Hi Jezka56..I have owned 2 Ford Transits now the 140 model 4 cyl. turbo 2.4 litre 6 speed manual. With regard to your question about going up a hill, well I can't describe the admiration that I have for this high torque engine and it's ability to impress me. Going up a long incline west of Kuranda the road breaks into 2 lanes- an overtaking lane and the slow lane. The cars behind me get ready to overtake me on this long incline, but they must be astounded when they can't do so. They must think "Oh this 3.5 tonne motorhome will definitely go slow up this long hill, I'll overtake" ....or something along those lines, much to their amazement..they don't get a chance., I can easily maintain my 100 kph up the hill, but I move over to the slow lane anyway, just to carry on being the courteous motorist that I am. I DO NOT increase my speed if someone tries to., or is overtaking me, that's a mongrel act and illegal. This little gutsy turbo high torque motor is well designed and perfect for this Transit Van. Mine is a Talvor motorhome and weighs 3,455 kg on the road with me and wifey aboard. I don't try to beat those that go over the 100kph in order to pass me. Let them do what they will, they're not roping me into speeding...that'd be stupid. I hope this helps you Jezka56. By the way, neither of the 2 transits that I have owned have ever used engine oil. After a 12,300 klm road trip I had to put a quarter of a litre in when only 400klms away from home on the home bound leg of the trip. And I have NEVER had to top up the water, I check it every day or so but never uses any. Our Transit is the Jumbo Tourer just over 6 mtrs long, has a great turning cirlce, and returns 10 litres deisel per 100 klms cruising at 100 kph. Once in traffic it obviously burns more fuel. The only element of the Transit that I don't like is the stupid rear side windows. They only slide open about250mm and that's the only ventilation apart from the roof hatch...not a lot in summer when you're not near 240 volts, so can't use the inhouse air-con regards Pat Biggs Builder 0427 034 457

I have a 2002 Ford transit Motor home with pre- select gear box. It keeps burning out clutch plate. After say 1000 or less after fitting a new clutch Assy when parking or reversing the whole vehicle shudders The Ford dealer after putting in 2 new clutch Assy-at a cost of $5000 has no idea what's wrong with it. The gearbox works well Does anyone have any suggestions as to what is wrong? Any advice would be appreciated? John [details removed]
2 answers
Possibly half way along the tail shaft the middle supporting mounting rubber is worn out. It is easy to check. with the hand brake and out of gear (wheels chocked) see if you can move the tail shaft up and downThanks very much we have now found out and fixed the servo unit also know as the robot

Is diesel different to petrol in the power steering on the 2004 vj model?
1 answer
Hi Scott there is a different pump for a diesel and a petrol motors, has the same belt pulley style, not sure if their is any difference in the power steering aspect.

Hi there, how do I reset the engine management system on a 1997/98 ford transit, it does not have a pin connector, has anyone have any ideas on how I can do it.
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Just disconnect the battery for about 10 minutes. It seems to kickstart and reset the computer... Make sure that you have your radio security code though as you will need to reset the radio

I have a 1997 ford transit 2.5 ltr Diesel after having a timing belt replaced about 18 months ago I now have a red eng warning light coming on & going into limp mode which can happen anytime from start to 500 klm . Stopping and restarting engine, eng warning light goes out for varying distances again. When eng light is out engine goes very good & showes no lack of power or any signes of any problems. Any ideas?
2 answers
had the same, turned out to be the earth lead being corroded on the inside of the plastic cover, after many dollars and trips to FordsHi Carol, I had a very similar problem and it turned out to be the fuel pump failing under load .. Not maintaining fuel supply constantly..

can i fit vm (2006-2013)drivers seat to the passenger side of the vm (2006-2013) van?
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while it would be nice to rid the bench , the answer is no as the battery box is part of the seat mount on the drivers side a structure would need to be approved and manufacturedI bought a second hand bucket seats and battery boxes on a 2008 model and they bolted straight in 06marshyG'day mate, I removed my passenger bench seat and bolted a drivers seat straight onto the position for the bench seat... All the bolt holes will line up but you will seat belt fastener.. And of course the drivers seat armrest will be on the side of the door.. But if that doesn't bother you go for it

I have a 2004 Ford Transit Van Diesel and it won't select a gear while the motor is running, but will while switched off and the ignition on. I've been told the gearbox is a ZF 3 Speed Automatic with Hydraulic Clutch. There is 3 push buttons on the dash R N D Rarely it will select a gear, but shouldn't be like that. I can't find any answers as to why this is doing this. Hopefully someone can give me the answer. It's an Ex Ambulance European model.
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Did u get any answers?? We have just bought same one with same issue. We will take to a mehanic and see what the issue is. Thanks MoniqueYou will find out it is oil pressure pump on gear box

I have heard e hard to service. Is this so? That SOME manual Transits have the clutch servo fitted INSIDE the bellhousing and hens?
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It's still under warranty, so I have never serviced it myself.

Air cond lower 2 speeds, don't work. Any ideas? Cheers! Geoffrey
2 answers
Sorry Geoffrey, I haven't had any probs with my air con. when the turn knob is at 12 noon , one thinks that it is off but it blows cold very gently like a babys breath. if the green light is on it should be working. You must remember they were made for England originally, not for the heat of Oz. Paddy 0427 034 457There is a fuse up behind the dashboard which entails taking half the dash off. Local dealer did mine - $120. Fuse has gone again I think, after 5000 km!

1997 transit are they as bad as you have talked about .I have just fitted mine out.replaced fuel pump ,looking for underbody water tanks what can you tell me please?
1 answer
Jim...I have only praise for the 2007 6.2 mtr transit 2 berth motorhome that I have. It returned us 9litres/100 klms on a trip to Tasmania and back, we live in far north Qld. near Cairns. Great turning circle, very capable of increasing road speed while ascending a hill, comfortable easy to park and not gonna break the bank. Ours was $38,200 but it had 300,ooo klms on it when we purchased it from Apollo, now has 3340,000 has never missed a beat, burned no oil or water on our 11,500 klms Tassie trip. Have alook under neath the motor and gearbox, if it's dry with no oil leaks it's a good one...have fun Pat Biggs

Looking at a 2003 ford transit for about $8000 any advice?
1 answer
Not really but if second hand be carful why are they selling Ford bad for parts on transit. Better of looking at Renault get one with a history of maintenance. I know where two are if interested but looking between $12000.00 and $16000.00. depending on year. 0448431923

Hello, I have a 2007 140T 330 Transit. Their is oil in the water coolant tank, But no water in the Engine oil or sump.?Would anyone have a idea or advice on the Problem.?
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same problem with mine toke it to ford they said it is the heat exchanger $2500 late same problem now they are saying its just residue oil but now i an using oil and water but with no leaks anywhere .

I bought a brand new transit 2014 did 40000 km and had to spend $2500 on new rotors ,pads and shocks, I tow a trailer but I thought this was a commercial vehicle and should have been suited for work, I'm worried the clutch will be next has anyone experienced the same should I sell while still low kms?
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I got 300000 out of first clutch. Then fitted a solid flywheel as for brakes use aftermarket i get two pad fits to front rotors about 70000 per pads I do 600 a day carrying a tone or more

This is lee auto eletrician looking for a gear box for transit 6 peed 2005 can you tell me how much?
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Hope your sitting down looking for one myself around 2 to 2500.00 .

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