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Is this product reknown for weight gain. Whilst it has alleviated the hot sweats, I have gained 2 kilos since taking this over a 3 week period?
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well, I am not totally sure if it was the cause, but I gained a stone so I stopped taking it after 6 monthsI have noticed my breasts has swollen and look larger and I generally feel like I’m carrying a lot of fluid, I’m coming off them

Is this product suitable to take after ER breast cancer?
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you would have to ask your Dr about that, sorry

I am 49 years old, started to have menopausal symptoms, about 5 months ago (mood swings, insomnia, mild depression) while I was having my period every month. To deal with the symptoms I started using Menopause about 2 months ago, and in a very short period of time, I felt much better, but my period stopped. I am wondering now , is that because of the tablets or since I had a symptoms of menopause before taking them,, maybe it stopped naturally? Please, clear my concerns, thanks in advance,
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Hi Vesna I can't answer that, you would have to ask your GP. There is a test they can do. I can only say that I had stopped my periods about 6yrs ago. Using Menopause didn't really help me, but cohosh has. Good luck with it allHello Maybe your symptoms stopped naturally or maybe the tables realigned your body. See a GP and find out why. It maybe okay either way.

I’ ve been using Menopause free for about 2 1/2 months now and have noticed a huge improvement in my sleep patterns and a reduction in hot flushes - practically gone. The anxiety persists, however, and my doctor has prescribed a serotonin product. Is this ok to take with the Menopause Free? Thanks, Diana
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can you take remifemin with menopause free?
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I was on remifemin before and it was all good so I guess you can but maybe best to check with your doctor.

My symptoms are mainly muscle tension and joint aches. I'm taking menapause free - seems to be making a difference. How do I choose between Menapause product or Menapause Free?
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I haven't tried Menopause free but I was experience joint pain and muscle tension as well as hot flushes and Fusion Menopause alleviated all of these symptoms.

Hi Can you please tell me if I am able to take Fusion Menpause Free while having chemo treatment? Thanks R
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Hi you will have to ask a professional qualified doctor or oncologist. ..Best of luck with your health. .

I was given fusion liver tonic, for hot flushes, wondering why the naturopath gave me that rather than the Menopause product ?
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Im not qualified in prescribing herbal medicines. .all i can say is my husband went into a shop that sells vitamins and asked the staff what would be good for menopause. .He was given fusion menopause free. .to be honest worked a wonder for the first 3 weeks then all the flushes came back...i decided to finish taking them which i did last week. ..im not taking anything for the moment and the flushes are almost gone...go figureLol thanks Joey, well that's the female hormones I spose! Some days I think I should just put up with it and let it run its course, there's a lot of people making a lot of money out of us Menopausal girls! And at the end of the day it's a natural process we have to go thru. I know easier said than done tho ! Good luck :)

Can menopause fusion cause weight gain and joint pain?
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I was only on it for about 1 months and I didn't suffer any side effectsHi Lizzy, did you end up getting an answer to this please? I have been taking it for about 2 months now and turned into a blimp!

just wondering if menopause free is for me? i am suffering from moodiness and morning sweats, and dry skin.. can i also take st johns wart with this or not? and is it best to start on one tablet a day and should that be taken morning or night?
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I had the same symptoms as well as incredibly itchy skin. I started with two tablets every morning for the first month and then 1. Did give me an uncomfortable tummy. Have since changed to Menopause Free which does not upset my tummy. Much less moody, no skin itch and minimal flushes and sweating.I used prescription medicine for my menopause symptoms and it was fine. I developed what they thought was a DVT in my leg and it was suggested I do not take this anymore. The symptoms were horrendous and I found it hard getting through the day with excessive flushing etc. I tried acupuncture which worked for a week and then had to get more. A friend suggested I try this product. That was over 6 months ago and I have to admit, I have not felt better. No more flushes and life is great again.The main reason I started taking this product was for my mood swings which were out of control. To the point it was brought up in my performance review at work. Menopause Free has me now back in control and relieved all symptoms of mood swings and anxiety.. While I have minor hot flushes, I have noticed a dramatic improvement in my dry skin as well.

