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Fujitsu Lifestyle ASTG09/12/18/22/24CMCA
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Perfect, don't know how I lived without it

The Fujitsu aircon we bought is a great unit, I'm not sure how I got on without it. Cool's the house down very quick, silent unit and very easy to operate. I am 100% happy with this product and would highly recommend Fujitsu. Fujitsu also gave us $150 rebate at the time.

Date PurchasedJul 2018
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Hi Dom, We are so happy you are loving your Fujitsu Air Conditioner. Thank you for providing your feedback on Product Review.

Cools quickly And quietly

This model only cools which was my mistake when shopping for it. However it does the job well. Very quiet. We installed into our newborn sons room as it cooks in summer due to our tin roof with zero insulation. We would set it to 23c and leave it on overnight and most of the day. Kept the room very pleasant and he slept like a baby. If we crank it up and open the door it helps cool the top level of our house. Quite powerful for its size and consumption.

Date PurchasedNov 2017
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Thank you for taking the time to place your comment on Product Review which is appreciated. Your feedback is important to us. We are delighted by the rating you have kindly given for your Fujitsu ASTG09CMCA

Great for a medium sized room

Cooling and heating are good, but occasionally I have to reset them from the power panel. Not too quiet. Installation was good, but when we had issues with it, the guy couldn't provide us with the receipts so we can get someone licenced to check and repair, and the warranty thus expired without us getting help to fix the issue. Still not running optimally, but now we have to pay for the inspection and repair. Easy to use, but has issues switching from cool to heat, most times I have to reset the unit few times before we can notice the switch.

Date PurchasedNov 2016
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Hi - Thank you for your feedback. Please contact our Service Manager on freecall 1300882201 and quote ticket number 330811. He will more than happy to discuss this with you furtherso we can resolve any issue you have.

Cool for summer

I'm 100% happy with this product - well I have only just bought the product 3 weeks ago. It has cooled my living/kitchen open area pretty quickly and it does not make too loud of a noise. I had arranged for Harvey Norman to send out one of their experienced installers to do the installation for us and they have been very cooperative with appointment time. A very good product overall for the household.

Date PurchasedJan 2018

Good for one room

Upgrading from an Akai ac I expected more reliability and smoother operation, but the unit can actually be very noisy. It gurgles and whistles at times which is offputting. However it keeps the room cold, the fan is very quiet and it has never malfunctioned.

Note that there is a delay between inputting a command and it being received, so the remote needs to be pointed until a beep is heard.

Date PurchasedFeb 2015

If you live in a regional area beware faulty new unit/ warranty

My low rating is in relation to warranty/ integrity of company after sale. I purchased a fujitsu to upgrade from an older split system of another brand. I had have another fujitsu that has always worked well and still does so my low rating is not on all the products.

The new unit would work intermittently but would consistently not work when the temperature increased. I was experiencing very high temperatures inside my home and being told by technicians attending I had a 'working unit'. I would not a response when I directly asked for a replacement.

I followed all the correct procedures with contact warranty, install checks and was very polite in all my dealings with fujitsu. This was an extremely bad experience overall, although an individual staff member was polite from fujitsu and tried to help, it seemed like their policy must be flawed somewhere and it was not a case where I would be heard as a consumer.

Luckily I had purchased through a retailer and they eventually sorted it out. The faulty unit was finally replaced. I heard anecdotally from two of the various service technicians that fujitsi are generally unwilling to replace faulty units. I don't know if this comment is fact or just gossip but after living for months in a heat wave I will be thinking twice to risk buying from this company again living in a regional area and having had this experience. I like the fujitsu products when they work and I hope fujitsu can improve their warranty customer service procedures for regional areas to look after their customers and listen. I am disappointed and hope very much the working unit I have now does not break down as I had a truly awful experience just trying to get the working product I paid for. I have been put off further purchase from this company, despite having another fujitsu unit that functions well. Regional Consumers in hot areas beware.

Date PurchasedSep 2016

Excellent system

We thought this would be too big a system for us but it's perfect. it is the only one in our open plan ground floor and all we need, you can feel the coolness or the heat all the way from one end of the house to the other. It's perfect. Quiet as well. remote control is easy to operate and not intrusive on the wall. Excellent.

Date PurchasedJun 2017

Excellent purchase

very happy with the unit we decided on, heats our lounge dinning area with no trouble not expensive to run easy to regulate settings not expensive to have installed very quiet not much noise very easy to install have no complaints cant wait for summer to see how cool it makes the house

Date PurchasedJul 2017

Amazing how we survived without air con.

This year (2017) finally installed this unit in kitchen lounge and two, 2.5kw ones in two bedrooms. Excellent units, most impressed with quiet running and air flow. Auto setting just maintains the set temp hardly know it's on till you go to another non air con room. Cream colour of outside unit s blends with cream of our walls. Installed was excellent too.

Date PurchasedFeb 2017

Warm as toast then cool as a cucumber

This Fujitsu reverse cycle air conditioner suits our needo to a tee.
Not only is the outdoor unit lovely and quiet, the indoor unit has a quiet setting also.
You only know the unit is on by the warm/coom room you walk into.
The air conditioning and heating warms a very large area and if we leave the hallway door open,
it reaches up to the bedrooms.
Do yourself a favor, run right out and buy one of these..

Date PurchasedFeb 2015

2 days on. early days

This has just been installed 2 days ago by a reputable installer (ALWAYS use a good installer when dealing with refrigerants) It is replacing a Kelvinator split that had a small internal leak that Kelvinator refused to replace under warranty. After fighting a losing battle I pulled that out and had this new Fujitsu model installed. It's good so far. Quiet fan mode is quiet. Cooling seems to do it's thing (although I'm sure the old Kelvinator of same 2.5kw size was cooler.. I've had the Fujitsu set 2 degree cooler to get the same effect. I don't like the fact that the 'swing director' is automatically returned to the #3 position after 30 minutes in case of condensation dripping damaging things underneath the A/C but am going to try manually adjusting this and hopefully it won't sense it's not in possie #3 because I like it pointing at me underneath like the Kelvinator did. Hope this works!! The remote is fairly similar in functionality to the Kelvinator. Cleaning the Kel was almost impossible though because the front panel did not remove so I'm assuming this one can be removed properly for cleaning. All in all: I like the Fujitsu (so long as the director stays when manually adjusted)

Date PurchasedSep 2016

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