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Gasmate Black Odyssey 3 Burner BBQ with Trolley

Gasmate Black Odyssey 3 Burner BBQ with Trolley

2.9 from 21 reviews

Would not buy this bbq even for my enemy

Purchased this bbq yesterday from Bunnings and our first red flag was the terrible service that we received. Secondly, when we took it out of the box and started to assemble it, the directions made many references to 'installed screws'. How many installed screws were on our bbq? Not one. We had to guess which screws went where. After much frustration of getting the bbq assembled, we found at least 2 dozen washers left over with no idea where they were supposed to go. Where did these go? On the apparently 'installed screws'? Maybe, but it doesn't say! Because THEY WEREN'T INSTALLED! Then, as we were ready to prepare our dinner, THE LIGHTERS DON'T WORK. We found the piece of paper to call the service line and they're only open Monday to Friday!!!! I'd rather cook my steak over a mosquito coil than deal with this piece of junk again.

Date PurchasedSep 2018

We love our Webber

We have enjoyed the luxury of having a Webber bbq that is smaller than our jumbuck bbq but very efficient. We have found it compact and quick and easy to use. We love cooking Sunday roasts on it and it is handier than using our oven for the same thing.

Date PurchasedJan 2018


The BBQ is a little hard to adjust to at start as it is a learning curve to adjust to it's full potential.
I looked at the Webber and decided that what comes standard with the T3 was optional at a high cost with the Weeber.
The T3 does come with issues as does the Webber range and all BBQ's
I found the Webber to be over priced and the extras that are available for the Webber you had better take out a extended Mortgage to pay for the extras and the storage unit to store the additional accessories that you may use one day. Some of my friends have Webber BBQ and they have had their BBQ's catch fire and Webber have replaced them at no cost.
Why do you want to go down that track to have it replaced in the fist place with Webber. ( admission of failure )

Date PurchasedApr 2018

Good Size For Couple

It took a while to assemble all the little buts but this BBQ is great - especially for a couple. It is easy to start and looks excellent on our patio and takes up very little space. It does an great job with all meats and the searing area is great to. Cleaning is a bit of a chore but that the same for all barbies. I am very happy with this.

Date PurchasedFeb 2017

Dissapointed and do not recommend

Bought the Professional 4 Burner Kitchen 2 years ago and the ignition switch needs replacing. When I called gas mate, they could not help even though they still the product they don't have the spare parts for the product. I was told to try calling them in a couple of months. " Very Disappointed "

Date PurchasedJun 2015

Odyssey 3T searzone

Just bought the 3T searzone yesterday from Bunnings. They were extremely helpful as was the Gasmate support. I've used this last night for the first cook and again this morning for breakfast. It is excellent. I'm confused as to why people mostly buy Weber as this can be run as one side only or the full plate and grill. The searzone function is amazing. Highly recommend this BBQ so far. Only downside is a little hard to line up some of the bolt holes when installing.

Date PurchasedMar 2018

this is great BBQ and easy to use

I got my gas mate about 6 weeks ago and I use nearly every other night I have cooked a chicken' 2 legs of lamb roast beef ,pizza and just BBQ meats to roast and never had a fail with any of it I love my gas mate I recommend.

Date PurchasedJan 2018

Poorly built and most importantly doesnt get near hot enough

The unit from Bunnings comes in parts, the instructions are poorly written, after a few hours I eventually completed the unit

One of the gass burners was not working and I wasnt all impressed that I would have to return to Bunnings and get anouther one straight out of the box! I took it apart 6 months later and correctly installed the burner to the internal piping

The unit is not built the best, the side shelves that you can swing and lock out on the side are poorly designed, you would never want to place your meat on one of these shelves.

And last of all and the most important, the 2 side units are way too low, you simply cannot cook anything on 70% of the grilling space (warms at best)

The middle burner is raised higher thus you can cook sausages at best, but again it takes considerable time. You can close the lid to help but now you cant see whats cooking!

