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Forty Winks NSW, Alexandria

Forty Winks NSW, Alexandria

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I found my perfect match!

Was struggling to find the perfect bed for me & was recommend Forty Winks from a friend. As soon i walked in i was made to feel very welcome by their friendly staff. They introduced me to their bedMATCH range & was able to find the perfect mattress for my needs. Their customer service was excellent; very professional, polite & knowledgeable of the products they were selling. I highly recommend Forty Winks to anyone looking for all their bedding & mattress needs!

Shop LocationNSW, Alexandria

Advanced Comfort Mattress - Warranty not honoured as expected

Tried to make a warranty claim for collapsed springs without any success.
Sincere Bedding (the manufacturer) dragged the chain for 6 weeks and then wanted to see the mattress.
Once seen, they wanted me to fund its transport to their factory to be examined. Upwards of $150 cost to me.
They told me that its not an everyday bed. Its a guest room bed. Not what I was told in store.
Shouldn't sit on the bed. Not what I was told in store.
I moved on elsewhere. Shame as it was my 4th Mattress from that store.

Shop LocationNSW, Alexandria

My son's bed broke and I've been told never to call Forty Winks again!

I bought a Seasons king single bed frame two weeks ago from the Forty Winks Alexandria store and picked it up yesterday.

I followed the steps exactly as outlined in the instructions, however, one of the rails pulled itself out of its anchor point in the bed end, falling to the ground. That has damaged the top hole so badly and irreparably that the bed rail cannot be safely fixed into place.

I'm extremely disappointed that an item in Forty Winks's inventory could break so easily under its own weight like this - it means my three year old son didn't have a place to sleep last night. I'm also concerned from a safety perspective just how safe this bed is, now.

The safety of the bed even in working order itself is also dubious - that this item would break under its own weight is a massive safety concern.

I emailed the store this morning but didn't hear back so I called them. They told me they needed to speak to the manufacturer of the bed. Then later told me the manufacturer would call me today, which they didn't. I was then told by Forty Winks a replacement part would be sent out to me but they could not give me a delivery day.

I became annoyed by this response and explained that I'd take this to social media. The owner of the Forty Winks Alexandria store ([name removed]) insinuated it was my fault and then told me to never to call the store again.

What?! My son doesn't have a bed to sleep in because I was sold a faulty and unsafe item and I'm told to get lost?

Really? Is this the right way to treat a customer who has bought a bed which broke under its own weight and could have injured his child.

And still I don't know when the bed is going to be replaced.

Seriously, this will be the last time I ever have anything to do with Forty Winks, I found [name removed] treatment of me to be disgusting. This was just the worst experience possible and I'm still unsure if the part is going to be replaced.

Shop LocationNSW, Alexandria
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Hi Richard. Investigation showed that when you put the bed together you stripped the bolts by doing them far too tight. The store has offered you a brand new bed replacement or a full refund but you demanded a bed be sent to you that day which was logistically impossible. The store has gone above and beyond the call trying to help you here despite being subject to very abusive language and phone calls. We are sore you have not had the experience you wanted but we have done alll we can to help.

Left with no bed to sleep on & still no response from Forty Winks!

I purchased an expensive King Koil Chiro mattress and Base from Forty Winks. The in store support was great. The after sale support unfortunately was awful. Forty Winks confirmed delivery for 27/10/17 and then cancelled delivery because the 'drivers don't deliver after 5pm' and they had booked too many deliveries in. Having explained that we now had no bed to sleep on (as I had sold my old bed that day given the delivery confirmation) the store told me there was nothing they could do, so we slept on the floor. The reason we had purchased this mattress is because we had been medically advised to buy this particular mattress with my partner having had shoulder surgery. The store did not care about this and knowingly allowed him to sleep on the floor!

I asked for priority delivery the day after as I had weekend plans that would be difficult to cancel. I was told it would arrive between 2-4pm. It did not arrive until gone 5pm. Having emailed Forty Winks twice and having a telephone discussion with Head Office on 27/10/17, I have still not had a reply from anyone in the Company.

The King Koil range is amazing, but I would purchase from the numerous other stores that sell this product like Harvey Norman. The customer service, post sale from Forty Winks has been awful and I will not be using them again. Steer clear!

