Great product

Not only are the returns good now, but I expect they’ll continue to exceed the market average as the competitors who are invested in fossil fuel dinosaurs start to fall by the wayside. Plus it feels good to live Bill McKibben’s words: Not a dollar more to fossil fuels.

Customer Service
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Thanks for your lovely review Stevie! We agree it's great a feeling to know we are helping people live their values. #fossilfuelfree! - Freya

Finally an ethical choice

Haven't been with them for long so I can't really comment on performance but regardless I'll still recommend for the ethical choice. Alot of people think changing is "too hard"

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Richard, thanks for taking the time to leave your review! Really glad you found the process of switching to Future Super easy. - Freya

Great returns

I joined because off the ethical investment strategy particularly in renewable energy. I have been very impressed with the returns, that outperform the traditional Supers. Keep up the good work!

Customer Service
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Thanks for the review Lisa! Great to hear you made the switch to investing in a more sustainable future. Feel free to get in touch if there's anything we can help with. - Freya

Excellent Ethical Fund

I have been with Future Super for two years now, and am very happy with the Fund and the returns.
It is an excellent ethical fund with morals, and has an eye on the future of humanity and the planet.

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Thanks for the lovely words Grant! Let us know if there's anything you need. - Freya

Investment for the futur

Every thing is said. Choose whee you want your momey to go , i dont want mine to fuel an industry i dont believe in .

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Spot on there Kevin! Glad we could help you align your savings with your values. Thanks for investing in a better future! - Freya

invest in a future

Nobody would be silly enough to invest their hard earned money in paper mache submarines or concrete aeroplanes, but if your superannuation fund is investing your super in the fossil fuel industry you might as well. More investment in ethical business' like Future Super is required if people want a future to enjoy their super.

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Well said! Thanks for your review and for choosing to invest with Future Super. - Freya

Best decision!

I consolidated all my super into 'Future Super' a couple of years ago. Apart from aligning with my 'philosophical' outlook, returns have been good and I feel I have been included in the conversation by having regular contact with the group.

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Hey Colin. Thanks for your review! Great to hear you are happy with Future Super and feel a part of the movement! Cheers, Freya

Putting my money where my mouth is

A couple of years ago I decided to put my money where my mouth is and divest my super from fossil fuels with Future Super. I have been pleased to find that they are not only fossil free and ethical, but also perform well against other funds and have moderate fees. It is incredibly important to all our futures that we stop unwittingly contributing to climate change.

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Helena, thanks so much for taking the time to leave your review. We are so happy to offer Australians the opportunity to align their investments with their values. Really glad to hear you are happy too! Cheers, Freya

It matters what my Superfund contributes to

I’ve been with Future Super for 4 years. I was searching for a Superfund that took some responsibility for its investments. Future Super has not only provided great returns, I feel that my fund contributions are going towards ethical & sustainable investments. I like knowing my Super isn’t being used to fund the fossil fuel industry or contributing to further environmental destruction.

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Hey Alex. Thanks for being a member of Future Super, and a long-standing member at that! Don't hesitate to get in touch if we can help at any stage. Cheers, Freya


My conscience is clear.

Plus my story performs really well.

They treat people very well, and are superlative professionals.

What else can we ask for?

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Baljeet, it's a good feeling to know you're money is invested in things you believe in, isn't it! Thanks so much for taking the time to leave us a review! Thanks, Freya

Ethical in practice, not just in theory

I love Future Super's activist approach to making the world a better place. They don't stop at directing money away from fossil fuels, they fund the alternatives, seek out ethical investments and support campaigns to make things better. I want my money to be activated for a good cause, and Future Super is delivering this.

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Thanks so much for your lovely Review Robert! We want to make sure that beyond not contributing further to climate change, we can actually be a part of the solutions too. Thanks for choosing to invest in a more sustainable future, Robert! Cheers, Freya

Ethical super funds are good long term thinking.

People who choose ethically may very well win in the long term. It may not be popular, where short term rewards may seem the thing to do, ethical behavior has a long term payoff. It might seem difficult but when you hold your funds with a group of people who specifically target long term goals over short term gains you can be assured that your future superannuation is in good hands.

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Thanks for your review Brian! We know that changing super funds isn't always an easy or simple decision but we agree, it's an important one! Thanks for choosing to invest fossil fuel free Brian. Cheers, Freya

Put Your Money Towards Something Postive

I have been with this super fund since 2015, I have always found them easy to deal with and I'm happy I'm helping to divert money to more ethical investments.

