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2,638 reviews
ShanePerth, WA5 posts

Wait times are too long

wait times for service changes are too long. It's as if they are making you wait so long in the hope you will give up.. Winners don't quit, Quitters don't win.
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Janet W.
Janet W.Perth, WA

customer service terrible

tried to cancel our foxtel. sat on the phone for nearly one and a half hours. finally got through and even though I have full authority on the acc they refused to cancel and hung up on me.
Sue G.
Sue G.2 posts

Bye bye Foxtel

After years of being a loyal customer my monthly payment went up $20 per month .. I can’t afford $72 per month when I’m on a single income .. I called them and have ceased payment until they sort it out but just had another guy call and rudely tell me they were going to send my account to an external collector and I had to call to return the box .. I told him poor form Foxtel if this is how you treat your customers of many years .. they can call me to return the box they’ve already limited my service .. overpriced .. I’ll stick to Netflix and Prime ..
Nathan2 posts

Spoken to like dogsh!t when ringing about cancelation and not wanting to reinstall

Have just moved rural, they don’t answer phones for disconnection on weekends could only call today , after telling the operator I’ve moved and want it disconnected she tried her update move which didn’t work I told her it’s unaffordable and I have too many streaming services , she berated me and said don’t I want a better deal to which I replied no , she spat a string of sentences along the lines of return our equipment or we will take it out of your bank and I told her she was extremely rude she told me to F off and hung up
AnnaGreater Melbourne (Inner), VIC

The repeat forever cable provider!

Foxtel needs to understand that his customers aren't suffering from dementia, as they keep showing repeats FOREVER!
Dianne15 posts

Increasing my package cost with extras I don't use

Have been a Foxtel customer for 15 years. Received an email from Foxtel they are increasing my monthly charge and adding in movies and sports which I don't watch. I told them I don't watch either and they advised that was too bad. I advised them to cancel my service.
HHE2 posts

cannot cancel ???

takes 2 minutes to sign up, but then ... takes a LOT OF TIME, to cancel ... Absolutely criminal ..
Mike Barnett
Mike Barnett3 posts

It's not the problem, it's how the problem is handled

I had an issue which necessitated escalation to Executive Resolution. Escalation was necessary due to privacy compliance protocols. Once the issue was in the hands of someone with the authority to act, the issue was solved promptly and with sensitivity. I also received an unexpected gesture of goodwill. It's my experience that most conflicts can be addressed to mutual satisfaction if both sides act reasonably and with respect.
CMSydney11 posts

Iq5 speed check under settings fixed

Foxtel have fixed the IQ5 speed check under settings to reflect the correct speed at your IP address
The previous settings was a bar stripe in progressive colours that could not exceed 50mbps
If you now go to:
settings>Internet settings>Test Internet Connection> shows your IQ is connected and in addition the Download Speed is displayed below
As my personal Internet plan is 100mbps
On my recent test it showed 90.95 mbps
which is correct
This is the first time I have viewed the actual speed on my iq5.
Wether this is just a technical data improvement to reflect accurate speeds, or possibly the iq5 is now receiving higher speeds may resolve the sometimes frustrating buffering experienced by myself and other iq5 viewers??
Adriana S
Adriana SMelbourne3 posts


We been with foxtel for almost 10 years and we were paying $100 plus a month when Netflix and Hayu and everything else is considerably cheaper . When calling Up to cancel they offered a discount where was this discount a few months ago ? She proceeded to say they are an inbound call centre they don’t call customers so how do you expect a customer to know all this ? Everytime we called up asking if they could help they always said no . Terrible service and way too expensive
watoSydney, NSW59 posts

ruined Netflix

Foxtel recently integrated Netflix into its service and its ruined Netflix and my other streaming services. Netflix takes ten times longer to load, and other streaming services tell me ive got no interest connection. No information on how to access other streaming services. Its time to say adios to Foxtel. More ads than content, and majority of the content is rubbish.
Gianna2 posts


Worst customer service, still has ads on everything you watch, missing episodes + seasons. Don’t bother. They WILL try take your money.
S.Kozarovski2 posts

Ads are unappreciated

Ads whenever I stream the shows I pay hundreds of dollars to access. Not planning on staying after decades of loyalty. And the price goes up for me to watch ads. ‘Sorry but they only go for 45 seconds’ was their reply to my complaint.
hamish kelly
hamish kellySydney, NSW3 posts

