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Optimum is perfect! Can’t live with out it.

I bought Blender 8200 two years ago and l really love it , since that time I am using it 3-4 times a weak and it still works amazing. I always suggest it to my friends and really happy with Optimum for the quality and the power of its products.
Thank you Optimum:)

Reliable Company & Products.

I’m impressed with Froothie as a company & I have the blender and juicer.

To date both products purchased have been used daily and they still perform as great as the first time that I began using them.

I trust this brand and company 100% and definitely have recommended to many people who are wanting quality appliances for the kitchen.

I’ve had both of my Froothie products since the 30/4/2015 and couldn’t be happier!

I will continue to buy products from Froothie & highly recommend.

Quality products with great prices

I bought the OPTIMUM 9400 two years ago and it is still going strong as ever.
We blend and put it to the test daily and never fails us. Wife bought an additional part (extra jug) with ease three weeks ago just so that she can diversify all her blending, cooking and smoothie needs.
Awesome product, smooth delivery and great prices.

life changer

Both my Froothie blender and pressure cooker are by far the best kitchen appliances I have ever bought. I am 82 years old and use my blender every day and the pressure cooker several times per week. Froothie has changed my life.

A Very good blender

I just bought this blender a few days back and very happy with it. It's quality is rock solid and nowhere you can feel that it is a cheaply made product. I use it everyday to make breakfast smoothies.

The blender that I bought is Silver in colour. The finish is excellent and quality very good.

Customer service provided by Froothie team is also top notch.

My wife gave me flack when I bought it, but boy does she love it now! 5 Year Update, invaluable!

I want to give a bit of feedback on the 9400 I bought in 2013. I'd spent several weeks reviewing all the really popular blenders on the market before deciding on a blender from Froothie. When I went there they were incredibly helpful, comparing the top end models for me, and after I decided on the 9400, they spent some time showing me how it works, all the features, and letting me hear it running, which not all places do! They even gave me a nice discount on the unit, and the extra blade/just set I bought, thinking it would need to be replaced after some time of use. Little did I really appreciate what a great and robust blender it was! I couldn't be happier with the help and support I had dealing with Froothie, they really helped me understand which would be the best blender for our family given what we wanted from it!

At the time I copped a real lot of flack over it, as my wife complained bitterly it looked too industrial quality, and she didn't feel we needed anything of that size and power. The kids and I have been over the moon with the power, quality, and speed of it, but my wife just flat refused to use it.

That is until she decided she wanted to jump on the green smoothie bandwagon, and bought one of the popular ones advertised on TV/mercials, and it started leaking everywhere after about a fortnight. She then bought a more expensive one again advertised on TV/mercials, and the motor died within 4-6 weeks!

So she was stuck with having wasted nearly $300 and two dead/unusable blenders, and ended up using the 9400, and after the first time she used it, even she had to very begrudgingly admit it's brilliant, and actually did a much finer and smoother job than the other two she had!

I couldn't be happier with it, it's just great for anything you throw at it. And it's been an incredibly reliable appliance, that gets used at least once a day, with no sign of wear or deterioration of any kind since the day we bought it.

Optimum 600 Cold Pressed Juicer

I bought 3 juicers (2 for presents) and no one has complained yet. Had mine for about 4 years and, with 2 people in the house who juice virtually every day, it gets a real workout. Have had no problems with it except for replacing the cleaning brushes and Froothie sent these through very quickly. I would recommend the Optimum juicer and also Froothie for their service. A great place to shop.

Love it

Still going strong after 5 yrs use by a big growing family.
I share a house with my daughter and her growing boys. My son in law is a chef. We all love my froothie and the yummy mouth watering concoctions he comes up with.
Everything is still going strong.
I have also reviewed this product elsewhere when I first bought it and still happy.

The best of the best

I purchased my blender some years ago now it is a power workhorse i use it everyday 4 to 5 times a day very sturdy easy to clean and make the most yummy soups to i couldn't live without it

Great product

This is one of the best blender I have bought. Love using it each time. It is powerful and within seconds, it has done the job.

Froothie Fan Forever

I have had my Optimum 9400 for several years. it has been a fantastic blender, coping with the daily use of a raw food household. I did extensive research before deciding to go with the Optimum. It has lived up to it's reviews. The Optimum absolutely makes the most amazingly smooth nut butters. It was worth every dollar spent. Ordering online was easy and the delivery was quicker than the time frame advised. I spoke with staff when making the initial choice of model, they were friendly and extremely helpful. This company values it's customers. Thanks Froothie, you guys are awesome.

