We are getting to where we want to be.

We were looking for a SMSF management company. We were referred to Future Assist by a friend.
We pointed out in the first meeting our objectives and goals. I also pointed out what I was not interested in. I asked them to keep it simple and transparent as we are both new and inexperienced in SMSF investment.
Happy to say the team we worked with was great. Direct and enough pressure to keep us on track and get our house purchase done.
All in all very happy.

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Hi Gavin, Thank you for choosing to work with us. We are happy to see our services met your expectation & you find it to be beneficial. We will look forward to your first review! Daniel - RMC Manager Future Assist 02 9435 0733

Excellent and straight to the point

Been a client for a number of years now and I find Future Assist extremely professional, knowledgeable and provides excellent advice. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Future Assist to anyone looking for a financial planning service

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Hi Nathaniel, We appreciate your comments. We are pleased to hear you value our services. Thank you for sharing your experience, we will look forward to the next catch up. Daniel - RMC Manager Future Assist 02 94350733

Future Assist saved us heaps on our super after years of being ripped off by the big super companies

I have nothing but praise for the team at Future Assist. All of their team are friendly and helpful, always ready to give advice and guidance. They helped set up our SMSF for us and offered a good cross section of investments without any sales pressure. The investments they recommended have all given good returns so far. Their fees are low in comparison to the percentage based fees the big super funds charged. Overall they have saved us tens of thousands and helped put the value of our super well ahead of where we would have been if we had stayed with our old super fund.

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Hi Keiron & Roselyn, Thank you for your comments. Our team will always be here to help, you have achieved so much & we are so pleased with your results. I'm happy to hear you find our services beneficial & affordable. We will look forward to your next review! Daniel - RMC Manager Future Assist 0294350733

Wonderful, insightful and so compassionate

Future Assist have been exceptional. They're tireless in their approach to getting you on a path of financial security, all the while empowering you. I so wish I'd come across the team and their range of services years ago. Apart from their knowledge and professionalism it was their compassion and empathy that stood out for me. So rare to come across this in any field let alone financial services. Please do yourself a favour and make contact with Future Assist, you won't regret it. I don't.

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Hi Domenico, such wonderful words, thank you. We are so pleased you chose to work with us. Our team will always be available so please do not hesitate to contact us, we enjoyed working with you & will for many years to come. Daniel - RMC Manager Future Assist 0294350733

Gobsmackingly Brilliant

Future Assist brings the light to every aspect to your financial being. Their professional and expert advise is evident when each financial plan is tailored to suit each individual needs and wants. Their honest and straightforward approach allowed us to be more comfortable and sure about deciding on the best plan for us and where our financial goals can take us. We have been impressed of how much time and effort but mostly how knowledgeable they are about the economic and statistical world. We are glad we took the plunge and took the first steps of building a safe and secure plan for now and our family's future. Thank you to everyone we have been in contact with, at Future Assist. We are excited and happy and feel very secure.

Hi Antonia, Thank you for your comments, we are so pleased to hear you have found our services beneficial. Our support team will always be there to help you & the family. Please do not hesitate to contact us anytime you have any questions, it's been a pleasure working with you. I will look forward to speaking with you again soon. Daniel - RMC Manager Future Assist 0294350733Anytim Daniel, it's not always easy to surrender every financial detail but so far we have seen a complete turn around and our families focus is to follow the advice from our financial planners.

Good quality service

Been with them over a year now. Courteus and complete financial service, assisted with our SMSF. Also offer property investment advice.

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Hi Info, thank you your comments, we are pleased to hear you are happy with our services. We will look forward to speaking with you soon. Daniel - Future Assist.

Excellent service!!

Colby and his team made our experience effortless. We have learnt so much about SMSF investments and feel extremely comfortable with our investment strategy. Can’t thank the team enough as we know that we have secured not only our financial future but the future of our children as well. Thank you and we look forward to working with you for years to come!!

