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Gasmate 2 Burner Stove with Griller

Gasmate 2 Burner Stove with Griller

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Great stove, griller not so much

I particularly wanted one with the griller thinking crumpets/toast etc. The 2 burners are splendid although I didn't know it had an igniter so used a lighter designed to light up gas jets.

When it came to cooking toast with the griller - one slice over 5 minutes, the crumpet took so long to colour up it had dehydrated and was rock hard. I haven't tried meat as I decided it would be just too messy to clean up and a fry pan was easier.

I wouldn't waste my money purchasing the griller again but I would purchase the 2 burner version any time.

There could be one further improvement...it could do with a sturdy carry bag so the grill tray, handle and gas hose don't get separated. At this point in time they just slide around in the tray or need to be stowed elsewhere.

Speedy Camping Stove

I recently purchased the above camping stove as an upgrade to our old 2 burner stove which was slowly dying, even after fitting it with new jets. It too was a Gasmate. I decided to give this new Turbo Stove a go seeing how it was on special from Anaconda for about $147.
I decided to try it out a week after purchase to ensure all was working fine for the upcoming trip. When I opened the box, to my disappointment, I found the clips which hold the lid on were not properly installed and the latch was not securely inserted into the operating handle. As this mechanism is spring loaded, it means the latch would not work properly to hold the lid down securely. I tried to manipulate the latch and squeeze the ends together with a set of pliers, but being spring steel they just sprung right back. This alone made me decide to bring it back for replacement as if the latches fail to operate, they won't hold the lid due to their spring design.
Interestingly, when I went back to exchange the unit, I opened each of the remain 3 in stock to check them before leaving and found 2 more with the same problem.
Why is it so necessary to hold the lid in place during transport? Well, unfortunately the stove is built with very thin tin plate. Being so large, the lid twists and bends quite easily. The sides, also made from the same tin, are meant to latch to the lid via a couple of small tabs. These are also made of the same thin tin. I don't hold out much hope these will last the 12 month warranty period, but I'm willing to be persuaded. What's really missing thou is a handle of some sort to carry the monster with one hand. Lugging it around with two hands is clumsy at best.
The grill plate is made from slightly sturdier tin sheet, but I feel it could have been made from thicker material. I haven't used it yet for grilling, I'm just hoping it will work.
It sure is a Turbo Stove though. 3/4L water boiled in no time, a couple of minutes max. I'm used to it taking 10-15 mins on the old stove, but not on this one. Those burners sure put out some heat! I guess this also means it uses much more gas. Well, I can live with that seeing how I get my coffee quicker in the mornings.
How well it performs in a proper camping environment remains yet to be tested. All up, I think it's too expensive for the quality, even on special. If Gasmate would have made it from slightly thicker sheet metal to make the whole unit a bit sturdier, and provide better quality (non spring loaded) lid latches which pull the lid tightly shut over the stove for transport, they would be on a winner. As it is, I think it's barely OK. I'm dreading it floating about the back of the car whilst travelling. I'm sure there'll be a few dings in the stove's bodywork.

Questions & Answers

are your gasmate 2 burner grill still having same problems as the person whom reviewed it?
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Hi, The Gasmate stove I reviewed is still going strong without any issues. The vendor replaced the stove for us after showing them the problem with the latches. OK, the side panels and lid are still thin and a little flimsy, but the stove works very well and I am very happy with its performance and would happily recommend it.

How does this stove light self ignite or matches? Thanks
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The stove has an igniter knob which you turn to ignite the burners. It works a treat. I'm very happy with it. We still keep a lighter handy in case it should ever fail, but all's good so far.Thanks Walter the shop I purchased it from could not tell me just use a match I was told. The igniter knob is that on the front and which of the three is it or is it somewhere else. Thanks


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