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Fujitsu Designer ASTG09/12/18KUCA

Looks beautiful but a little noisy

We have installed four of these Designer series split systems in the bedrooms of one of our properties. They look stunning - sit close to the wall, and the white on the front panel is a pure white (not an off-white like some cheaper brands). They heat and cool effectively and seem to be quite energy efficient.
The indoor units can be noisy when the fan is on high, which might be a concern in bedrooms for light sleepers. We also have Fujitsu Lifestyle series units in another property and they are far quieter.
I would recommend these units for spaces that need something that looks good like small- to medium-sized living areas or a study, but I wouldn't install them in a bedroom again.

Date PurchasedJul 2017
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Hi Dave, Thank you for your feedback on Product Review. Your units shouldn't be noisy on high fan. If you contact our assist department from the 2nd January, they will be able to arrange a service technician to come and inspect this for you.

Heat/cools well. Loud when heating. Front panel lift action failed for me too.

Heating and cooling works great for bedrooms. Internal unit is noisy, Fujitsu have advised the noise is normal, I also have other Fujitsu models which make no noise hmmm. Front panel lift action broke after a year see: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=XKiO2LCIduQ. I've since discovered the broken front panel is a common issue. Remote control is NOT backlit which is not ideal when you have kids.

Unit is cosmetically quite attractive.

Date PurchasedOct 2016
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Hi Michael, Thank you for taking the time to provide your feedback on Product Review. if you would like us to have another look at your air conditioner please contact Fujitsu Assist on 1300 658 840.

Works well, A bit Noisy

The Fujitsu Designer air conditioner has been a great addition for the household. It heats up the room and controls the temperature quite well and quite quickly. The machine can get noisy though when warming up and operate at high temperatures. Overall I am pleased with the product, especially if you can get it on sale.

Date PurchasedApr 2018
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HI Nik, Thank you for taking the time to place your comment on Product Review. Your custom and feedback is important to us. We are delighted you are pleased with your recent purchase of your Fujitsu Air Conditioning unit. In regards to noise level when warming up please contact our Technical Support Team who will do their best to assist this issue on Toll Free Number: 1300 364 484.

Simply Excellent

Heats and cools brilliantly. Super quiet, even on high though I recommend leaving it around 22 degrees on low as this is the most cost efficient way to heat or cool. (Just change the mode). Easy to use controls. Looks good on the wall too. Haven't needed to have it serviced yet!

Date PurchasedMay 2014
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Hi Matt, We appreciate you taking the time to provide feedback on your Fujitsu Air Conditioner. Thank you

It works but is not great.

My husband, and AC engineer, fitted this unit into our bedroom. It looks nice and neat when not in use but the outdoor unit is quite noisy when it runs. The door lifts up and opens when in use and, although a nice touch, our has broken. The lifting wheel is made of plastic and not sufficient to lift the door time after time.

Date PurchasedSep 2015

nice looking, quiet and efficient.

Nothing tricky but I think the aesthetic design and the additional efficiency make it well worth it. We put one of these in each of the bed rooms and I have nothing at all bad to report. I think a fixed wall mounted control might be a nice option instead of the remote that tends to walk (I have small children) but that's not a complaint. I like them.

Date PurchasedJan 2015

Perfect product, so quiet, can’t live without it.

we bought this machine last year , it was installed beautifully, and the machine itself work beautifully as well, very quiet, very smooth, and most of all , very energy saving, the machine is easy to use ,once you set up your liking, all you need just one press. Highly recommended.

Date PurchasedJul 2017

Ecxcellent Fujitsu split system

Very happy overall and found slightly better with cooling compared to heating and unit very quite. Installation seems quite simple and completed in 2-3 hours time by technician and we like this unit as quite easy to use for controlling temperatures and change settings to different modes as required with weather conditions and finding economical with power usage compared to existing other split air conditioning units.

Date PurchasedAug 2017

Effective Aircon

5kw unit's performance is quiet, need to be outside to hear it work and even then you have to listen hard. Installation was done in a very efficient manner and minimal disruption to home. Installer easily explained settings on remote and now would not be without it. would certainly recommend installer as a great outfit

Date PurchasedDec 2017

Great Air-Con

We've had our unit for the last 2 years. We've had no reliability issues at all.

The unit is fairly quiet, both inside and outside where the compressor lives. In terms of functionality it offers fairly standard functionality and is very similar to its competitors.

