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Frank Green Smart Cup Stainless Steel

Frank Green Smart Cup Stainless Steel

2.4 from 29 reviews

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AliSydney, NSW

  • 9 reviews

Colour peels off. Unusable lid.


This cup sucks for what it costs. The colour has started peeling off in just a month of owning it. One day I was trying to clean the lid and in the process it all just came apart. I seem to have lost a tiny part without which I cant put the lid back together as it was. So now the lid is completely unusable. I will be trying to get a refund or replacement, but their website is not working since past few hours. The whole experience is just frustrating. DONT BUY.

Purchased in December 2019 for $50.00.



  • 2 reviews

Terrible design and functionality- grossly overpriced!


Purchased in September 2019 for $40.00.

Emily B

Emily BSydney, NSW

Seriously obsessed !


This cup has made life so easy for me! To be able to chuck your coffee in your bag and not worry about spillages, as well as amazing insulation- I could be happier! On top of that, Audrey from customer service helped me out with a problem that turned out to be all my wrongdoing! Amazing company, with an excellent idea!

Purchased in December 2019 for $50.00.

Adriana B.

Adriana B.Sydney, NSW

  • 2 reviews

Best purchase!


I was worried about purchasing due to the price but I definitely do not regret my purchase!
I got the ceramic reusable bottle and of a morning I put ice and water in at around 7:30am, by 12:30 the ice is still partly frozen and my water stays cold all day! Any other drink bottle I have used the ice melts quickly and my drinks warm pretty fast and I will only drink cold water. I also purchased more as Christmas presents because I am so impressed. It doesn't leak, is easy to sip from and easy to clean. 100% recommend.

Purchased in December 2019 for $49.99.

Jessica R.

Jessica R.Sydney, NSW

Wonderful Cup and Very easy to use


Honestly it is probably the best coffee cup I have found to date! Keeps it warm, easy to use and nice to sip from. They have really done a great job with this cup. Just to add as well their customer service is so amazing!!! I had an issue happen with one of my orders and they solved the probably so efficiently and with wonderful customer service! Has been a pleasant experience.

I purchased the ceramic steel cup, with monogram for 4 letters and a tea strainer.

Purchased in November 2019 for $62.00.

Painful to clean, casing stains, easy to overflow!


Just all too hard. Do yourself a favor and buy a keep cup, joco, or Sol cup. This cup looks great but just isn't as functional as others. I pulled it apart to clean it and it took me 10 minutes to reassemble it.

Purchased for $35.00.

Dave A.

Dave A.Greater Melbourne (Metropolitan), VIC

  • 3 reviews

Overpriced and useless.


It is a pain to clean, and you have to remove 5 working parts to clean it properly.
It does not seal like it claims too, and leaks badly.
Way overpriced and under delivers. The claims on keeping the coffee hot are way over exaggerated too.


Purchased in September 2019.

Jenna H.

Jenna H.Greater Melbourne (Metropolitan), VIC

  • 4 reviews



Purchased for $45.00.


SidneySydney, NSW

Leak non stop


I have this frank green bottle for a year now and been leaking few weeks after my purchase; email them and they send a replacement kit to fix the issue and not even a year it leaks again. Used it for my child hot water for milk and it always leak inside the diaper bag.

Purchased in November 2018.

Incredible customer service and products


Purchased in September 2019 at Frank Green.


DiddySydney, NSW

Looks good but not functional


I bought the original cup (polymer) and then more recently the stainless steel cup. Honestly, I wouldn’t waste my money on Frank Green. They are overpriced with many design flaws. There are many other better products out there to pick from. The lid design was not very well thought out for function. It looks good on the shelf but that’s about it. The design process is too try hard to be sophisticated. I thought I’d give them a second chance when I bought the stainless steel but even after 3 years they have made no changes in product improvement. It is definitely not leak-proof so im not sure how they got away with claiming that...

Purchased in July 2019 for $50.00.