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Hi Tamara, Colby really appreciates your comments, our team will always provide the best for our clients & we are pleased to hear our services have met your expectations. We will look forward to dealing with you for years to come, it's been a pleasure working with you. Daniel - Future Assist.

Excellent Service and Advice

I have been a customer of Future Assist for a few years and just completed our annual review.
Yes there is quite a bit of paperwork that you need to go through upon starting but in the end its for you and your future right?
Future Assist are professional and very knowledgeable and have only positive things to say about their service.
Future Assist have saved me approx 2000 per year after reviewing my Superannuation fund which is a massive saving. This is just one area that we area very happy with.
Thanks Again

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Hi Shaun, thank you for your kind comments. We appreciate your patience & we are pleased to hear how motivated you are to better your overall finances. Congratulations on your savings, our team will continue to give you the ongoing service you expect to keep saving more now & for retirement. We will look forward to speaking with you soon. Daniel - Future Assist.


It has taken months and alot of paperwork and signatures, and at times frustrating talking to a whole heap of different people and sometimes hard to get hold off! But it has come along slowly together and hopefully the start to my early retirement with my smsf! Well done future assist.

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Hi Mark, Thank you for taking the time to go through the process, we do have many specialists in our firm & strive for our clients to have the best possible service. Your now on your way to a better retirement & we are pleased to hear you are happy with our services. Please do not hesitate to contact us anytime. Daniel - Future Assist.

Best thing I have done ever.

Wasn’t sure wether I should trust anyone with my money like that. Was amazed how honest and trustworthy everything proved to be. They staff are very professional and yet very polite. You don’t see such qualities in many places. What I love the most is that the whole experience is stress-free. The staff are very thorough and I will recommend them to anyone at anytime.

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Hi Ebere, thank you for your comments, we are pleased to hear you took the step towards bettering your financial situation with us. I'm glad to know we are the right fit for your circumstances, you are a pleasure to deal with & we will look forward to many conversations over the years. Please do not hesitate contact us anytime you have any questions. Daniel - Future Assist.

Financial Future looking good with Future Assist’s help

My wife and I have had our SMSF managed by Future Assist for over five years now and it was one of the best financial decisions we have made. Future Assist are able to provide advice whenever we need it and perform annual reviews to see we are happy with the direction our SMSF is progressing. We would highly recommend Future Assist to anyone wanting financial assistance for their future.

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Hi Tony, we are pleased to hear about your successes. I'm glad you enjoy our reviews, we appreciate you considering Future Assist to potential clients. We will look forward speaking to you soon! Daniel - Future Assist.

Highly recommend

As everyone knows life is very tough out there so if you look into to set up a smsf this company is your star point.They knowledge is one of the best i come across.I been using them for six years and always very smooth operations.

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Hi Jose, thank you for your positive review, our team are pleased we can be of assistance. We are looking forward to dealing with you for many years to come, we will look forward speaking to you soon. Daniel - Future Assist.


Always ready to talk to whenever i ring if i have any questions .From the first day we signed up everyone is ready to help us to get to our goal.

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Thanks Joanna, I'm glad to hear our team have been responsive, we are pleased to have you as a client & for many years to come! Daniel - Future Assist.

In good hands!!

Future Assist is very professional across the board. Just had one year anniversary. They haven’t missed a beat. Colby, Babak and Daniel are only a phone call away and always explain everything in layman’s terms which puts me at ease and makes me understand at times a complex system. Thanks Future Assist as I look
forward to a rewarding retirement!!

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Thank you Nicholas, we are pleased to hear you have found our services to be of benefit, our advisers are always willing to help so please do not hesitate to call. We look forward to your retirement too! Daniel - Future Assist.

Trustworthy and professional

Very happy with Future Assist. We trust them and find them very professional at all times. Would definately recommend them

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Thank you for your positive review Shane, We are happy to have you as a client. Please do not hesitate to contact us anytime. Daniel - Future Assist.

Awesome, very grateful we have found this!

