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Use this product before trying ANYTHING ELSE!!

I am currently a student and due to the stresses of homework, study, ect I was experiencing Anxiety symptoms. I visited my doctor, who told me this (along with others) would be useless and told me there were better options he could proscribe me. I ignored this advice and purchased a bottle of Fusion Health Stress and Anxiety and I immediately noticed a difference. I could breathe!! and felt able to complete the work I needed to get done. Its slightly expensive (for a student) but I highly recommend it over any other medication.

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Hi Tiida. Thank you for your wonderful feedback. It's great to hear how well the Fusion Stress & Anxiety formula is working for you. Please don't hesitate to contact us directly should you need further advice.

Noticeable improvement in feelings of anxiety

Due to significant stresses at work, I was experiencing anxiety that was almost preventing me from working. On my first day of using this product, I experienced a notable reduction in symptoms and was able to complete work tasks that would have previously overwhelmed me. Unlike other formulas I've tried, I don't feel like I need to let it build up over a period of time; it seems to be something that I can take on an "as-needs basis".

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Hi KtB. What wonderful feedback. We are very happy that it helps you. Thank you so much for sharing.

happy tablet

my girl 18 years old was on anti depressants which caused a big worry for me becos I dont believe in them
went to health shop who highly recommended FUSION
after few days my girl started showing great improvements: increased appetite,,more smiles ,,more positive attitude

her doctor alarmed us about the use of FUSION as in her opinion might interfere with the anti depressant and cause bad side effects.....we suggested a slow transformation from this to that ,yet she insisted that she completes a course of 6 months and slowly shift to FUSION
we are not totally convinced with our GP opinion hence we asked to see a specialist psychologist next week who will hopefully give us a better opinion about ceasing the antidepressant
so far my girl is showing great progress ,thanks to our great support and positive communication
hope this helps other readers

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Hi Ghada. It is great to hear that your girl is feeling better on the Stress & Anxiety formula. It is not contraindicated with her medication we just recommend two hour gap between them.

benefical for me

I'm 43 very fit and healthy with 2 young children and embarking on a large expensive renovation which has caused a lot of heated arguments, stress and anxiety between my partner and I. In the past during unrelated times of high stress I had GP prescribed products which have a strong noted effect but are chemically based artificial products. I started a fusion tablet with an open mind morning and night about 2 weeks ago. They take about 30 minutes to kick in and have an subtle affect but perceivable effect on my mood and outlook. Almost without realising it they help lessen the immediate feelings and help me calmly approach the same situation that would have me flying off the handle an hour beforehand. As a bit of a 'natural alternative sceptic' I was pleasantly surprised to find they really do have a calming effect on my nervous system. No side effects to date that I am aware of. Good product. Would recommend it to anyone of any fitness/health level to give it a go. Prices do vary as much as $20 a bottle so shop around.

Great product. Works extremely well.

I am now on my second bottle of this amazing formula. I don't use every day - just when I'm stressed or anxious. It works quickly and I feel very calm. It helps me to sleep if I awake in the middle of the night too. A friend of mine tried some after getting the sack and she went from crying to laughing in the space of an hour (helped along by some good support on my behalf).

Years of stressfull moods , feelings and emotions , anxiety and negative thoughts gone

I've recently just started using fusion health - stress and anxiety and it has work extremely well . im now on a cruisy calm level . no more mood swings , bad emotions and feelings and anxiety its all calmed right down and my thoughts have turned more positive . i could not be any happier now and im very glad i found the product .

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I suffer from Anxiety and stress. I have been on these tablets for 3 weeks and i am feeling so much better. I work out everyday for 40 minutes and take 2 tablets per day and i am feeling alot better.

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Hi there. I am sensitive to anti depressants so decided to try Fusion stress and Anxiety but took one before lunch and now I’m feeling really irritable. Coincidence or could it be the tablets?
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Do these really work guys my doctor told me that they don't
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Hi. I wish to know 2 things- 1. Are fusion health- stress and anxiety tablets addictive/ habit forming? 2. Are they mild on stomach/ can they be taken if one is having stomach issues? Thanks.
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