I have been taking for 2 months and have gained weight. Could it be this? I am also taking st john wort so dont know which one it is
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I only took 1 bottle of this and didn't have any weight gain

Hi there , I have used Menopause fusion in the past and it was brilliant . I feel like I need to start using it again but I'm a little worried about taking Black cohosh for to long,do you think the Menopause free will work as well ? Kind regards, Jess
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Hi Jess sorry it didn't help so can't really advise you. I know the guy at the health food shop didn't advise long term use of anything with black cohosh. Good luck alison

I seem to have broken out in a rash in various parts of my body. I have been taking these tablets for approximately 6 days. Has anyone else had this problem?
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Hi. We are sorry to hear about your experience. We recommend to discontinue the Menopause Formula and contact us directly via phone or our website. Thank you.Hi...in answer to your question ...no havent had and rashes when taking menopause free...cheers kati

I've been using this for over a week now and the last three mornings I've been waking up with a terrible headache could this be causing them and should I stop taking it?
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Hi Kaz. It would be best for you to contact us directly via our website or phone.Hi Kaz...☺..The one thing i never had were the headaches from taking menapause free...I do believe in giving them or anything a good try before giving up..I would think 1 week wouldn't have started working in your syistem yet...I gave it my best shot but it wasn't for me....maybe make sure its not something else giving you the headache first..good luck..

I'de like to know if it helps with dryness as its giving me so much grief ! Ive tried so many things but csuse other problems!! I dont reslly hsve many flushes ,mainly vaginal issues.
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Hi Sam. The Fusion Menopause helps to address symptoms of menopause such as hot flushes, excessive perspiration, fatigue, sexual disinterest (low libido), irritability, nervousness, muscle and joint pains, skin and vaginal dryness and urinary frequency. For more information visit our website or feel free to contact us directly.

i started taking this and it helped. I then went off it as i went through a bit of financial strife. Back on tract and went back on them....but they dont work for me this time. Cant work out why, can you advise any recommendations?
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Hi Joanne. It may be best for you to contact us directly through our website or free call to establish if the Menopause is the right formula for your symptom picture or if you are taking the correct dosage.Hi again, can I have a link sent through with your direct email, or phone number. Thanks Jo

Hello! I have no libido experience some hot flushes my period stopped 4 years ago, am taking aropax for anxiety, can it help me restore my libido?
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Hi Vineta. The Fusion Health Menopause may help to enhance your libido and manage the hot flushes. You can find out more on our website and for more personalised advice please contact us directly.

Hi. I started using this product 2 weeks ago and it has certainly made a difference with my hot flushes and night sweats. Today, however, I got my period! I haven't had one for 10 months. Am interested to know if has anyone experienced something similar whilst new to this product? Thanks, monica
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Hi Mon,i am on contraception to keep me regular so i have not experienced that but I hope someone can help answer that for you.I am so glad it's helping with your night sweats as there horrid arnt they,a real shocker to experience and the worst physical part for me personally.Best wishes.Lisa.Hi Mon. Please contact us directly if you'd like to talk about the product and your experience with it.

I have taken Menopause Free two years ago and gained weight. I really need to take it again as my symptoms are much worse and I my periods are very irregular . I do not want to gain weight again . Would you recommend I try it again ? I am 52 and a women on the very edge.
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Hi Tess. It would be best for you to contact us directly so we can discuss your current symptoms and recommend a holistic approach.Hi tess,i know what you mean by being on the very edge!!! I didn't have any problems with gaining weight using this product(because I'd already put a load of weight on when i started menopause haha-not funny!) I would definitely recommend you try it again as it really is an excellent product,the only one i ever found to work,especially on the night sweats and irritability,especially for that "On the edge" feeling that is particularly horrible. It works so well for me that i would suggest you try it again as it's awful living with such terrible symptoms.I wish you all the best tess. :)This is my querie also started 2 weeks ago & have put weight on around my middle with no change of diet ??

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