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Gardenline (Aldi) 550W Electric

Gardenline (Aldi) 550W Electric

2.2 from 26 reviews

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Can't charge battery

Shears and trimmer can't be use. Battery not charging. I'm straight to point. After reading other's reviews.I see it's not just me. Need better be products. Bad, not satisfied.

Date PurchasedApr 2018

Gardenline battery

i purchased a Gardenline trimmer from Aldi and it ran for 3 yrs then battery died. Trying to obtain new battery is impossible bad customer service. so i looked on web for battery to no avail, then discovered a black and decker that looked the same $30 but when it came would not slot in the slots, so took top off the gardenline top to attatch to the new battery and the negative and positive was different so soldered to the same setup as gardenline glued some plastic plates to the side with liquid nails to hold top to bottom and bingo runs like a charm no need to buy new trimmer.
Hope this helps

Date PurchasedJan 2015

Battery no good

Item, blower and trimmer work, however one battery will not recharge.
Since I have two chargers and both work on one battery, it is not the charger but in fact a poor quality battery.
Battery did recharge two times.
The end items appear to be ok, but without a battery it a piece of junk

Date PurchasedApr 2018

Hedge trimmer

Used only once second time battery wouldn't charge as other reviews I'm left with scrap if i purchase another replacement charger there are no guarantees i won't have similar problem im left with a brand new hedge trimmer in the shed as a wall hanger i would like to know how many people have one in there shed

Date PurchasedApr 2017

Gardenline (Aldi) 550W Electric

Felt the need to write a quick review on here as surprised by the number of poor reviews. We run a commercial instant hedging nursery and back in Spring 2017 bought one of these for someone who was struggling to use petrol or commercial sized cordless machine - these are far lighter. As far as a domestic lightweight and frankly cheap product goes these are brilliant. We went on to buy four as they were so popular and light to use and they don't come with a spare battery so you need to buy two is you want to use continuously. They have been well used to cut (albeit small, fresh and young growth). After extensive use all batteries work, chargers work and we are halfway through their second season. We've just bought another four as they may stop making them soon. Can't see these can be touched for £50. Total bargain.

Date PurchasedApr 2017

Wont recharge

For a kick off the charging, terminals look to be in the wrong position, secondly, I had it on charge for 3 hours, pressed the little button to see the state of the charge and it's still showing Red. I have now purchased a well-known brand one from Amazon, hopefully, this will last longer.

Date PurchasedJul 2017
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The new charger charges this cutter as well. Don't phone Aldi, pathetic aftersales.

Same problem

Bought from Aldi used 1 time battery will not charge however it was fully charged out of the box. Called customer service number was informed they will not have replacement parts until the middle of June 2018 how crazy is that. Just glad I bought it on clearance for 20 dollars. Thought I was getting a fair deal. However I’ve been hosed I don’t think I will ever see a replacement charger. Oh well

Date PurchasedApr 2018

Faulty chargers on Hedgetrimmer.

Five stars are for ALDI but not for Gardenline's service.

I have had my trimmer a few years now - it is great but I found the fault was with the charger - it does not start charging unless the battery is absolutely dead flat - you will notice the light stays green until you totally discharge it - it will go red then immediately change to green - once it finally goes red when you plug it in you will get a good charge.

Shame on Gardenline for not knowing this and immediately remedying it - how many customers have they not only alienated of their own but soiled ALDI's reputation too. ALDI should sue them for sullying their name when the fault is clearly evident - you should be able to charge a Li-ion battery at any time - it does not need to be flat to charge it.

Gardenline do not deserve to be in business if they can't recognise such a basic issue and get their supplier to fix it!
I've found my suppliers are always happy to fix a problem because they want to keep doing business with me.

I still use mine very often but it annoys me no end having to flatten the battery completely.

ALDI are brilliant retailers and have always looked after me well if I have had a problem with anything.

Date PurchasedMar 2013

Very poor service

I had a problem with a Gardenline electric Line trimmer one week after purchase. Unfortunate I did not have Aldi docket so I contacted Gardenline after sales service. Phone does not answer they want you to send emails which I did several of them. No answer. Very very terrible service. Will never purchase any Gardenline products as long as I live.

Date PurchasedSep 2017


I bought it last week, the battery lifetime too short ,about 2 days tried to trim my hedge which is about 4 metres long still could not finish it, and it could not cut properly, it stopped many times during working, I am not happy about it at all, just waisted my money.

