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Frontline Plus Plus for Extra Large Dog (40-60kg)

Frontline Plus Plus for Extra Large Dog (40-60kg)

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Beware this is a rip off

I brought frontline plus for my dog. 8-17-18. He goes to pet smart every 3 weeks for a bath and the girl called and said he have fleas bad. I said no he uses frontline plus. She told me its not working. Got him home a couple of days later I saw fleas like crazy! Upset at this point I spent 47.00 for this mess and it don't work. I want a refund and he is due for another dose on 9-17-18. I have to now have my yard and house treated. I truly got it because dogs were coming in my yard and he is a house dog. I would not recommend this product to anyone. A total rip off!

Used to be good

We have used Frontline Plus for many years and had always found it to be good.... however.... in recent times the product doesn't work! No idea why. Where our dogs were flea free for years, all of a sudden they have them all the time (even there a couple of days after they are done!). Will be changing products and are now considering Nexgard Spectra. The money we pay for these products they need to work!

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