Foxtel are deceptive

Foxtel put a late payment fee of $15 however on bill it suggests “one off fee” not sure how that’s not deceitful
RJ3 posts

Expensive service with ads - do not subscribe

We pay a significant amount for Foxtel, well and truly above other similar services and now have to endure ads, ads and more ads. Just not worth it anymore so switching it off after a great number of years. Poor form Foxtel!
RaeSouth East Queensland, QLD43 posts


What happens when [Name Removed] is no longer here to save Foxtel then. It wouldn't worry me if Foxtel died. Literally was no more. Hope it happens .
Value for Money
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paul o.
paul o.2 posts


All good in program selection as in live coverage through Sky Racing and Racing.com
But using a satellite dish is unreliable due to persistent summer rain.
A negative amongst many positives.
Steve W.
Steve W.South East Queensland, QLD5 posts

Sky News

I pay every month for your app on my Samsung Mobile Phone.

You invite me to leave comments at the bottom of news articles, but it is faulty.

I tried disconnecting my credit card and withdrawing my subscription but could not.

Instead, you ask me to call you to unsubscribe, which is not good enough.

BTW, I have little patience for SKy News so please do not thank me for my patience, ever!

Gillian A.
Gillian A.South East Queensland, QLD9 posts
Greg Hare
Greg HareSydney, NSW2 posts

Most expensive of worst perf

My account is always paid on time. I’ll watch live streaming and keep being interrupted by error msgs. What is the go foxtel?
Greg Hare
Greg Hare  


ChrisoniinetTasmania5 posts

Foxtel , pay to watch sh!/loads of advertisements

I struggle to understand the Foxtel business model. I will cancel it now because it costs me nearly $100/ month and there are these endless adds. Being in the holiday season I was looking for something to watch today and decided to watch an episode of “8 out of 10 cats”. I don’t know if it was bad timing but after about 10 or more adds I switched over to Netflix and I did not get to see anything of the program I intended to watch. It was unbelievable how it was one add after the other with some very lengthy adds advertising Foxtel programs to current subscribers. I don't pay to be annoyed by this.

The same movie

Foxtel you are a joke running the movie (Forgetting Sarah Marshell) at the same time on the comedy and romance movie channel. Seriously people pay money for your service and your just filling time slots. Fix this crap now
Sierra Bravo
Sierra BravoSouth East Queensland, QLD3 posts


Be very careful when ringing up to enquire about the service.
I've only just found out I have a subscription and they sent me boxes without my authorisation.
It's a scam.
sebclae s.
sebclae s.South East Queensland, QLD


Overpriced for a on demand streaming service that doesn't work. Cannot stream one program without excessive buffering
Lack of content. Sold it all off..
St George
St Georgelithgow3 posts


Fibre got damaged By neighbour, NBN came to have a look but found fibre damaged, That Is what I told Foxtel on first call. Now 12 days later still opening tickets one after another and getting emails stating "we will contact you within 48 hours and still no repairs done, Neighbour is with Telstra and they had there fibre replaced but I am still waiting, Phoned Foxtel again today and have now been informed it will only be dealt with after 8 Jan. That means one month no NBN. I can understand it is now very hard to get technicians over festive period but they have had 2 weeks to repair it, I blame Foxtel as they are my service provider, Not for long. Please don’t use them as you will get the same service or lack of it, Be warned
Matthew W.
Matthew W.South East Queensland, QLD2 posts

Been hassled by debt collectors due to Foxtel incompetence

Foxtel staff are useless I had a Foxtel iq box I moved from Brisbane to Sunshine Coast I had the Foxtel suspended for months I rang up to transfer it into my dads name the staff didn’t understand what I wanted to do I got transferred to 4 different people I had enough
So I asked tp cancel the whole thing I got asked to send the box back which I did then in February this year a debt collector rang demanding money for the unpaid Foxtel I said I canceled it and sent the box back then today got another call Foxtel staff don’t know how to do there job useless service
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JILLTEESouth East Queensland, QLD74 posts
Azahar M
Azahar MSydney, NSW2 posts