After 9 months of use, I felt sick putting this unit to the curve (costing us $600). I gutted the internals and built my own now producing 3 times the heat.

Last of all (forgot to mention) the spare ignitions rarly work on first attemp, common between 5-10 attempts!

Advice... Buy a different brand that outputs more heat, or buy a more portable unit that has burners closure to the surface of the grill

Date PurchasedJul 2017

Does not get hot

Love the idea of this bbq, great for beach locations with the plastic gram and alloy hood. But it stops there.... the jets on the out sides are far to low and there is not enough head to brown a sausage! If you try and roast you cannot do this without the Centre element on high so you will incinerate everything in the centre. I think a redesign is needed for the outer elements.

Date PurchasedSep 2017

First impressions

Bought this BBQ as a last minute thought this Christmas. Wanted the Weber Q, but am put off by paying for extras that I consider to be part of the package. Also this BBQ has a wok cooking ability that put it above the Weber for me. However, assembly took around 3 hours (hardware provided does not match manual), a thread in the BBQ base has not been cut properly meaning I can only fasten three legs and the left burner does not ignite, or when manually lit, stay alite. So cooking Christmas roast with two burners. While cooking notice that legs are getting hot, so hopefully the plastic material is heat resistant. also absent are cooking instructions on how to best use this BBQ. Another let down is that standard gas bottles do not fit. Will be contacting Gasmate after Christmas and see what they can do to fix. There is a note not to contact the reseller. Wonder why that would be?

Date PurchasedDec 2017

Decent product

Decent product with one half grill and other half flat pan. Very similar to other product in the same design. Good for apartment balcony. Any standard size gas tanks will it. Drip tray replaceable with any basic aluminum tray. Easy to clean as plate can be removed. Easy to carry due to size.

Date PurchasedAug 2017

Good build but no performance

It looks solid and good design with strong looking parts but when it comes to cooking only the wok cooking area can produce enough heat. Rest of area 3/4 or more is just to rest the cooked food. Equally hard to clean the inside. Had it for a while until I realised this model has fault on it. Bunnings happily offered refund/replacement and I got my money back. I will buy below $200 ones which does the job. Gasmate deceived me with its outer look. Please fix this problem before selling it so that people don't have to bother with buying- assembling-dismantling-return like me.

Date PurchasedJun 2017


had the small version of the gas mate for about 6 months now, worked fine for my liking and never had any major issues... till tonight
The mounts on the BBQ that hold the entire thing together have obviously been weakening for a while now without my knowledge. Whilst cooking tonight the bolts that go through the mounts have gotten too hot and melted straight through the "plastic" mounts and the BBQ fell. Not only did I lose all my food but I was inside while it happened with no knowledge of it. By the time I got outside the plastic frame was seconds from being on fire. Expecting a refund and won't buy another

Date PurchasedDec 2016

Exact same issue

Extremely disappointed with the bbq. Hot plate never got hot enough to cook with lid up. I don't want to always cook with lid down.
Very good customer service from Gasmate and they did try to help.
Ended up returning the bbq to Bunnings for full refund. Now to try and find one that does all.

Date PurchasedNov 2016

Looks can be deceiving...

My wife bought me this as a birthday present, when she said you can return it if you don't like it I should have trusted my gut instinct and returned it.
$650 for a BBQ that takes an hour to cook 8 sausages... generates absolutely no heat from the outside burners, the wok area is the only bit that gets hot but is completely useless because the grill cooking area at the wok is too small to be practical.
Maybe with the lid closed and you want to cook a roast for a few hours it might be ok but for everyday use... totally avoid it.

Date PurchasedMar 2017

Love it!

I read all the reviews and still decided to buy the BBQ. No problems using my existing swap n go 8.5kg gas bottle, fitted good.

