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Forty Winks VIC, Northland

Forty Winks VIC, Northland

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I was promised that after having to pay an extra $180 for them to set up my bedroom furniture including placing the mattress that they'd at least remove the previous mattress (but not the previous furniture they affirmed) and not only did they not remove the mattress they left all the cardboard from the new furniture behind. I've never had this problem before when it has come to furniture, I feel incredible bothered. I obviously tried to explain what was said at the store, and they just shut me down and implied that I was either lying or that my memory fails me. There were two other witnesses present (my brother and my boyfriend) when Forty Winks specifically said 'We do not remove bedframes or other old furniture since they're harder to disposal, but we will remove the old mattress.' Throughout the process of them setting up and me trying to figure out a way of solving this issue, I called the store and they provided me with a number I could call if I 'wished' to remove the mattress. I called, no answer, left a message. Been waiting for two hours now, exploring other efficient and quicker options that will cost me a fortune since I'm too embarrassed to leave rubbish in front of my house for every other neighbour to see, and leaving it in the backyard isn't an option since I've got dogs that could either make a bigger mess or as well as making a bigger mess they could swallow pieces of furniture/cardboard/mattress and I am not willing to on top of everything spend on vets just because you couldn't provide me with a solution.

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Hi Dani, I undertand your problem was solved to your satisfaction?

Worst service

Purchase mattress from northland preston store before 1 year with 5 years guarantee.
I have got some issues with mattress now and they are asking us to sort it out with the manufacturers directly and manufacturers are asking to pay $70 +GST one way transport fees to inspect the mattress.
This was never ever informed to us at the time of selling the mattress.
The behaviour of the employees at the store was also insulting when my wife tried to contact them in regards to our comolaint.
Its been 4 weeks now - we have made complaint - we haven't heard back yet from anyone.
Worst experience ever.

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Forty winks- scam and a joke

Don't fall for this buy one get one free rubbish. After feeling pressured by a very pushy salesman I bought a mattress and base for 4000.00 and I got a king single mattress free. Then when I realised how expensive that actually was and started feeling buyers remorse I rang 2 days later and 2 different and very bully like men told me 'tough, if you want to cancel there is a 25% cancelation fee' even though I am not getting my goods for 3 months. This stores salespeople are rude and arrogant and have no understanding for customers, it's just product turnover. Shop around people, even with their so called 'sales' they are so overly expensive and the store a few doors down from them are much cheaper for better quality and not running sales!!

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Hi Terri, Sorry to hear about your experience. We will be happy to chase this with the store concerned if you can private message us with your purchase details.

Promised to exchange and didn't

I made the purchase instore paid in cash with in 6 months my bed has sunk, i called to get a new mattress as promised they told me they had never seen it sink and disfigure that bad. They wanted me to pay $300 for pick up and deliver it back but they wouls only refermish it not replace it. Sales men gave me his word they would swap over to problem. Crap company extremely disappointed never go back.

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Great service, well made furniture, timely service (was ready earlier than expected) and delivery was fast and efficient. Bit pricey, but the products are very well made. Would definitely buy from here again.

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Horrified customer service.

We asked if our bed can be delivered before 2pm, because I had to pick my daughter from school. I was told someone from the store would ring me to confirm in the morning if this bed could be delivered before 2pm. No one rang in the morning. And we left home at 11am. Then delivery truck came at lunch time while I was not at home. Store manager accused me not wait for delivery and asked me to pay the double delivery fee. I tried to tell him that I didn't receive the phone call as I was told on the phone to confirm the delivery time, he wouldn't listen. He interrupted me and insisted that I misunderstood the phone conversation. He was rude on the phone. I couldn't image how he can be a manager.

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Beware of bargains

we bought a queen size Capri medium mattress from 40winks Northland thinking we really had a bargain as the price was really good after tested on the mattress. Salesman was really enthusiastically promoting the medium though we were looking for a firm one and spoke about firm mattress. Relying on his expertise we opted for the medium one. Told that the firmness is the same of the firm mattress difference is the padded topping. and this give you the cushioning to your body whereas the firm one does not do that. After a month or so, the mattress starts to feel sinking in on one side more than the other and hubby felt upper back pain. went to the store to give our feedback and asked whether something can be done and options for us. 2nd salesman told us we can get a replacement if due to manufacture fault and if there is a fault found we can ask for the firm one. Now , I remember clearly we cannot swap the brand for another but we can get to change within the same brand. And I also remember clearly that the salesman did not mentioned to us about any additional payment if we change from medium to firm. Arrangement has been made as promised and respond was quick to inform us that they have contacted the manufacturer and they will contact us to arrange for an appointment to do an assessment. Very responsible in customer's respond to complaints -- very impressed.

However, the assessment done by the rep and even he thinks there is no problem with the mattress, he is going to replaced one for one out of good will. I am only telling him what I was told by the 2nd salesman when we went to the store to give our feedback , that we can ask for the firm one. He disagreed to the change to the firm one.

Finally, the rep decided he is not going to replace without any cost as he probably jump to the conclusion that we made the wrong choice and now wanted a change.

Firstly, we wanted a Firm mattress, salesman recommended the medium and told us is the same.

We felt that we paid for the mattress and only slept on it for a month, we experienced back pain and sinking down issue. Any person would want to go back to the store to seek for advice and options available.

It is only professional to offer honest advice and not just say yes, can be done and now it is not the case. Now, the wife is demanding and demanded for an exchange to a firm one. This was told to my hubby when he spoke to the store salesperson. I should have recorded what we were told on that day of complaint.

The store empathize with you but does not want to take responsibility of what had been recommended to us and said to us. I had to speak to the manufacturer customer care myself. How to measure your one time assessment , compared to we sleeping on that mattress for a month to know the difference.

And after talking to the consumer's affairs, just realised with mattress purchase, it is very subjective unless the fault is super obvious, there is nothing much you can do. It is all up to the seller what or how much they can do, basically at their mercy.

It seems like an unlucky purchase for us and not sure if good bargains are really good.

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