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Fujifilm XT-1

Fujifilm XT-1

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Excellent mirrorless camera

Last year I purchased a Fujifilm X-T1 mirrorless camera to use while travelling around. I've only ever used my DSLR while travelling, and being a full frame camera accompanied by a large piece of glass on the front (the lens), it often became very weighty on long trips. Being a DSLR user most of time, I was very apprehensive about the quality achieved by a mirrorless camera. But now, after a lot of new advancements in digital photography technology, mirrorless cameras are almost 'on par' for quality. But I'm not writing this review to point out useless facts about mirrorless cameras in general, no. I am writing this review to give others another opinion to consider if they are considering buying a Fujifilm X-T1.

Here are a few points/features of the camera that I have chosen to review.

Build Quality: is excellent. Retro styling looks great.
Ease of use: Setting dials are comfortable to use, standard menu functions. The one con I found was with the quick access menu. If you press the incorrect button it exits back to the shooting screen. This can be a bit frustrating when trying to set up the camera.
Image Quality: quite good. Images are very sharp. I found that it did struggle a bit in low light situations compared to my DSLR, creating a bit more noise in some photos.
Weight: great compared to an SLR. With a lens attached it weighs about the same as my SLR's body by itself. Great camera for travelling.
View finder: very crisp and clear. Had to adjust the brightness a bit as it was giving me a false sense of how bright the scene was that I was photographing.
Focusing: Excellent. I have only tried it with the lens that I have, so I'm not sure how it would perform with others. But seems good.
Accessories: Strap is standard. The flash supplied is average. If you wish to take flash photography or night time portraits you will need to invest in a larger flash.
Price: I think it's still a little on the expensive side, but I was happy to pay a bit extra knowing that I was receiving a high quality cameras.

Overall, I think that it's a great camera and would definitely recommend it to others seeks a smaller alternate to their DSLR.

Fuji stand behind their product with excellent service

While travelling in South America, I dropped my 5 month old Fuji XT-1 camera and damaged the electronic viewfinder. Fortunately the display screen at the back of the camera kept working and I was able to take over 5,000 shots during the next four weeks.
On return, I contacted Fujifilm service in Sydney. Spoke to a service receptionist who immediately put me through to a technician's phone. He was unavailable but rang me back promptly and after hearing the problem asked me to send in the camera so they could check it out. There would be no charge to quote and if I didn't accept the quote it would be returned at Fuji's expense.
I sent the camera to Fuji by Australia Post and in my covering note clearly said that I had dropped the camera. Within a week they confirmed receipt and that they would repair the camera under warranty -NO CHARGE. They anticipated that the repair could take 2-3 weeks as they were very busy. Within 2 weeks my camera was returned cleaned, tested and recalibrated and working perfectly with a note. "We apologise for any inconvenience caused by the inability to use the camera".
That service will keep me a Fuji user!

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Price (RRP)$1100
Video QualityFull HD
Built-In FlashYes

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