I find the heat of the two side burners to be more than adequate, place ya meat in the centre and ya eggs, onions etc on the plate and close the lid. The low edge heat will cook the eggs etc perfect whilst the meat is grilled to perfection.

3.5hrs to assemble and clean up the cardboard etc. Bunnings can arrange assembly for about $70.

I can't understand the complaints about this bbq, it's perfect for my needs.

Can't wait for my cast iron wok to be delivered, using the wok on high heat in the hole for the purpose is a bonus and makes for a very versatile BBQ.

Date PurchasedJan 2017
A bit of an update. I wanted to cook a homemade pizza and saw a video where the bloke kept burning the bottom of his pizza. All the comments said that it burned because of having direct heat under the pizza stone. Given that this BBQ has three burners, I only used the two side burners on high and it cooked to perfection without any hint of burning. Perfect for pizza's.Update two, bought a flat bottom paella pan at Aldi, it's a perfect size for the BBQ. Sits above the centre burner, I am now able to cook anything in my Odyssey. Still loving it. Like these: https://www.house.com.au/kitchen/cookware/paella-pans

works great and looks great

Had no problems with the grill at all. Nice size for a little family of four. burners did generate enough heat, that is, if you use it properly like it is meant to be used (close the lid!!). My wife loves the design very much as she complains that the weber ones are too ugly... Well, if it works great and looks better I don't see the problem

Date PurchasedDec 2016


Unpacked it to find the hood was badly finished with scratches, chips & metal scale painted over which falls off.
The middle burner doesn't ignite because there is a cut in the wire and the spark jumps to the metal plate behind the gas knobs.
The outside burners are useless. They are only good for warming food.
The centre plate is warped and rattles every time you turn your food.
You cannot fit the most popular 8.5kg gas bottle in this bbq. If you are changing your old bbq you will also have to change your gas bottle.

Date PurchasedDec 2016

Perfect little webber

Got this webber to replace a matador bbq that was too big and just taking up space...have loved using it to cook a variety of things. I have cooked steak, chickens, sausages, pork ribs, pork belly and just recently a turkey breast buffet which turned out beautiful. I think the other posters who complain about the two end burners not being hot enough are most likely using it like a bbq and not a webber - to generate heat you need to close the lid when cooking most things, that is the point of a webber.

Date PurchasedApr 2016

Don't be fooled by its looks-hard to cook on!

Just like other reviews, the 2 outer burners don't generate enough heat. They sit to low, the centre burner is really were you can cook , but your limited to that part of the bbq cause it's the only place that's hot enough. You then still need to be aware of your cooking cause the centre burner is high , so it tends to burn your food. We bought a gas BBQ for the simplicity of being able to come home from work and quickly cook something, but this thing is crap. I should not of listened to the wife and just got a normal type of barby.I hate it so much that I'm happy to just conceed to the fact of loosing my $600 dollars I spent & just wheel the thing outside with a sign on it saying ' take free BBQ '
P.s-its also heavy to lift and role away.
I also had to buy another gas cylinder cause the hole it sits in at the bottom of the unit was not large enough. But the GASMATE cylinder same size and all just happens to fit nicely in the GASMATE BBQ So that was another $40 to GASMATE.

Date PurchasedOct 2016

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Questions & Answers

I've just bought one and find that only the left burner ignites while the other 2 center and right rely on the flame from the left burner to start. Is this how it is designed?
2 answers
I don't have that problem, I can start any burner individually. The ignition comes out a hole near the front of the burner, if your holes are not blocked I would be taking it back.Thank you. I Will be in contact with the agent in the morning.

Can it be used on natural gas?
1 answer
I don't think so, as this BBQ is newly released Gasmate told me that they are still arranging for accessories, I would expect it would include an adapter. Searched everywhere for a cast iron wok, found one at BBQ's galore for $35, you really need to clean all the black paint off it before you season it.


Black Odyssey 3 Burner BBQ with Trolley
Number of Burners3
Gas TypeLPG

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