Payment issue on monthly basis

Every month whenever I pay my foxtel bill online; I will see a page that shows the amount I have to pay. When I made the payment in full; the next page showed the amount that I have paid which always shows that my payment is short by $0.01! Why is that? I have been calling foxtel to tell them about this issue and always get the same reply! Fix it Foxtel!!!
tonSouth West, WA3 posts

Absolutely terrible service

Foxtel used to be about not having any advertising but now it’s riddled with advertising that you pay for.
I’ve been a customer for twelve years and I’ve had enough.
Enough of trying to communicate with people about service breakdowns, while they’re working from home, with all sorts of background noise, enough of their ripping me off when they promise to waive fees because their service breaks down, enough of listening to people party loudly in the background while they’re trying to talk with me, enough of them constantly doubting my grievances, enough of their gradually worsening content, just enough.
Never again.
Carol H.
Carol H.Metropolitan Adelaide, SA

Not appreciated

Always good to know that even though you're with a company for nearly 20 years, then hit retirement and want to reduce expenditure, that the only people who apparently matter are those who haven't signed up before and can get amazing deals 'only for new customers ' on the website - nothing for loyal customers. Having a genuine Rewards program would be great, but..no apparently. So hello Kayo and to Foxtel... thanks for the memories
Value for Money
Rates and Fees
TinaGreater Melbourne (Inner), VIC

84 Year Old Italian women (pensioner) charged $59.95!

She only has foxtel for the Italian station. Her debit went up by $59.95 and upon enquiry they ALLEGED that she ordered a boxing show. I requested a credit given that she did not watch this show and no proof that she ordered this. They said no.
LegSouth East Queensland, QLD

Not what I joined up for 20 years ago!

Joined with promotional no ads. If not for some sport would be disposable.
New in house box allows one channel tapping and watch one. JOKE
TJD7 posts

Disgusted with Foxtel

I've been with Foxtel a number of years but as I have subscribed to another supplier reduced my package and came to an agreement of $49.00 a month for 12 months. A few months later, Foxtel decided to up the cost of this agreed package. This I have in writing (as an email). They have now cancelled many of the agreed programmes as I refuse to pay the difference of their rise. They have reneged on our agreement. Foxtel you are disgusting. You can have your IQ4 Box back.
Value for Money
KarlGreater Melbourne (Inner), VIC

Foxtel service

We had the new 4Q installed yesterday after having no result the past 4 days Ely arrived to do the install..What a pleasant friendly professional...spent an hour and resolved all our issues...he needs a pay rise..thank you so much
Bea M.
Bea M.Sydney Surrounds, NSW2 posts

So bad! Don’t get it

Iv had trouble since signing up no Chanell signal always says signal interrupted on the phone the operator is not helpful so rude i deserve a discount at the least paying too dollar for all these channels an cannot watch live tv since iv had it !
Earl Bostick
Earl Bostick Richmond-Tweed, NSW2 posts

To many repeats

While watching foxtel it's good if you like sports but the the repeats are on every 2nd day just like the movies and documentary and is to over priced
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Nina-Ann M.
Nina-Ann M.


After 16 years spending a fortune. Moving house returned my box. Accidently sent back wrong cord. Can’t get it back as everything gets thrown out!!!! Really I have paid you $$ thousands over the years. Poor form!
Value for Money
Rates and Fees
Graham B.
Graham B.Murrumbidgee Region, NSW2 posts


Been a Foxtel customer for more than 25 years they replaced MYSTAR with a IQ3 it’s crap impossible to navigate i want to reconnect MYSTAR they refused so much for loyalty minus ➖ five stars for FOXTEL
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Peter P.
Peter P.South East Queensland, QLD22 posts


Foxtel now make us sit through two ads for every episode of shows streamed to our TVs. Really annoying. Not the premium service we are paying for. Is Foxtel on it's knees? NOT HAPPY FOXTEL. For what it's worth, we watch far more free-to-air and Netflix these days anyway. I'll certainly be looking closely at downgrading my plan to bare bones in future. Poor show...
Johnny Fazio
Johnny Fazio

Unbelievably selfish and dying a slow death

I’ve been a loyal customer for well over 2 decades with Foxtel and just moved my service. Whilst all my friends/colleagues/family members all move away I stay loyal and get absolutely nothing in return. I was quoted $250 set up fee for my Moved service NOT New service. They don’t even read their reviews and the place is slowly sinking like the titanic. Start picking up your game and at least look after your loyal long suffering clients.
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