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Fujitsu Lifestyle ASTG30KMTA / ASTG34KMTA

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ASTG30KMTA (8.5kW) and ASTG34KMTA (9.4kW)
3.7 from 22 reviews

Quieter but not as cold as the 10 year old cheapo that it replaced

my air-conditioning installer recommended this unit, I trusted him, but the unit is definitely not as powerful on cold and is similarly down on performance on the heating cycle, last week I had a cheapo Chinese Aircon of a lower capacity but it was getting a bit noisy so I thought rather than repair I would update, what a mistake $3000 for the unit and installation and it won't even go down to 16° like the old unit did (only goes to 18°) and is painfully weak on both the cooling and the heating, absolute rubbish don't waste your money

Date PurchasedNov 2016

Fantastic! Powerful, quiet and oh so cool

I was worried after reading bad reviews about Fujitsu aircons that I might be making a mistake but my electrician (Clayton from Hux electrical) said we'd have no problem if we chose a powerful model and he was right. At first I thought it was noisy but that was because they finished the install at 2:30pm so it needed to be on high. Once the place is cool you can turn the fan down and barely hear it. It's an unbelievable 40 degrees today but you wouldn't know it inside the house and can only faintly hear it working. If you know it's going to be hot and you're at work you can set the timer. Love it!

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Questions & Answers

Why does this air con NOT have an inverter?.
3 answers
Hi Bridget, thanks for contacting us. All Fujitsu General Air Conditioners being sold in Australia are inverters. For more information on the product visit https://www.fujitsugeneral.com.au/product/astg30kmta---8.5kw(c)-9.0kw(h) . We hope this information helps.Shocking to hear, had similar problem, worked fine for the first 2 1/2yrs. Than the problems started and got nowhere with the manufacturer. Numerous emails back and forth, got nowhere. Posted negative review on this site, within minutes they were asking me to private message them and asking me to remove my post. I decided to rip the entire system out and went with a more reputable company. The only thing this product did was create aggravation for me for 2 yrs and $5700.00 on original install. Only to rip it out and have another system installed. I'd recommend the same to you.Hi Lou. As discussed with you we are based in Australia and the reason you were asked to remove your post was because you had posted your comments on our page which is a totally different company in a different country to which you bought the unit. We have reached on your behalf and contacted that company to see if we could resolve your issue. Other than that, unfortunately we do not have any control over them and cannot force them to resolve your issue.

Go to turn our unit on this summer and we get 5 flashes of the timer light. Unit not coming on. Of course it's our first hot day and a/c not working. Who do I call? Purchased about this time last year from Good Guys and we are on Mornington Peninsula Vic Steve 0416611774
1 answer
Hi Steve, Thank you for placing your question on Product Review. Please call our Technical support team who will do their best to assist you in regards to the five flashes on your timer light. Free Toll 1300 364 484.

I am looking at one of these units for a open plan dining kitchen, family area. Has large hall coming off kitchen, not wanting to cool it but will it make a difference to the cooling capacity. Shop salesman says no, but I’m not so sure. Area app 14ft x 24 feet wide with 9 ft ceiling and three open walkways off the area. Any suggestions?
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Hi Karen, Fujitsu split system air conditioners are designed for one room. It is best for you to have a Fujitsu Partner come to you and quote you with the correct product to suit your environment. Please go to fujitsugeneral.com.au and go to "Find a Stockist" pop in your postcode or suburb for a list for the nearest partners or you can click on ‘Request a Quote’ for an authorised partner to contact you. Thank you


Lifestyle ASTG30KMTA (8.5kW)Lifestyle ASTG34KMTA (9.4kW)
Reverse CycleYesYes
Indoor Unit Depth280mm280mm
Outdoor Unit Height830mm914mm
Outdoor Unit Width900mm970mm
Outdoor Unit Depth330mm370mm
Price (RRP) $2299$2799
Cooling Capacity8.9kW9.4kW
Heating Capacity9kW10.3kW
Cooling Energy Rating2stars2stars
Heating Energy Rating3stars2.5stars
Indoor Unit Height340mm340mm
Indoor Unit Width1150mm1150mm

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