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Does anybody else experience severe static electric shocks whilst using their blower/vac? We purchased ours today (27/10/16) for $139.00 and will definitely be taking it back for a refund...not an exchange - especially now we've read the fuel lines aren't even fuel rated. Everything else we've bought from Aldi has been great.
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Hi Ian, sound like a one-off defect. Especially if you have only got it today I wouldn't go judging it just yet. Otherwise take it back to Aldi and ask for a replacement. I have had mine for nearly 3 years now and still works perfectly. Recently got one of their 4-stroke edgers for my birthday and when I started it we found out that a nut had not been put in and so the edger blade just wound itself in so much that it stopped moving altogether. Took it back same day and got an immediate swap-over, no questions asked. Just calmly explain what has happened and ask for another one. Try that one and if it still stuffs up then return it and ask for a refund.

Aldi blower can start but will not continue to run - replaced fuel hoses and cleaned carby with cleaner, vibrating cleaner, compressed air but still no go. Where can you get a carby kit - no brand name on carby.? Thanks.
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This blower likes fuel when cold . leave choke on full and let run for a while and slowly push the choke down and the revs will increase so hit the accelerator and push the choke back to zero .Keep the revs up so it does get hot enough to idle normal .Sometimes you can have a faulty plug check the std gap.Do you have a receipt? do you live in melbourne? if it is under warranty i can give you the number of the person who handles the warranty. The problem for mine is that it wont suck up fuel correctly. If you have it running and it stutters, have a look at the fuel hose, you will see it has "air pockets" im still waiting to hear back from the Warrantly guys ( a mower shop who works for gardenline)Thanks guys. Aaron has hit the nail on the head, it will start but will not run as it runs out of fuel so is not sucking up fuel as he said. As i have replaced the fuel hoses so that is not the problem but it does have some air in the return fuel hose. I also had a aldi chainsaw which would not start and run but found a cheap chinese replacement carby gasket kit on ebay ( about $6 )for the wallbro carby and now it runs perfectly so am after info on the brand of carby to find a kit for the blower. The blower has no warranty and i live near newcastle nsw.

How much is a gardenline petrol blower vac worth 24.5cc 4 stroke model?
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I paid $100.00.The quality is poor.The fuel pick up lines are not fuel rated need replacing before they should need too be.I would not buy another one.

would like to know availability of choke assembly? on off lever grip broken off
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I have no idea - I am just an owner! By the way it was Masters not Aldi purchase ( my error) and I am told it is not available any longer, so my review is really worthless now! CheersSorry I cant answer this question,as I have not had this problem.I used a website for my chainsaw,which is 35 years old and found parts in the USA and had them delivered quickly.

Where can a get a 18V DC Li-ion AGL-04921BT18 replacement Power Pack for Garden Line Garden Blower Modell AGL-04921?
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The only answer I can think of try Ebay or battery world.There will be a solution online,be careful,as some of the online products are poor quality.I purchased a battery for my lap top online,it wouldn't fit the laptop.

How do i swap from vac to blower?
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Hi Lynette, it's pretty simple but rather than me confuse you with vague instructions I managed to find the manual online which describes the procedure far better than I ever could. Follow this link and scroll down until you find the Gardenline manuals, it is the first one on the list. http://www.powertoolsupport.com/index.php/2013-10-16-06-52-03/gardenline-for-all-gaedenline-product-informationThere are instructions with it. Its a bit of work and i never bothered to do it. Also on otevious blowers of different brand found vac got dirt into motor and fan reducing its lifeYou mean the other way around? Blower to Vac? see above from manual.... Be careful to lock the door using supplied 10 mm philips screw after changing back as the usint will not start otherwise due to a switch in door of unit stopping it from running...

Has anyone had issues with the pull start? I have had my vac for only 3 months. Pulling the cord does not seem to grip anything, thus can't not start vac. Cord recoils fine.
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did not suffer this problem still under warranty take it to the warranty people who will sort it outAldi will either refund your money or if you want to keep it get a pull starter replacement for around $30 from your local mower shop. I forget the model it was based on but they are available. It's not too bad a blower but has some foibles, like fuel needs to be drained every time you use it and it runs better on full tank when starting a job. Any mower shop worth its salt may be even be able to repair it at reasonable cost. (I did) with a replacement spring but a proper full starter replacement is cheap enough.

Where can I get replacement throttle cable for gardenline 26cc blower vac?
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Getting a genuine one may be very difficult. I would suggest taking it out and going to a mower store and getting a generic one there. Its going to be too long, easy enough to cut it to sizeCricky, need to replaced the throttle cable. How much use did you give it? It should last a life time....

How can I get gardenline battery for cordless blower model AGL-0492 18v Li-ion?
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You may like to contact the service address in the manual (I do not have this blower model). It is annoying about non-standardization of battery packs and each machine/brand has its own design/shape even the spec is the same eg 18V Li-Ion. BTW for Li batteries, it is not a good idea to keep it completely flat, need to recharge soon, since below certain voltage level it will not wake up by the charger. For an Li cell, the voltage must not be below a threshold about 3.2V per cell (18V pack has 5 cells of 3.6V nominal working voltage) - some people quote 3V threshold limit. The pack should have a electronic circuit (limit ~3.3-3.4V per cell) to avoid this ==> but if you leave a flat pack, the "drainage" may slowly drop the voltage to below the threshold limit. Just one dead cell can kill the whole pack --> do not keep the pack flat. (eg See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cutoff_voltage, http://www.drill-battery.com.au/articles/The-18v-Li-ion-Power-Tool-Battery-Blues.html).

I need to purchase a replacement bag for the blower, any idean where I cna purchase one?
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Hmmm. I think the chances of finding a genuine one may be slim, maybe consider buying a cheapo one from a bunnings or masters and modifying it to fit your needs. Hope that helps.Thanks

Just bought one of these blowers, started it but it not blowing or vacuuming, have I overlooked something or is it broken please help
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if the motor runs it should work, unless the impellor is not rotating, try it with blow pipe only and see if the impellor is rotating by looking thru screen on suction side, if thats not rotating its stuffed

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