Great product, even better service

Had some cheap blenders in the past, and thought we would try something better. Been using for over 4 years now and never had a problem. Froothie service has been wonderful. My blender did arrive with a problem with the lid, but got on to the support website and they quickly sent out a replacement. Very happy with the product and support.

Great product

Been happy with my Froothie. No complaints, does what it's supposed to without any issues. My friend bought one at the same time and uses it every day. Only once was there a fault but customer service was very helpful and got the issue sorted. Two happy customers in total. Thanks Froothie :)

best buys ever

using 2 blenders on daily base since close to 12 yrs,never failed
blending result very smooth and fine.
best ever buys I did

I've never looked back....

I've never looked back since buying my froothie optimum blender and juicer. They are such great value for money, I've had both going on 5 years strong. Froothie staff have always been so helpful with any enquiries or tech support I have required over the years. Love their products and will continue to recommend them and purchase products from them in the future.

ThermoCook Pro is great.

I agonised for weeks over buying the ThermoCook instead of a Thermomix. In the end I took the plunge and saved a lot of money by buying the ThermoCook. I love my machine, it does everything I expected and more. I have been able to adapt all the Thermo recipes that appeal to me to use with my machine and had great results. The benefit I did not expect was the ability to use the ThermoCook for sous vide. It is brilliant.

Love my optimum blender!

My optimum blender is now over 2 years old, used EVERY DAY and hasnt skipped a beat. Customer service at Froothie is friendly, fast and their commitment to service is strong

Love my Optimum 9400

I don’t usually order products on line, but I found my experience with Froothie very easy and straightforward. My Optimum 9400 was delivered in a timely fashion and I have been thoroughly satisfied with their service to date. The Optimum 9400 easily breaks down harder ingredients like kale and seeds to make delicious smoothies. We try to make organic smoothies for a healthy breakfast and this product is awesome to help us achieve that!

Long term Optimum 8200 review

Froothie/Optimum offered a free blender as a part of leaving a review. My review was submitted but after several emails and several months I had no response (apart from the first response saying the competition finished at the end of the month - this was a chance to win a juicer in addition to the free mini blender). After hearing no response I changed my review (see below) indicating that this process appeared to be a scam. That afternoon I was called by a froothie manager to find out why I had that experience. The promised blender was supplied and the email that I was sending to is apparently the Froothie marketing department in France. This seems genuine based on his interactions with me but I would encourage others that may have missed out also to contact them directly. Below is the original review which is true based on the product despite the current frustrating experience.

I bought the Optimum 8200 blender near the beginning of 2015. This blender was great then and still going strong without skipping a beat. Strong, and effective for smoothies, crushed ice, nut butters and more. Froothie made it easy to purchase and they followed up with recipes and other great offers.

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Hey Tim, thank you for your very diligent review. You are correct we did have competitions in Australia encouraging customers to share their experience online (good or bad) for a chance to win a blender or juicer. As we spend most of our budget on product development rather than marketing, we do rely significantly on word of mouth for our growth since our inception many years ago. I apologize for any confusion we caused. Please email me directly at roy@froothie.com.au or call the office at 1300 309 900 if there is ANYTHING I can help you with :-) You can also DM us on Facebook and ask for me, or Instagram :-) Thank you again Tim, and glad you are enjoying your Optimum 8200 :-)

Use all the time

Price perfect - tick, Quality perfect - tick, Fast Delivery - tick, Easy to use - tick. Use all the time - tick. What more can I say. Very happy with my purchases.

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Questions & Answers

How to I contact the Froothie company, as I can't access their website on Google.
1 answer
Hello James50, our website is www.froothie.com.au. You can contact us via support@froothie.com.au or just call our office at 1300 309 900 :)

My Optimum 700 juicer juice stopper has a crack at hinge and the juice bowl got separated from its round base. Customer Service confirmed they can replace the juice bowl , however did not mention anything about the juice stopper. In addition, they asks me to pay $15 postage. Is this consistent with others' experience?
1 answer
Hello Matthews, thank you for your message. Please contact our customer service team directly at support@froothie.com.au and they will be able to review the case for you and come back to you directly. Please mention the technical support ticket number in your email. We hope this helps :)

I have the Vibrofit - and love it. My question is - how do you turn that voice off (when you power on) ... and its soooo loud - "Welcome to Vibrofit, Bluetooth is ready to pair .. Blue tooth is now ready" .... is there a way to either turn that down or off? ty
2 answers
Thank you for your feedback. We are delighted to see that you are enjoying your VibroFit plate. Please contact our support team at support@froothie.com.au regarding your enquiry. You can of course also call them on +61 3 8609 2210.I totally agree with you Angela, I'm sick of it already after only a couple of hours. I rang support and it can't be changed, its either put up with it or send it back.

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