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Thanks Anna! We are happy to hear that you are happy. Feel free to get in touch if we can be of any help! Thanks again for your review. Cheers, Freya

For a better future

East to join and super clear, we receive monthly updates and also we can see where our money is going to . I recommend it to everyone !!

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Thanks for your great recommendation Annie! Glad to hear you are liking the regular updates too. Cheers, Freya


super easy to set up and not evil! so happy my partner found them and got me to switch. I sleep easier knowing my money isn't being secretly invested in whatever hellish stuff the other supers invest in.

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Thanks for taking the time to leave us a review! Glad to hear you found the signup process nice and easy. We definitely sleep better too knowing we are helping Aussies invest in a more sustainable future. Cheers, Freya

Great super fund

I have been with these guys for about two years. They have excellent customer service as they put the time in to solving a semi complex problem I had. They are also a very ethical super fund unlike most others. If you are considering switching, I strongly recommend you switch to future super.

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Hey Ali. Thanks so much for leaving such a wonderful review. We are always happy to help our members with problems big and small. Cheers, Freya

Best super fund in Australia

I’ve been with Future Super for 3 years. It’s fantastic - great performance, great customer service, and I love that my money is not invested in fossil fuels.

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We love to hear from happy members! Thanks for your review Anna. Thanks, Freya

Best super fund EVER!

I have been with super future for 1 year. I have been really happy with their service. The ease in which I could transfer and set up with their system and the fact that my money is divested and not supporting negative climate, environmental or human health programs is the best. i would 100% recommend them and encourage everyone to switch over to create a healthier future.

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What a great review! Thanks so much for taking the time to share your experience. We are working hard to make super as easy as possible for our members so we love to hear stories like yours! Let us know if there's anything we can help you with. Freya

Never looked back after making the change years ago.

One of if not the most ethical super company in Australia. They make everything dead easy and the portfolio has done better than most!

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Thanks for your great review Clay! We are so happy to hear you found everything smooth and easy. We are proud to know our portfolio is invested in line with our members' values too. Cheers, Freya

Making my money talk !

Been with this company 2-3 years
I originally joined so my money was not used to harm the planet.. pleasantly surprised that my returns have been better than my previous fund .. :)

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Hey Tash, thanks for your lovely review. Let us know if we can give you a hand with anything! Thanks again. Freya

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Questions & Answers

I have an SMSF that provides me with an income stream commenced in 2004 from a ATE defined benefit for Centrelink purposes. In 2018 I was unable to obtain an actuaries certificate so this structure cannot continue and I have to restructure my fund. I have been advised to wind up my fund and purchase a retail annuity that would also be ATE. Otherwise I could purchase a MLP through my fund but I cannot see how this could be sustainable. I have financial planners giving me this advice. Are you able to offer any better alternatives or advise me on any ATO or Centrelink problems that might unexpectedly appear? Thank you. Lyn Payne.
1 answer
Hey Lyn. Thanks so much for getting in touch with Future Super. Unfortunately, we are unable to offer personal financial advice. It sounds like your situation is a little complicated and an accountant or financial planner might be in the best place to help you. We don't offer annuities - instead, we have a super fund available for people in the accumulation stage as well as account-based pensions. If you would like some further advice to your that of your current financial planner we could recommend some financial planners who have expertise in ethical investment. Feel free to get in touch with us via info@myfuturesuper.com.au. I hope this helps a little. Thanks again for getting in touch. Cheers, Freya

My wife and I have a SMSF of approximately $1,300,000 in pension mode administered by a Cavendish Super. I am 86 in uncertain health and would like to simplify the financial situation for when I die. Do you have a balanced product that would handle completely all the administration and pay a monthly pension to my wife. If you do, what would be the entire annual cost for the product and what was the performance of the product for the last 5 years. Don Fitzgerald Emeritus Professor
1 answer
Hi Don, Thanks for your question. My apologies for the delay in getting back to you. Future Super offers an account based pension. This allows you to draw a regular income from your retirement savings while investing them in line with your values. You can choose to get monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or annual payments and you can usually choose how much you receive (within the mandated minimums and maximums outlined in the PDS). Our fee structure is simple, we charge a $93.60 annual membership fee, and 1.79% investment and administration fee. Our pension fund's one year returns to 29th of June 2018 were 10.5% (keeping in mind past performance is not a reliable indicator of future returns. These returns are after fees. We handle the administration of all our member's accounts. This includes regular pension payments. I'm happy to answer any other questions you might have! Feel free to get in touch with us at info@myfuturesuper.com.au or give us a call on 1300 658 422. Kind regards, Freya

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