The key highlight of this air con are its handsome looks. The unit has a front fascia which is seamless when the air-con is OFF, but moves up to expose the grille when the air-con is switched ON. It carries a minimalist look.

In summary, no reliability issues to date, solid and relatively quiet unit that looks the part in any modern setting.

Date PurchasedFeb 2016

Nice aircon

Looks great with sliding front facia
Easy to use remote cooling and heat both work great has a power option that blasts out the air to cool or heat room very quickly
Cools a 5 x 6 m room quite easy and keeps it at temp no drama would recommend

Date PurchasedJan 2017

good unit

We got the 2.5kw and 5kw models one for the bedroom and one for the lounge room, the 5kw is a fair bit quieter than the 2.5kw, they both are reasonably quiet, however we can just hear the 2.5kw compressor running opposite a brick veneer wall, the 5kw is practically not audible through the wall. we got these ones due to the energy rating a price was a bit cheaper than the others. they do not come with plumbing equipment for gas, some other brands might come with them, not a big deal though unless you were going to DIY install perhaps go with a brand that has the tubes supplied, however you may as well just pay someone the 500 bucks or so each that there is to install these units, saves you the hassle...

Date PurchasedJan 2017


Pretty happy with the unit. Heating a 2brm unit and it does a good job even though it's a decent sized area. Very quiet too. Only problem I find is the unit is mounted high on the wall and if you are sitting on the lounge you feel a cool draft even thought it is set to heat. Sometimes it feels warmer then other times even though it is set at same temp

Date PurchasedSep 2016

Satisfactory, does it job fine

It's not amazingly quiet, but it does it job fine and good allrounder. I got installed in a master bedroom and it's sufficient for both cooling and heating.
Bought based on past experience and wasn't disappointed. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a small size aircon for small area such as bedroom, study room etc

Date PurchasedJun 2017


The unit looks good but at times it is very noisy and has a lot of vibration. It has the usual fan blowing sound which is okay but when it often revs up like a car engine and then there is the vibration that goes through your body it is not good, I need to switch it off. I had the guys back that installed it and they said you have to expect to hear the compressor fan and the internal fan and said it was okay. Apart from those noises there is also the water flowing sounds but as I mentioned before its the engine and vibration noises that I cannot tolerate. Very disappointing for a brand new air conditioner.

Date PurchasedMay 2017

Compact Inside Unit, stylish, fan noisy at high speed

I purchased this brand and model based on having great experiences with previous Fujitsu Air Conditioners. And this model is the largest capacity in Slim line internal head unit.

Given the small internal head unit it pumps out a good amount of cool air. Has lots of functions, namely the Powerful function which maxes out the fan speed and run the outdoor compressor at full capacity to pump out instant cold air. I use this feature a lot.

This model capacity is a little under powered for my room size but I wanted the slim stylish internal head unit. Other models have ridiculous over sized internal head units that look ugly and out-dated style. Fan speed set on medium/high to high is very noisy, but having said that it does pump out a lot of air. I guess thats the trade off on those hot 40degree days.

Not having smart phone app based functionality is the reason i gave it 4 stars. This option have been available in Europe and USA for over 2 years now, the fact Fujitsu Australia has not kept up with overseas offerings and other brands is putting there brand well behind the game. If this is a feature you require you can obtain 3rd party wi-fi remote receivers for air conditioners, but its a shame Fujitsu Australia still dont have this feature available.

Overall i'm happy with this model from Fujitsu, I just wish they would offer larger capacity models in the Designer range.

Date PurchasedNov 2016

One of the best..

I am extremely happy with it and will highly recommend it to any one that is thinking of getting an aircon.
It looks really good, not noisy until you push powerful button..
The remote is a little big but easy to use...
My installer done a great job, very clean and very helpful..
Over all very happy..

Date PurchasedJan 2017

It's what we needed!

Both heating and cooling performance is great !
It's medium in noise...not to loud but you know when it's on.
I have to pay an air conditioner to installed it then I had to pay more extra to get the compressor away from the area....as I did not want the look of it near our barbecue area !
It's not complicated but if I have problems....I always tell my husband what I want

Date PurchasedApr 2014

Unbelievably Powerful and Compact!