We cannot thank these guys enough! From the very beginning, everyone on the team has had our best interests at heart. With such informative and professional advice givin, we are now excited and looking forward to our future prospects. Would highly recommend them to anyone wanting financial options for their future.
Very happy, thank you again!

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Hi James, Thank you for your comments, you have been a pleasure to work with. We are happy to hear you have found benefit in our services & we will continue to provide ongoing support through to retirement. We appreciate you considering our company to potential clients, we will definitely continue to provide the value of our services to your friends or family. Daniel - Future Assist.

Outstanding help

Outstanding setting up and running my self manage super fund. Would recommend to family and friends and worth the time and money for the work they do.

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Hi Garry, We are pleased to see our services have been of benefit, thank you for considering our company to friends and family, we will definitely look after them. Daniel - Future Assist.

My mind is at rest knowing my money is being looked after.

Right from the first phone call through to the investment meeting and signing all the forms I felt totally informed and being cared for. All the staff I have had contact with are very professional and really know what they are doing. Knowing my investment and superannuation is being looked after make me feel very content.
Thankyou Future Assist

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Hi Jeanette, It's great to see how well you have progressed & how positive your experience has been with us. We are always open to answer any questions or guide you on your way to achieve more goals now & for the future. We will look forward speaking to you soon. Daniel - Future Assist.

Great service

The Future Assist team has been of great help to us .They have been informative and have guided us to a more financial secure future.

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Hi Carla, We are pleased to hear we have been of assistance, our team are available to speak to you any time you need more guidance. Daniel - Future Assist.

Should have done this sooner

What an easy process. Scary at first. They were happy to answer all of our questions and encouraged more questions. Colby has put in the time to explain and teach. I would highly recommend Trent, Colby and Grant these were the guys that we worked with directly. However their seems to be a larger team at work.
Friendly, punctual, educational, calming, process.

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Hi Montez, We are happy to hear you made the decision to work with us, our team will always be available to help. Thank you for your kind words, please do not hestiate to contact us anytime. Daniel - Future Assist.

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Questions & Answers

how do you invest in shares and how much is the minimum you need to invest?
No answers

When can people withdraw their funds and join another super?
3 answers
Hi Cando, Apologies for the delay, we have only just acquired a ProductReview corporate account. The answer depends on the type of fund you have. Below I have included information for SMSFs. SELF MANAGED FUNDS (SMSF) Generally speaking, a trustee can make the decision to wind up an SMSF at any time. However, a number of steps need to be taken by the trustee to ensure the SMSF is wound up properly 1. Liaise with your financial adviser to ensure all fund assets are sold and transferred to cash 2. Liaise with your financial adviser to ensure that any insurance cover in the fund is transferred to a new fund or is replaced, without having a period of no insurance 3. Advise your SMSF Accountant in writing of the intention to wind up the fund so that the final reporting requirements can be fulfilled 4. Determine the super fund to where benefits are to be transferred and advise your SMSF Accountant of the account details For further information, please contact Future Assist on 1300 118 618, we have locations in QLD, NSW and VIC and also offer appointments via Skype. You can find an office here: http://www.futureassist.com.au/contact-usYou have not stated that you are talking about SMSF. You can change superannuation funds at any stage. Work out which fund you wish to change to. They will likely be able to help you with the process, by having forms for you to sign, for them to get the funds from your previous super, like: https://www.ato.gov.au/Forms/Rollover-initiation-request-to-transfer-whole-balance-of-superannuation-benefits-between-funds/I just did it online with minimum hassle..so I am pleasantly surprised ! I just created an account at the new Super Fund i was moving to. Then, selected the option of "Consolidate/Lost super", Specify the Tax File number and that sets in process, the "PULL" transaction from the old super Fund. I did not have to fill a single form at the Super Fund I chose to leave. (Even the death and TPD insurances at the old super fund are supposed to come through seamlessly to the new Fund but am yet to see that through