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Frontline Spray

Frontline Spray

For Cats and For Dogs
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Purchased Frontline Spray - $90
Used as instructed on label
Got a paralysis tick.
$155 vet bill and a dead cat.
Batch number- R02402A 04-2019

Didnt work on paralysis ticks for either of our cats

While it was easy enough to apply the treatment, unfortunately, one week after very thorough application one of our cats had 2 paralysis on him and he is currently fighting for his life (it doesn't look good for him) and we also found a paralysis tick on our other cat that was monstrously engorged and very much alive when we removed it. Thankfully she is ok.


My cat had turned into a fleabag. She *hates* this spray. I applied the product as normal. Several days later she was still riddled in fleas. So I hosed her down in the spray (the poor cat was miserable). The fleas still did not die.

I switched from the Frontline Plus Spray to the Frontline Plus Pipettes that you apply to the skin. The company claims that only the spray works for paralysis ticks. It is challenging to find information online, but a few vets have said the topical Frontline and spray are made out of the same stuff, and the topical application is effective for ticks.

Seeing as I couldn't even get the spray to kill flees, we have switched to the topical Frontline Plus and had no further problems. And the cat is much happier.

1 star for the spray, 5 stars for the topical

Useless for paralysis ticks

Expensive, nozzle does not work properly. Dog's skin reacted to the spray and it smells terrible! To crown it all, it did not work. Our dog still had a $2000+ vet hospital bill and nearly died while using this product when a paralysis tick latched onto him. We now use the Preventic collars which work very well for our Bichon.

Better than other Frontline products

I bought this and treated my 3 cats about a month ago after a massive flea outbreak. It works far better than the Frontline Spot On Applicators, which I've found are now useless. You do need to use a lot of the product though, the instructions are for between 5-10 sprays per kilo of body weight, which for the average cat is a fair amount of product so depending on your cat's temperament this can be very hard to achieve. It does have a very strong chemical smell. I found that I needed to reapply more spray the following day as there were still fleas walking around on the cats. You also need to treat the whole house and bedding at the same time to avoid them being re-infested. I'll buy this product again and treat them this month too. I do consider it very expensive for what it is though.

Great product that does what it says.

My 8 week old pup picked up lots of larval stage ticks in the garden. We live in a paralysis tick area so I was very worried about him. There were too many for me to try and tweezer off in one go so off to the vets. This is what he told me to use. Within 30 mins lots of dead ticks were falling off. After a couple of hours I was easily able to scrape others off his skin as they were all dead. I am waiting for the rest to fall off but it was great to see there is a product that can kill the ticks on a young pup after they've already attached.
Kills ticks immediately, can be used on pups from 2 days old, acts as a preventative for paralysis ticks for 3 weeks
Smells very pungent (chemical smell), can be expensive

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