In our current home have a 5kw Designer model and a 2.5kw Lifestyle model in our Bedroom. Both units have been excellent. The standout model is the Designer range. With the from of the unit opening up on operation, it can pump out heating and cooling like nothing else for its size. Outdoor unit is quiet and the indoor unit is great as well.
Moving in a few weeks and will be installing the Fujitsu designer range in the next place as well.

Date PurchasedNov 2013

Great units

Not sure what noise people are talking about, would like a bit better description.
We have 2 units and just about to purchase another one. Have been great, million dollar look, cool and heat in no time, sensors are working great, really quite to my likening. We have much much more expensive unit (different brand) and it is way noisier.

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Had gone through summer and winter and strong through second summer, awesome units, purchased another one. next to nothing electricity bills...

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Questions & Answers

I’ve just had this installed but I seem to have two issues: 1. After about 3-5 minutes of operation I get a slow but constantly flashing light, when I change settings it temperature it keeps coming back? 2. Should this keep blowing air after I turn it off? It seems to close but still blows air?
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Hi MJH, Thank you for your taking the time to place your comment on Product Review. Please contact Fujitsu General directly Free Call 1300 364 484 and our Technical support team will do their best to assist you.

Can I have the outside unit placed on the roof would this be efficient if done?
1 answer
Hi Jim, I don't know whether you can have it installed on the roof, but on reading the installion manual and as I said later to the company that installed mine, the outside unit should of been installed 3 mtrs away from the inside unit and then I would not have the motor and fan noise I experience as they installed my unit back to back. I had the company call back to listen to the noise and install a drian pipe to take the water away so that was fixed the water problem, but I still have the noise problem. Getting back to your roof installion I do not know the what type of roof you have but I have seen airconditioning units on roofs, but I am not qualified to advise you. Sorry I cannot help you with that question.

I just had ASTG09KUCA installed in the bedroom and run it on low noise, econmonic at 22 heat and it kept me awake and then woke me through the night with a water gurgle noise - I ran the installers but they had no answer . Only said it is a very quiet aircon. Also rang Bing Lee where I got it from and was told it should be quiet and to get the installers back to check it out. After reading the above review this could be a waste of time and money. Do you know anything about this particlar noise in this model???
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The 2 times I have had water noise or internal water leak is because the moisture drain pipe from internal head unit to outside was blocked, the other time was the drain pipe was installed above the outlet from the internal unit, which would mean the drain pipe is too high so water built up inside. Only other thing I can think of is when using heat or cold air, on occasions I can here the fluid (gas) running through the pipes. This is normal and might be what you are hearing. It doesn't happen all the time, but would be more noticeable when you first turn the Air Con on. This sound happens to all Air Con units (well all the units I've owned), it is the gas running through the pipes. Regardless of whether you set the Air con to low noise or not, the gas still needs to run through the pipes to internal head unit to produce hot or cold air as needed.I experienced the same thing. Noisy water flowing from the inside unit. I rang fujitsu. The guy told me that this model should have a minimum of 3 meter copper tube between indoor amd outdoor unit. I told the installer and he will do it in 2 weeks time. Fingers crossed. I think this unit is sh##t. It has a high vibration. And i can always hear a sizzling noise when i operate in heating mode. I do have a mitsubishi in my other room. I dont have any issue on it.


Designer ASTG09KUCA (2.5kW)Designer ASTG12KUCA (3.5kW)Designer ASTG18KUCA (5.0kW)Designer ASTG09LUCBDesigner ASTG14LUCBDesigner ASTG18LUCB
Indoor Unit Height282mm282mm282mm282mm282mm282mm
Cooling Energy Rating5stars3.5stars3stars
Heating Energy Rating5stars3.5stars3stars
Outdoor Unit Height540mm540mm620mm
Indoor Unit Width870mm870mm870mm870mm870mm870mm
Indoor Unit Depth185mm185mm185mm185mm185mm185mm
Outdoor Unit Width790mm790mm790mm790mm790mm790mm
Outdoor Unit Depth290mm290mm290mm290mm290mm290mm
Reverse CycleYesYesYesYesYesYes
Cooling Capacity2.5kW3.5kW5kW
Heating Capacity3.2kW4.3kW6kW
Release dateSep 2012Sep 2012Sep 2012
Replaced byFujitsu Designer ASTG09KUCA (2.5kW)Fujitsu Designer ASTG12KUCA (3.5kW)Fujitsu Designer ASTG18KUCA (5.0kW)

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