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Frontline Plus for Dogs


Beware! Do not use on small, older, sensitive dogs. Nearly killed her. She screamed, seizured and then violently vomited. Do not risk it!
We thought she was going to die. No warnings on packet!

People ! You have to remember that if your animals are continually getting fleas it isn't because th

Frontline plus is the only flea product I have used on my dogs (4) & cats(3) & I have never had a problem because I know that you have to keep up to date with the treatment ( for the life of your pets) plus if you are having a major problem with fleas , you need to treat your yard & inside your house as well. flea eggs can take 6 months to hatch.

Followed treatment and completely failed! Very disappointed

My dog had fleas, after getting rid of them we tried to prevent them from jumping on my dog again so we followed the monthly treatment for six months not missing one and my dog got fleas again!! I had to get rid of a year worth of treatment and start with a different product all over again. Aweful

Killed ticks and fleas on rescue dog

Picked up a greyhound about to be shot by a racing kennel. Covered in fleas and brown ticks. Washed him as soon as we got home with Aloveen shampoo. Gave him a sentinel tablet and put Frontline Plus on him the next day. Fleas died within about 24 hours and ticks died and fell off in around 48 hours. Thank goodness for this product. Timmy the greyhound is now a happy boy.


This rotten product had brought my 5 year old malshi out in raised itchy bumps
along his back...they, in turn, turned into black scab-like crustaceans that would break open. It has taken me many, many months and wasted monies, until I found out the cause of these bumps is this bloody Frontline product! A few short weeks after stopping it all the bumps and scabbylooking things had disappeared. I now just give my gorgeous little companion a quick tiny rub-over with apple-cider vinegar if I happen to see him scratch anywhere. No more fleas....a happy little doggy once again......more money back in my purse...........Why are these products allowed to go on harming our animals.

TERRIBLE product that doesn't work

Biggest waste of money. Applied to my dog and fleas have got worse, the flea treatment didn't work one bit.


The fleas jumped off the dogs and onto us. I have big bites all over me. I think I'll try something else in future.


Absolute rubbish fleas love it. I would not recommend it to my worst enemy. I will try other brands that do work.

Does not work may have limited prevention I lost my treasured dog to a tick no exposure to water thr

The vets were clear in stating consideration should be given to the most recent tablets as this product fails to provide comprehensive protection.however be carful with tablets if you dog has any preconditions.


This product is absolute garbage, does not work at all! It is a disgrace that they can be allowed to sell it

frontline plus for cats

this product does NOT work, after ringing the company to complain I was issued another box of this product, still the fleas had mutiplied, bought advantage, instant results. I have rung the frontline company 3 times now, to be told that noone else has complained about their products. I will never buy another frontline product again !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! do not buy this product !

Waste of money

This product is completely ineffectual. I have applied this product to my terrier for several months but the fleas are multiplying. I suspect this is why she won't eat and is so miserable. Now I've made the link I'm off to buy what I used previously, Advocate. It's more expensive but does the job.

It doesn't work anymore

I bought frontline flea treatment for my dog and I bought spray for my home. I did everything I could to rid the house of fleas but two weeks later I was still being bitten and I spotted a flea on the dog. The product is expensive and too much to pay out for when it doesn't work

Absolutely does not work!!

Completely useless, you'd be just as good tipping water on their back. Comfortis works well. As an animal carer it is widely known this is a product to steer clear of.

Terrible don't waste your money

I bought the product yesterday and applied to my 2 small dogs the box claims it kills eggs larvae and fleas in 18 hours my dogs are are miserable still I can see fleas on them, they aren't dying. I bought it for our cats too what a waste of 91.00.

7 Years usage

One of my Australian kelpies has used FP for 7 years with great effect and no problems - e crept she can't swim for 2 days after application. My 3 year old kelpie gets a bit itchy for a few days after application, with a bit of a red tummy. I'm thinking I may need to find something different for him. I wonder if they've changed the formula as he used to be ok with FP but I'm still not 100% sure of what is causing the itch

November 15th 2016 Update: Updated review 2 Kelpies

I did a review some time ago and thought Id do an update. I've been using FL+ on my 7 1/2 year old kelpie since she was a puppy and with no problems at all. Last Summer my younger kelp I who just turned 3 had a bit of an itch on his belly and I suspected FL+ to be the cause but wasn't sure. I don't use it over the Winter unless we're in the tropics because we don't seem to need it. So I've started using it again and the younger dog is not itching at all so I guess the mild skin irritation from last Summer must have been caused by something environmental. I'm glad because FL+ kills fleas at all life stages and I don't think anything else does that.

Does Not work!!!

Dogs has more fleas after using frontline spot on for dogs. I have used this product for six months, treating my dog monthly and has not had any effect on number of fleas.

Waste of Money

Wish I could give it a zero. It's supposed to last for one month but it doesn't even work on day one. This stuff is a pathetic excuse for flea treatment, and so damn expensive. Very annoyed. Not getting Frontline anymore.

Doesn't work

Doesn't work at all. Purchased mid February 2016. My Australian online supplier said they were getting lots of complaints and offered a full refund. They suspect a manufacturing error.

Doesn't work

Our chihuahua won't eat, he won't let us touch him and he puts himself to bed. He looks physically sick

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Questions & Answers

I have a visiting dog from out of the area and is larger than mine can I use 2 5kg spotons for him
1 answer
I am not sure what size your dog or the visiting dog is? You don't say.

What is the best flea and tick control medicine for dogs?
1 answer
Frontline Plus worked great for about 5 years with both of our dogs..... but something happened.... maybe the fleas became immune to it? Excellent product to start with.

Why would it be my dogs still have fleas after using frontline plus?
1 answer
Fleas have become immune to the main ingredient in frontline plus recently, so they can still live even though they're exposed to it

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