Shop LocationNSW, Alexandria

Terrible terrible delivery service and rude delivery driver/manager

We bought a super expensive King bed from this place. When we bought this we were told the delivery guys will call us up and schedule a convenient time.
On a Wednesday, we were told the delivery will be made on Friday and to be available (We both work!) and I asked to make it Saturday instead, they agreed but they wouldn't give me a time and said that the delivery guys will call up and "Schedule" on Friday. On Friday they just call us up and give us a slot and when I tell them it is inconvenient (8 AM- when we have a bed in the bedroom which we need to disassemble and make way so that the new bed can go into the room) and the driver started badgering me and I told him to cancel the delivery for the next day and that I will call Forty winks and ask for a convenient slot later and hung up. Then someone from the delivery ([name removed]) calls me back and started badgering me and not let me speak, he went on that there are 19 other customers they have slotted and moving us would mean moving everyone and that is not possible and that I just need to wake up early and disassemble my bed or move the bed into the hallway (Seriously what a suggestion that my husband and I should just move a bulky queen bed to the hallway all by ourselves. WOW!), when I did NOT even insist on moving the time on the same day, I just said I will call Forty Winks and schedule another time for next Saturday. When I said I paid for the bed and will be paying for the delivery as well and that they are not doing me a favour and should not tell me what I should do and that if the time is not convenient for me it is not convenient, the guy literally went "Listen lady, You are not special because you bought a bed from Forty Winks and there are 19 other customers and what about the ones who are slotted before you?" I said it is not my business about what others' circumstances and arrangements are and how they are managing an earlier time and that he had no right to speak to me like that. I hung up as he started yelling at me !! Minutes later I still receive a message saying my delivery is slotted for 8 AM!!

These guys are pathetic. Never buy from them.

Shop LocationNSW, Alexandria

Staff arguments in store

Went into the store at Alexandria Homemaker centre, walked in and could hear staff yelling, one man in particular was quite loud and upset. I walked around the store looking at bed frames, waiting for one of the FIVE staff members to help me, but all they were doing was arguing. One male staff member was shouting at another for being incompetent and the others all watched as they fought. Very unprofessional. They all noticed me, and yet none of them stopped to even acknowledge me, let alone to apologise and help me choose a mattress. I walked around for a little longer waiting for the conflict to be over so that I could get some help, but it became increasingly uncomfortable to be in the store. I left and went back to Snooze to the great saleswoman there, and bought a $1250 mattress. Would have happily found a mattress at forty winks but I wasn't willing to give them my business after that disgusting display. That store and the company should be very embarrassed. Never, ever, going back.

Shop LocationNSW, Alexandria
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Hi Madi, Terribly sorry to hear you witnessed staff having a bad day. The team at Alexandria are normally the loveliest people. I have passed this on to the store owner to raise this with the staff.

it is the most disgusting experience I have ever had before - the terrible services and stuff in Ale

the most terrible services and low quality stuff I have ever met. the manager Arthur and the stuff Alex are very rude and never kept promise.

Shop LocationNSW, Alexandria
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Hi Juan, Please private message us with the details and we will have the store owner chase this up for you.

Does not support product it sells

I would like to lodge an official complaint regarding the merchandise Forty Winks sells, it's lack of concern for the consumer, & it's ability to wipe its hands of an ongoing CHRONIC problem with selling anything in the King Koil or AH Beard range. To put it bluntly, my purchase of a QB from Forty Winks in the King Koil range from the Alexandria store has been a dismal failure & the fact that the bed is discontinued even strengthens a consumer's concern. The mattress has dramatically sunk on the side, AH Beard offered to do nothing, put forward a whole heap of petty excuses even though acknowledging its sunken appearance when entering the room, even though it is blatantly obvious there is a serious manufacturing problem. After reading online here, the litany of complaints against AH Beard, I would never ever purchase a bed from Forty Winks as they are totally untrustworthy. I am searching for a new mattress, after 1 year. What a waste of money.

Shop LocationNSW, Alexandria
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Hi. Sorry for the slow response but we have been trying to find a case that matches your complaint details. Could you please Pvt msg your purchase details and we will take it up directly with the manufacturer.

They sell it well but their product was garbage and warranty useless!!!!

Purchased a Silent Partner Queen mattress that sunk within 6 months. I was pregnant at the time so I thought the feeling of drowning was from my ever-expanding body. That feeling however never went away even after I gave birth and pretty soon I felt like I'm hanging while sleeping. Attempted to claim warranty and paid 70 dollars for someone to come and see it only to say that my bed is to blame that the mattress has sunk because I have not got a centre support leg and that my slats are a couple of millimetres too thin. What a load of it :( My bed was a sturdy timber bed with slats that have not moved a millimetre and with a centre support bar, none of which made any difference. Whatever it takes to get out of warranty. So $1800 dollars plus the $ 70to have it assessed down the drain. I can't even sell it because I don't operate like that so I will most likely pay to get rid of it.
Thank you 40 winks NEVER AGAIN!!!!!

Shop LocationNSW, Alexandria
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Hello Jelena. Sorry to hear about your negative experience. I will speak to the store owner and the manufacturer to get the detail they have recorded. If you would also send us a private message letting us know when you purchased the bed.

