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BEWARE-Cancelled Free Trial but continued to be charged


Tried the 10 day free trial and decided to deactivate before the 10 days as per their links.
Noticed Foxtel were continuing to charge despite deactivating account. Rang for refund and despite deactivating and not using after the 10 day trial they claim no record of cancelling and are refusing refund.

Byron L.

Byron L.Canberra 2600, ACT

I’ve canceled my Foxtel Now subscription




  • 2 reviews

Popular shows peak hour buffering and live tv quality


Similar reviews with perfectly fine internet and buffering issues. It seems to be buffering consistently and constantly during peak times. An additional problem is Live TV quality which seems to be constantly going between HD and obvious pixelating back to SD or lower. Especially sports.

Graham P

Graham PVictoria

  • 3 reviews

On a free trial, even at that price, not worth the money.


Horrible buffering with good internet download speeds. Same as all the other reviews. Why would anyone pay money for this? Not good enough foxtel. Netflix is a superior service. Will not be subscribing.

Absolute rubbish




  • 2 reviews

Suspect Very low security settings


I registered my details for a trials but due to the cost/benefits decided to cancel the subscription.
A few days later my credit card had to be canceled due to fraud activity and my phone keeps getting calls from countries in Africa.
I had not provided my details to any other web service and I strongly suspect that the Foxtel Now page isn’t properly protected.

Mitchell H.

Mitchell H.Central Highlands and Goldfields, VIC

Depends on what you use it for


Couldn't stream a gif no matter how good your internet connection is, but I found another purpose for it. If you play a video and then go to sleep when it inevitably starts buffering, it'll wake you up in 8 hours when it finally has 10 seconds of 144p footage to show run!



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Non- stop buffering


Zero stars!! Constant buffering, have been trying to watch one show and its buffering every 30 seconds ( internet is perfectly fine) * tiny selection of shows, not value for money. Do not pay for this ! Worst streaming service.

Uk S.

Uk S.Greater Melbourne (Metropolitan), VIC

Zero stars if possible.


I can't wait for the day when foxtel disappear from the streaming service landscape. And it will be soon. My mp3 streaming in the 90's was better than this. At least they played with occasional buffering. This utter shut worked last night on one TV and refused to play tonight. NOTHING changed in between. Same time, 67mpbs NBN , 4k TV etc. Tried to cast to a chromecast device. Same thing hit buffer circle of death. Good bye Foxtel you deserve to die.


LazyNoxxicSouth East Queensland, QLD

It's decent at best, Not worth the money


It's decent at best, Buffering issues every night during peak hour. They claim a 3Mbps speed for standard quality and 7Mbps speed for HD yet i still have buffering issues on a 100Mbps/40Mbps speed plan. No other application for streaming buffers except for Foxtel now.

I'm assuming FoxtelNow servers can't handle peak hour yet charge customers top prices for bad service


MuzzaBeard 2620, ACT

  • 4 reviews

Frustrating Experience


Have twice now tried Foxtel Now free trial and both times spent hours trying to get it to work...password conflict, email conflict, continual error messages stating that I had already had a free trial, hours of support phone calls and messaging and no resolution as to why it would not work properly. Same type of service as Netflix and never one even tiny problem other than lack of good programs with Netflix.

hades F.

hades F.Canberra 2600, ACT



Using a host of different devices, with fiber or satellite connections, and pretty much irrelevant of time of day or download speed (averaging 40mbps) you cannot stream anything properly without facing serious buffer delays. Don't waste your time or money

Buffering and Error messages abound


Just about every time I try to watch something, I either get error messages or buffering issues. Especially bad on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights. Have complained directly with no response.

David B.

David B.Sydney, NSW

Goodbye Foxtel Now.


Buffering frustration


Good library of shows but buffering during primetime creates a very frustrating experience, and recently it appears to be getting worse. Confirmed fast internet speed (60-100mbps), and every other streaming service (Netflix, Stan, Prime) works without any buffer. If Foxtel wants to remain competitive and retain customers, they need to fix their problems, not just blame the customer for streaming issues (which is their default response).

Lauren W.

Lauren W.Greater Melbourne (Inner), VIC

Cant watch due to buffering speeds


I signed up to Foxtel so I could legally stream GOT. It took over half an hour to play 10 minutes of the episode after buffering every 20 seconds. I also don't understand why you can't even pause it/ play it and rewind it to let the stream preload whilst watching and then be able to watch buffer-free. On top of this - I've already altered my settings to the lowest data usage and this still didn't help. I will definitely be cancelling at the end of this free trial.

Stan Isbetter

Stan IsbetterSydney, NSW

Use Piratebay instead. Even if you get caught and pay legal fees and a fine, it's better value for your money.




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Buffering problems


I've been trialling Foxtel Now for a few days now.

* Decent range of content
* Not too hard to use

* Buffering issues

Seems like a decent service overall but not worth it with the buffering issues. The constant pausing ruins the experience of watching a TV show or movie.

Why can't I give it zero stars. You need a new scale


Buffered on GOT even after it was aired 12 hours ago. The only reason I subscribed was to legally watch it
Also having no Apple TV app available is just ridiculous. Their answer if you have to purchase the fox box which defeats the whole purpose of having this streaming option.
GOT froze over 100 times in this episode and my connection was 70 mbps.
2 more episodes and I'm cancelling.
Also the sports uploads such as moto gp or F1 take up to 24hrs to be available by which time you'll already know the results, again defeats the purpose



  • 7 reviews

Absolutely awful


I have an internet speed of 192mbps (extremely fast for Aus standards) and yet I can not watch an episode of Game of Thrones without it buffering every 3 seconds! Worst streaming platform to ever exist. Thankfully I got it for free. Please Australia, I beg you to let this awful company go bankrupt and finally die. Foxtel has been a plague for far too long.

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Questions & Answers

Vicki Rule

Vicki Ruleasked

Right up until 2 nights ago I was able to stream The Little Drummer Girl to watch as I had previously seen Episode 1. Tonight I go to continue watching and all of a sudden I am being told that my package does not allow me to watch it and I am locked out. Have the packages been changed in the last 48 hours?

No answers



Has anyone tried their new sports app Kayo yet? If so, would you recommend it?

No answers



Has anyone got sports? And is AFL ok to stream?

3 answers

Yep have the sports pack, pretty good picture but not as good as when we had a cable box.

Matthew M
Matthew M

Yes I have sports pack for NRL, pictures fine the only thing is live TV is about 15 to 20 seconds behind


Foxtel now is performing a lot better since we got NBN.

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