Date PurchasedSep 2017

Same issue with battery and abusive service

I ordered and received a new battery (cost $60) when old one would only hold a charge for 2mins. New battery was also defective. I phone the help line 1300355255 and spoke with [name removed] who accused me of trying to con for a new battery, talked over me, would not listen and would not let me speak with a manager. Aftersales service is terrible. Was told that they have no problems with batteries and it was me. I've lodged a complaint with Fair Trading.

Date PurchasedMar 2017

Good machine, poor battery and lack of supply/service

The hedge trimmer worked well to begin with but the single battery supplied, soon faded in length of work time. It takes 2 hours to recharge and now only lasts 10 minutes. Service is difficult to contact and we are told that no resupply of batteries is available. With 3 batts. One could possibly still get the work done, but one poor batt can't cope.

Chargers and batteries

Places like battery world can replace the batteries by taking apart the old battery and replacing with new ones.
Chargers can be bought from them or try J car electronics, even hobby shops may be able to get them.
Hope this clue may help..and what about taking it back to aldi for a refund??

Date PurchasedMay 2015

A pile of junk

I dont frequent Aldi that much but yesterday saw a hedge trimmer for 52 bucks... Bought it to trim a bush around the letterbox... When I got home I found out it is rechargable,,,,,oh silly me. Then thought charge it up and trim tomorrow but then find out it does not come with a battery or charger!!!!! Soon as I saw this I figured European cheap rubbish will be hard to find a battery and charger and I was correct. I now have a brand new hedge trimmer that is completely useless. I will endeavour to smash it into little pieces and post it back to Aldi as I really cannot be bothered trying to use their "help" line as life is all too short

Date PurchasedFeb 2017

Gardenline battery

Exactly the same garden line hedge trimmer battery won't charge, no satisfaction from aldis. Very disappointed as I only used it a few times and the battery would not charge cannot get any response not good enough. I am pleased to hear that there are others who have had this problem and it was not just me who thought I may have misused the charger.

Date PurchasedJun 2015


Product is okay but when we tried to replace battery and give it another try no luck at all. Hardly used therefore put aside until we knew who to contact. No follow up. Now we have had two other trimmers since. We will see with the last one how long it lasts.

Date PurchasedOct 2016

Gardenline Hedge Trimmer

As others have done I purchased a Trimmer, Battery died after a couple of uses
Tried to get replacment, even offered to pay for it nothing happened phone calls no response from After sales message from Aldi was contate phone number in book tried this to no evail, calls not returned.

Sorry wont ever buy from Aldi again weedodger@yahoo.co.uk

I purchasaed an electric hedge trimmer from Aldi, a friend was impressed and I said I would get one for him,
I have never been so disgusted in the closed doors and ignorance re the efforts I was doing to get this trimmer Aldi was the worst they had no clue as to what I was talking about, I then tried the phone number on the trimmer, they had no clue of the trimmer and remarked that they had never heard of the machine I therefore gave up and vowed that I would never purchase another item from "Aldi"again.

Best thing I've ever bought!

I have had no trouble with my trimmer, has made my life so much easier when trimming shrubs and small trees. Is light and manageable for me as I'm only short. Doesn't take all that long to recharge either. Have had to sharpen the blades once but then it's as good as new again!

never trust Gardenline products from Aldi

I've had my cordless hedge trimmer for a couple years now, the first time I used it the battery went flat after 5 minutes of normal use after been fully charged overnight. Will stick with more reliable brands which have Li-Ion batteries and not the old Ni-Cad batteries in future.

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Questions & Answers

How can I get new 20v charger for hedge trimmer?
1 answer
i searched everywhere for a 18 volt battery with no help form Aldi and in the end got a black and decker and swapped the top so could charge it. Dont like your chances of getting a charger. Aldi will refer you to the people that supply them but they will charge you more than the whole trimmer cost. Put it down to experience and buy one from bunnings where you get backup. I will never buy electrical from Aldi again

Where can I buy a battery for my 03/2013 Gardenline hedge trimmer model AGL-0252 S/N AG0250313.
2 answers
I bought black and Black and Decker that was same voltage and soldered the top off original battery on to it as couldnt get a battery for it thru Aldi. And Gardenline wanted that much that you could buy new trimmer. Hope that helps Ebay SearchThanks

Can i get new battery?
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