Gardenline (Aldi) Aluminium Patio Table with Timber Top and Chairs

Gardenline (Aldi) Aluminium Patio Table with Timber Top and Chairs

2.0 from 2 reviews

Wooden table top has warped

I purchased the table just over a year and a half ago and it started to look terrible after a couple of months. The aluminium legs are still OK but the top is warped and rough. I wish aldi would road test their products for durability before selling in Australia.

You get even less than you paid for

I used to be a fan of the Aldi weekly specials as they used to have quality items at great prices.
Unfotunately over the last months I have noticed a massive decline in the quality of Aldi foods and non-foods. While I have scaled my weekly shopping back a great deal as it's just not worth the hassle anymore, I got tempted to buy the patio furniture on special on September 26, 2015. I had to return and exchange one of the chairs right away as the timber armrest fell off and screws couldn't be fastented.
Should have loaded the lot back in my car and return for refund. The table top looks horrible; unevenly stained and rough and with rather unsightly gaps between the horizontal and vertical panels. Cheapest chinese crap! Table would have been more fairly priced at $79 than $149. Another chair is kind of warped in itself, making it wobble and having a crooked backrest. Unfortunately I noticed that only when I put the chairs around the table. Chairs not too badly at $33 if you don't end up with dodgy ones.
Do yourself a favour and either check everything over in the shop or better even, give it a miss.

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