Exceptional Customer Service

Our story goes back to 25 April 2015 when our home and especially our bedrooms were badly damaged due to the hail storm that reeked havoc in the inner West however our final delivery only occurred last week due to tradesman issues. After the storm our Insurance Company advised us we had to use Forty Winks for the replacement of our beds and relevant bedding. We initially rang the Alexandria store and had the good fortune to have Doug answer the phone and then to become the salesperson we would later liaise with and select our replacement beds and bedding.we selected the nearest one to us which was Forty Winks at Alexandria for replacement of our beds and relevant bedding. Doug was most helpful and very was not only knowledgeable in assisting us with our replacements, he was also a warm and friendly sales person with excellent customer service skills. We selected our replacement beds etc at this initial meeting, however due to difficulties on securing tradesman to action the necessary repairs required on our home we had to have our goods held for a long period of time. At no time did this branch of Forty Winks put pressure on us to make the final payment or to take delivery of the goods before all repairs were completed, for which we were so grateful. Prior to our final delivery there was an issue with one of the beds and doona cover being no longer available. Not a problem for this store and Felicia - another wonderful sales person at this store, ensured the problem was resolved to our full satisfaction. So thank you Forty Winks Alexandria, you do indeed have what is something, that at times, seems to no longer exist - ie excellent Customer Service.

Shop LocationNSW, Alexandria

Excellent service at Alexandria store.

I went into the Alexandria Forty Winks store a few weeks ago not knowing what I was after (I don't know much about beds) and immediately the friendly staff approached me with good old fashioned service and assistance. I did not feel pushed into buying the most expensive bed they had and surprisingly walked out spending much less than my expectation. If you're in the market for a new bed do yourself a favour and go and see the guys in this store. I've never felt better since receiving my bed!

Shop LocationNSW, Alexandria

Dismissive and condescending staff

Went here for a mattress - the staff member was naturally argumentative and abrasive the whole way through. I can't remember the last time I ever wanted to punch someone, but I would have loved to have punched him. The best bit was when he told us that our physiotherapist, with two published books on back pain, was utterly wrong on bed choice. The management must be utter muppets to hire such salespeople.

To top it off, when we did buy a mattress there, he called my wife "sweetie" all the way through.

Don't go to Forty Winks Alexandria, even just for a pillow fight. Go for a real one.

Shop LocationNSW, Alexandria

Worst service i have ever received from any business

Bought and paid for a bedroom set from forty winks Alexandria 2 months ago. Apparently they didn't have it in stock which I was only notified of 3 weeks after I paid for it when I called forty wonks to find out what was going on.
I was told the bedroom set was "on the way" and would be approximately another 3 weeks. I would receive a free sheet set for my inconvenience. Great

Its now been a total of 8 weeks since i paid for the bedroom set. After a text at 8:30pm last night it was due to be delivered today from 2 to 4pm today. Needless to say the set hasn't arrived after I have taken the afternoon off from work to receive the delivery. Nor can I contact the delivery man or get a response from the message i left.

I have come to the conclusion that Forty Winks don't sell bedroom furniture, they sell promises. Empty ones.

I will never purchase from Forty Winks again. One star is more then they deserve

Update -

Delivery finally arrived. Was asked to help the delivery guys with the "small stuff" and had to give extra $5 as they had no change. Prob my fault for not having exact amount.

Anyway the bedroom set is great, quality is great, wasnt too hard to assemble and looks nice so have added an extra star. If the service was good they'd prob get a lot better review.

All's well that ends well
Quality of goods, price was pretty good
terrible service, not proactive about contacting the customer.

Shop LocationNSW, Alexandria

Excellent services!

I purchased a numerous number of bedroom products from the Forty Winks Alexandria store and to my surprise, contrary to all the negativity on this review page, my experience was absolutely fantastic!
The sales representatives were very well trained, honest and caring.
The prices were unbeatable and completely affordable especially in comparison to many other bedding stores.
The products I purchased came on time, without any hassles.
I would recommend shopping at the Forty Winks Alexandria store to everyone!
Friendly staff members, amazing store layout, wide range on display, affordable prices and a great shopping experience overall.

Shop LocationNSW, Alexandria

Lots of broken promises and poor after sales service at 40 Winks Alexandria

We purchashed a complete bedroom suite at 40 Winks Alexandria and were promised 6-8 weeks for delivery....it took 9 weeks. Upon receipt of the suite I opened the box containing the mirror and it was broken. I called the store and was told a replacement will be ordered and delivered within a week. 3 weeks later when I had not heard anything I called the store and was told that someone would return my call....no one did. I called another 3 times and was given the run around and still no one returned my call. In frustration I called head office in Melbourne and spoke to a higher up.. the next day I recieved a call from 40 winks telling me my replacement mirror will be delivered on monday...but as I have been promised so many things from these people without disappointment I am not holding my breath.

Poor service and would never recommend 40 Winks at Alexandria

Shop LocationNSW, Alexandria


I can't recommend more highly the quality and service given by the staff at the Alexandria(NSW) Forty Winks store. They were so accommodating and considerate of our pesronal situation that I have never experienced before by any retailer.

A 6 star service from at top class retailer. Forget the rest.....I recommend Forty Winks Alexandria store for all your bedding needs...I'm sure you won't be disappointed.
Honest,informed and genuinely helpfull to assist you in all aspects of your purchase of bedding goods from informed guidance to assisting you in achieving in accommodating your personal , both physical and financial needs

Shop LocationNSW, Alexandria

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