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GazzaGreater Melbourne (Outer), VIC

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Very Impressed


Put it together in minutes. Followed starting procedures and it started straight away. Perfect for my yard requirements. Great product at very low price $99 at Aldi. Highly recommend. Told my friends and family and they purchased blower with same results. Real value for money. Aldi only have products like this intermittently so will need to check online or mailers.

Date PurchasedOct 2016


SteveBMid North Coast, NSW

  • 22 reviews
  • Verified purchase

I returned my blower after only one use


I bought the Aldi product on price alone. I have been an avid Aldi shopper for years. This is the first Aldi product that I have been very disappoint with. I used it once and found it to be too heavy, my clothes were getting sucked in to the suction fan and the blowers air speed was insufficient. The petrol pump bulb is in a very awkward position, the choke pin is very flimsy, the stop start switch is cheap and nasty. I returned the blower to Aldi and got a refund, I went directly to Bunnings and bought the Homelite 26cc petrol blower. So much better in every aspect. I was happy to pay the extra $50 for the better product.

Date PurchasedOct 2016

JamesGreater Melbourne (Metropolitan), VIC

  • 16 reviews

Decent blower


Got this blower from my grandpa a couple of years back. I won't say it's the best blower in the world, but it gets the job done, it's powerful and it's vacuum function is Ok. I am quite happy because it starts every time even when I haven't used it for a while.

Date PurchasedNov 2014


  • 5 reviews


Date PurchasedOct 2014

Poor design and build quality


Ok blowing works well but the bag is placed in such a way as to melt against the exhaust pipe. Starts reliably pops and goes really well.
Only had mine for 6 months hardly used it and the pawl for the starter rope broke that engages the crank shaft pulley. Where does one get parts?.
I suppose this is what you have to put up with when buying an unknown brand. I'll need to save nearly half a grand or more for a sthil that does the same bloody thing or wait to come across one at a garage sale to salvage parts off.

Dodgy products

Dodgy productsAU

  • 6 reviews

Quality is not the best


My blower has worked well and priced well. As others have found the fuel line is a problem, mine was replaced. My latest problem, the blower will not turn off. I have found some Aldi products poor quality. Aldi needs to check quality, as some of there other products are cheap and nasty.

Gardenline Blower Vac from Aldi Wonthaggi Victoria.---grouse


Bought to use as a garden vac only and has done a great job, too powerful at times, picking up rocks but great for getting dust,hedge clippings and leaves off the pool surrounds and patio. Unfortunately Collection bag went first and having trouble getting another. Stopped suddenly with no spark and local mower shop said not worth fixing, throw it away, but with a few tools and a spare hour I pulled it apart (very simple really) and found the problem was not a problem, just a safety cut out switch on the fan cover doing what is was supposed to do.... shut it down. Cleaned and put back together and now sucking like the proverbial. Go you beauty

The Expeditor

The ExpeditorNortheast, VIC

  • 9 reviews

Would I buy another? Quality control needs sorting.


This unit , like others, broke its fuel lines after some months, also pull start spring broke about 8 inches from outside retainer. Only starts well with full tank, lower level fuel causes cursing and swearing, with resultant physical rotator cuff shoulder problems due to non starting. Physio suggested a Honda easy start. I suggested he pay for it. Altogether, if you're handy repairing or want to buy a new unit every few years, this is a reasonably good unit. Waiting for spares... i AM saving up for a Honda blower vac and trimmer, and physio treatment to fix me and my Gardenline blower.
Aldi are great value with most products, but their buyers should look at quality control with all units...

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The Expeditor
The Expeditor

Garden line petrol blower vac


Great price and very good to use when it worked.
Did not bother with vac too hard to swap over.
3 year warranty got a real work out.
Back once to replace carby, once to replace coil and finaly back this week to diagnose serious mechanical issue. Alas the unit could not be save and was returned to that Aldi store from which it came. They also returned my money.
Now to decide what to replace it with. This was my third blower.Unfortunately too many seem to have too many problems. Maybe a broom is best


LeeDum Dum, NSW

  • 11 reviews

Excellent for $90


Just over 2 years old and it started playing up, thought id have a go at fixing before buying another. After a little tinkering i deduced it was the fuel line, $3 for a small length and its back in operation. Think i paid $90 and i'd say well worth it, hasn't disappointed. Reading around it seems fuel lines breaking is a common thing.
Overall for $90 id give it an excellent 5*


HowardShoal Bay NSW

  • 3 reviews

A first class product which was unexpected at a price of $110 from Aldi


Aside from adding preservative to the fuel tank, this little machine has required absolutely no maintenance and has started up first pull every time.

I have now been using it for just twelve months and I am confident that it will go on delivering a first class performance. I consider it far superior to the electric blower vac that we have which involves trailing power cables and moves from power source to power source just to do the same job.

I wear ear muffs to limit the possible damage to my hearing and this does not represent any problem.


stereophonicSouth East Queensland, QLD

  • 9 reviews

Cheap and cheerful leaf blower.


I've had this about 6 months and its been quite reliable. Stopped working the other day due to the fuel line snapping in two in the tank. $5 for a new fuel hose and back in business. Fuel hoses shouldn't really break in two for no reason, but this thing was so cheap that i don't really care if i need to fix the occasional issue. Would buy another one if this blew up.



  • 29 reviews

It seems OK so far

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Split fuel line


Hardly used my gardenline blower Vac. I only use the blower a few times and the fuel hose has split. It keeps cutting out when the fuel level is only slightly low.



  • 3 reviews

Bad Quality


Aldi, Blower Vac Gardenline, After only 6 months and not much use the main fuel line from tank to carbie, split in two places, fuel squirted everywhere, very dangerous! took the fuel line to my mower shop, he said the fuel line was not fuel rated! and never should have been sold like this! Lucky for me it didn't go up in smoke and burn me!

Bad design Flaws


Gardenline blower Vac started easily the first time, hard to start when warm, when assembled according to instructions exhaust burns a hole in Vac bag within 2 minutes of use

Blower vac gardenline


These people who write the negative comments on garden line products don't know what they're talking about i recently bought a mower and it is brilliant and the fact blower is brilliant to these people are not using them properly they are good products



Battery sucks.

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Same here, I think I'll stick to buying food only from Aldi

Works well for what it is


I have used my Vac/Blower and never had an issue, it starts after a couple of pulls and is effective and blowing the leaves im far too lazy to sweep off of the drive, the Vac has worked extreemly well in areas where leaves build up.
The only slight negative for me is the nature of swapping from one operation to the other but its minor.
Overall the product works very well for what it is intended to do and for the price I paid.
It works and starts with minimal fuss
swapping from vac to blow is the only thing I can think of

Terrible, Battery powered Blower


Product was a Gardenline 18V battery powered blower that worked for 3 weeks then failed Problem was it would run for 30sec then stop. Gardenline after sales support was a waste of time 2x emails 2x phone calls no response returned to ALDI for refund.

Will not buy another GardenLine product
does not have any

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Rees John
Rees John

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Ken Foster

Ken Fosterasked

When will these petrol blower be sold again

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Fran B.

Fran B.asked

Can we order another bag for the blower vac, (electric)we have to keep sewing up holes due to inferior fabric

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Do you have brand new Gardenline 18 volts DC Lion batteries Model No AGL-04921BT18, for use with cordless blower Model No AGL-04921

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