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They the best

Firstly I would like to say a special tnx to Sim Mayo .
I was full of dets and no future and he give my life back again.
From the first conversation I knew he’s professional and a good person.
Ps:if anybody read this review cos looking for some financial support
I highly recommending Sim..
And don’t forget never to late to seek some professional help

Excellent help and guidance

I was in a lot of debt and despair, foxsymes really took the time to help. Customer service was second to none. Very professional and helped me immensely. I recommend this to anyone.

February 3rd 2018 Update: Excellent help and guidance

I want to make a special thanks to mittal shah whose professionalism was second to none. He helped me immensely and was actually concerned with my welfare. Thanks to all the team for giving me a second lease on life.

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A special thanks to mittal shah who went out of his way to make sure i was ok and helped me immensely with my financial situation.

Excellent customer service

Paul McGarry
You have provided amazing customer service extremely helpful nothing was an issue I believe you went out of your way to help me it is greatly appreciated.
There should be more people like you thank you for the most amazing customer service I have had for years.
Well done.

Professional, customer orientated and clear

The service was to the point and I did not feel I was lead down the garden path.

The professionalism of the consultant was fantastic and clear and I felt confident and happy with the service.


We worked with Diane Soo and not only did she help us get back on track but her honesty and commitment in making sure that we remained on track going forward is what we will never forget. We felt she went above and beyond for us by not only providing us with exceptional service but also ensuring that we had set ourselves up for the future. Thank you for all your help and for making a difficult experience better!

Excellent Service

I cannot speak highly enough about the professionalism and expertise provided by Diane Soo. She is a life saver and provides exceptional service and knowledge.

First class staff

The service I received of this company and from Sim mayo was top notch, from the very start he looked after me and done all he promised he would do, appsulate awesome customer service and I’d recommend these guys any day... thank you Sim and team I appreciate all you have done in helping me!!!

Absolutely fantastic ! Wish I found them sooner

The help and assistance, has been absolutely perfect everything went as smoother than what I'd expected
A lovely lady Dianne Soo, was fantastic to talk with and helped me the whole way through my experience this outfit.

Mile; a customer service god!

Mile Cirjak is one of the many Fox Symes employees I have dealt with over the past 12 months and he is exceptional. There was an incident that was causing a great deal of financial stress in my life, I had tried to sort this out and come to a point of sheer distress and desperation and right at that point Mile came along to save the day. He got his supervisor involved to help me get into a position to put food on my table for the week at a time where it wouldn't have been possible without his help. I have worked in customer service for a huge Australian company for years and I used to see, everyday, people forgetting that those on the other end of the phone are human beings - Mile really made me feel like he not only acknowledges that I am a human being, like him, but also that he genuinely cares about assisting me and my situation. Whoever manages Mile should be incredibly proud of themselves and Mile for working together to reach such a fantastic level of care, understanding and support for customers.

Excellent Customer Service

I spoke with Santhi who assisted with deferring an arrears payment. Santhi Mentioned to me that I could make smaller payments than I was actually making to help make things easier. Santhi went out of their way to help which is, in my eyes, excellent customer service. Thank you Santhi


Thank you so much to Diane Soo who took so much time to get down to the very bottom of my problems and sourced a great and easy way to get my life back on track. I wish I had called sooner! You've made my life so much easier !

Amazing people! Great help

Friendly, professional and understanding group that see a problem for what it is and do everything possible to help without personal judgement.

Professional & Fantastic Service

I am grateful to Fox Symes and Diane Soo, for help and support in guiding me through my application. My life has been changed for good and no words can describe the effort put by Diane, to bail me out from mounting debts. From the beginning i was met with nothing but compassion and professionalism! The entire process was made easy and i truly felt as though it was in very capable hands. Everything was explained so clearly and any questions I had were addressed promptly. I would 100% recommend Fox Symes to anyone struggling with debt, they have helped me so much!

Thanks Diane & Fox Symes

Mukundan D


I Just wanted to advise anyone struggling with high debt to contact Fox Symes to see what options you have to not only reduce your debt but have it gone in the quickest possible timeframe. The stress I have been under trying to clear unsecured debt and at the same time pay my mortgage may be gone thanks to the proficient and professional help offered by Sim and the team at Fox Symes. There are so many options available other than going bankrupt and the team can guide you through your options and give you a resolution that can really change your life. Give them a call, give them a Go!!!!

Impressive, Helpful, Firm.

3 words, Impressive, Helpful and Firm.

Level of profession shown to clients are beyond impressive. The assistance I was given made me realise I was in good hands. Everything was sorted out extremely quickly. They are firm on decisions and your future goals, by this I mean there are no ''errs'' or ''ums''. No hesitation was shown from Diane Soo. I would gladly recommend Fox Symes, in particular Diane Soo for anybody in need of financial assistance.

My life has changed for the better thanks to her and Fox Symes.

Able to breath again thankyou Diane Soo

I was in a big black hole of debt and Diane Soo held out her hand and save me. She was a true professional and caring person at a time when I needed help.

A life saver

I am so thankful for the amount of help and support i received from Fox Symes! From the beginning i was met with nothing but compassion and professionalism! The entire process was made easy and i truly felt as though it was in very capable hands. Everything was explained so clearly and any questions i had were addressed promptly. I would 100% recommend Fox Symes to anyone struggling with debt, they have helped me so much!

Krishan couldn't have been better!

Krishan helped me with my solution in not only a highly professional manner but with a friendliness and patience that I am so thankful for. He really made sure I was clear on everything and made the whole process really positive!

Kailea was exceptionally helpful

Going through this process isn't pleasant but foxsymes made it easy. They were helpful and efficient getting me through the process in a timely manner.

This Perfect! Can't live without

Thanks to Fox symes for helping me getting out of debt,
Thanks To all the staff and Sim you are a very true to what you do
I now can get on with live
Keep up the good work
Kind regards

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Thanks Fox Symes it's been nearly one year since I'm out of det paid half of my det back and starting to save money for my future plans hopefully l will have my det paid back in 2020. Thanks to sim and all the team for your support Kind Regards Richard Van Dyk

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Questions & Answers

Hi, I have a loan outside a bank of arounf 20k loaned from a friend. Can Foxsymes help me with debt outside a bank institution?
1 answer
Hi I dont know but i think no because Fox Symes dont pay the debt out they arrange more affordable payments. Hope this helped

Hello. I've never used a service like Fox Symes before and I'm not even sure if it would be the right step for me as I'm terrified of having my credit ruined but will likely end up doing that to myself if I don't start catching up on my debt. I have a 50k loan that I am paying back but I'm finding it to be a bit of a struggle as I have massively overcommitted myself. I work full time and my pay isn't terrible but with all other living costs and membership contracts I'm in, I'm falling a little short each month. It's manageable to a degree but I'm finding I have no quality of life from these stupid mistakes. Is fox symes something I should consider?
2 answers
Noooo stay away from them seek other institutions that are not under a debt agreement, they are there online.Don't do it. A debt agreement is effectively an act of bankruptcy.

Hi has any one refinanced a home loan and consolidation of debt using equity through them? Will this make you classify as bankrupt?
No answers

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