GrantSydney Surrounds, NSW



Please do yourself a favour and read the reviews before purchasing this cup. Leaky, leaky leaky! The company knows there are problems but they act like it's somehow your fault. For a company who claims to have a sustainability imagine, their customer service is atrocious. They receive so many negative reviews and yet do nothing to solve the problem other them tell you to dissemble a brand new cup and reassemble it to try and stop the leaks. I wouldn't even pay $5 for this let alone $30.

Purchased in July 2019 for $39.99.


ShuyangSydney, NSW

  • 2 reviews
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Leaks like a champ, super awkward design, stupid lid, worst cx service, bad manufacturing


Purchased in November 2018 for $46.95.


SamanthaSydney, NSW

  • 2 reviews

Love these cups


I have three of these cups the original, next gen and Stainless steel and I love them all. I love that they can just be chucked in my bag when I'm finished and they never leak. I love the texture of the Original and Next Gen cups and I love the thermal ability of the Stainless steel, my coffee was still hot an hour later, the only thing I would change in the stainless is the texture I prefer the Co-polymer casing for the non slip.
You do need to watch the lid assembly tutorial to get it right. I don't use the tap feature so can't comment on that but love the cups.

Purchased in May 2018 at Monster Threads.



My Frank Green stainless steel cup has always leaked from the moment I bought it, and yes, I am putting the lid together correctly. I have it filled well below the "max fill" line and it still leaks. For the price it is terrible quality. I will never buy Frank Green again.
The store I bought it from, The Clean Collective, suggested I wasn't putting the lid on right.... It's not that complicated.
I stuck with it because it was so expensive, it seemed wasteful to replace it but after several months I can't put up with it anymore. Also, I have only ever hand washed it and the coloured coating is coming off all over, it looks awful.

Purchased in August 2018 for $39.95.


StanGreater Melbourne (Inner), VIC

  • 4 reviews

Not a durable product


Rating it a 2 because after 5 months of use, the cup is starting to show wear and tear. You cannot put this in the dishwasher. I love the design and the colors but this product is not durable. I contacted Frank Green for a replacement and got a "no". You would expect an expensive product like this would last further than 5 months. Very very disappointed with Frank Green. Would NOT recommend this to anyone.

Purchased in December 2018.


NickPerth, WA

Disappointed, poor finished look


Bought it for2, no experiences on its usage quality yet, will update later.

first impressions on these products is ZERO. Poor finished look. The connection btw lid and cup is worse, push button required hard force than I think. The colors tone is bit different from the website.

Overall not worth for my money.

  • +1

Purchased in May 2019 for $95.90.


BeverleyPerth, WA

Leaks and lid is difficult to screw on


The lid on my cup is really difficult to screw on and most baristas give up as it takes too long to do. The cup leaks badly and I have ended up with coffee all over my clothes on several occasions. I also find the hole at the top uncomfortable to drink out of and coffee always drips over the top after drinking from it.

Purchased in February 2019.

looks and sounds great but leaks!!


I bought this to use for school and it worked great for 1 month before liquid started leaking out of the air hole. I emailed them and they replaced the inner lid parts for free, so the problem was resolved...but then it started leaking again only 2 weeks later. While it does keep your liquids hot or cold for hours, the leaking is greatly disappointing as its the reason I bought this over other travel mugs. Its frustrating that this is an issue for a product that is quite expensive and preaches about being "well-designed, stylish, and really convenient." A leaky cup is neither well-designed nor convenient.

Purchased in February 2019 for $46.95.

Dan R

Dan RDarling Downs, QLD

  • 2 reviews

Perfect Reusable Cup


I have been a long time keep cup user but found the coffee to go cold too quick, the stainless Frank Green cup is like a thermo flask and stays hot for ages. Mine seals perfectly. I was dubious after reading some reviews but glad I decided to give it a go.

Purchased in May 2019 at Frank Green.

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