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I was making banana icecream and my blender just stopped? Overheat? How long will it take to recover?

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Mario N.Froothie

Hi Jane,

Our machines have built in protection circuitry which can sometimes be affected by external factors (such as power fluctuations to your home/business, power surges (with or without the machine turned on) and other factors). Alternatively the machine has stopped because it’s thermal protector sensed that the machine was about to overheat. To get the machine to work again; turn the power switch off for a few minutes, allowing the machine to cool and re-set. The reset time will be extended if high room temperatures exist.

Please also check the overload protection switch on the base of the machine has also not tripped. Please note that as the cooling fan is driven by the motor the higher the speed setting the quicker the heat will dissipate from the machine. So by blending thick contents on the highest possible speed it will ensure your contents are blended far quicker and more effectively, less heat will be generated inside the motor, and less heat transferred to your food due to friction. In the rare event that following the above steps has not fixed your problem, please do not hesitate to respond to this ticket and we will assist you further.

Below are some additional tips to prevent your Optimum (and other high-speed blenders) from overheating when processing thick mixtures.

Check Your Speed (Important)
When starting the machine, make sure the switch on the left is down and the Variable Speed Dial is turned to 1. Turn the machine on and turn the dial from 1 to 10 within 5 seconds. The Optimum blenders work best on a high speed to pulverize food and process thick mixtures, we do not recommend blending thick contents on a low speed as the Overload Switch may activate

Check Your Quantity
Processing cooked potatoes, cooked rice or cooked beans creates a heavier than normal load on the machine. You may want to consider reducing the food quantity placed in the jug by half (depending on how much food you started with) and possibly adding a bit of liquid.

The Correct Order to put Ingredients in the Blender
Always start with the liquid ingredients first (water, juice), followed by softer ingredients (tofu, yoghurt), then juicer fruits and vegetables (grapes, cucumbers), firmer fruits and vegetables (apples, carrots), frozen ingredients (frozen berries) and finally ice.

Use the Tamper Effectively
If the ingredients are not freely circulating, the tamper can be used to improve the flow of food. Whilst the machine is running and the lid is firmly in place, insert the tamper through the lid plug opening and hold it in one of the corners of the jug and the tamper will direct the food straight onto the blades. If there is an air pocket around the blade, the tamper will release the air pocket and create a continuous flow of food through the blades.

Hope this helps :-)


rust on base and leaking
is still safe to use?


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Sam W
Sam W

I haven't had this issue - I suggest you contact Froothie directly with your query.

AK Hansen
AK Hansen

I haven't had this issue. Contact Froothie.

Athena Solutions Pty LtdFroothie

Hey Helen, sorry for the EXTREMELY late reply, better late than never ;-)

Not sure how this was missed

I assume you contacted our warranty team and the matter is resolved, however if not, please email me directly at francois@froothie.com.au and I will ensure your matter is resolved ASAP

To answer your question, the issue you are describing is definitely not normal and covered by our warranty :-)

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